Black Water Swamp

The Black Water Swamp is aimed at Newbies. The toughest thing I fought was a Large Lizardman in the Large Hollowed Hovel (Lh) and he gives about 10K xp. The biggest xp kill was the Black rotting shambling mound in the Rotting Vegitation (Rv) at about 20K xp.

To the east of the Swamp you'll find a lizardman village swarming with guards, crocodiles and plenty of tough mobs for a Newbie. To the north are the Kobold Caves, again full to the brim with low-level mobs for you to kill.

You need to be able to breath under water to travel into Underwater in the Muck (Uw).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n3w2n7w2n.

  Map of Black Water Swamp

                           Fp Sg-Cr-Ct-Lt-Cc                   
                           |     |                 
                     |     |     |     |            
                     Mu    Ta Nd-Sp-Kd Gs-De                    
                     |              |               
            Td       Pc             Cp-Ps                  
            |        |                            
            Vu-Pl-Ru-Pa             Ga Um-Mh-Lh                     
               |                    |  |  |        
               Ns Go-Mc-Lm Mr Hb-Bm-Tt-Md-Im-Mt-Dm
               |  |        |  |                 |   
      Oi-Sy-Pm Gm Mg       Mm Sm-Bu-Bb-Sd-Bt-Gh Ph             
            |  |  |        |  |        |        |   
            Se Gm-Ws Mi Om-Rs-Ss       Tv-Be-Sh-Pv                   
            |  |  |  |  |  |  |        |  |  |        
         Uw Sb-Cs-Mp Ms-Sw Ls Dr       Tr Lz In         
         |  |     |  |  |              |           
         Ev-Di-Os Sc-Sl Vm             Ai             
            |  |     |  |              |             
            Tc-Si-St-St-Wf             Rv                   
            |  |  |  |                              
            Af Fs Sq Ad                               
             Troll Moors                                     

  Key to the Swamp

Ad- Almost Dryishg Mound of Grass Af- Another Fishing Spot
Ai- Almost Impassable Rotting vegetation Bb- More Bubbling Muddy Slime
Be- Muddy Trail Between The Huts Bm- Bubbling Muddy Muck
Bt- Between the Mud Huts Bw- Black Water Swamp
Bu- Bubbles Of Slimy Muck Ca- Cave Entrance
Cc- Special Cave Of The Chieftess Cp- Chieften's PowWow Room
Cr- Common Resting Place Cs- Choice of Swampish Paths
Ct- Cramped Tunnel De- Dead End
Di- Deep Inches of Muck Dm- More Dried Mud Huts
Dr- Dry Island In The Swamp Dw- Deeper Within Cave
Ed- End of the Dark Trail Ev- Even More Depth of Muck
Fp- Food Preparation Spot Fs- Fishing Spot
Ga- Swamp Gardeon of Mushrooms & Moss Gh- Stiff Mud & Grass Huts
Gm- Gooey Muddy Path Go- Mushy Gooey Swamp
Gs- Guards Sleeping Place Gu- Guard Station
Hb- Hidden Bird Nest Im- Intersection Of Muddy Paths
In- Inside a Mud Hut Ji- Just Inside
Kd- Kinda Dry Tunnel Lh- Large Hollowed Hovel
Lm- Large Mucky Sinkhole Lo- large Open Area
Ls- Large Stinky Stones Lt- Small Low Tunnel
Lz- Shrine of the Lizard Shaman Ma- Many Choice of Ways
Mc- Mucky Smelly Place Md- Mushy Muddy Muck
Mg- Mushy Gooey Land Mh- Muddy Choice Of Paths
Mi- Squishy & Misty Pool Mm- Musky Misty Path
Mp- Mushy Plants Mr- Mound Of Rotting Plants
Ms- More Squisy Trail Mt- Muddy Trail
Mu- Much Used Path My- Mystical Place
Nd- Not So Dry Storage Ns- not So Muddy
Oi- Oily Swampish Trash Dump Om- Ominous Swamp
Os- Oily Swamp Water Pa- Path In The Mucky
Pc- Path Leading To A Cave Ph- Pool of Hot & Steaming Mush
Pl- Path of Muck Along a Large Lake Pm- Path In The Swampy Muck
Ps- Private Sleeping Room Pv- Paved Muddy Path
Rs- Rotting Sign Stuck In The Muck Ru- Really Used Mucky Path
Rv- Rotting Vegetation Sa- Sleeping Area
Sb- Squishy Black Muck Sc- Slimy Curve
Sd- Sold, Dried Mud Se- Semi Path Into The Muck
Sg- Sleeping Cave Sh- Semi Hard Muddy Path
Si- Slugging Into The Swamp Sl- Squishy Trail Leading Deeper Into The Swamp
Sm- Mucky Swampy Path Sp- Slippery Tunnel
Sq- Squishy Trail Leading Into The Swamp Ss- Stinky Slippery Weeds
St- Squishy Trail Sw- Swampy Trail
Sy- Smelly Path Ta- Tiny Alcove For Storage
Tc- Trail Changes Td- Swampy Trash Dump
Tr- Thick Rotting Vegetation Tt- Trail Through Tall Reeds
Tv- Trail Through The Village Um- Much Used Muddy Trail
Uw- underwater In The Muck Vm- Very Moist Of Swamp Weeds
Vu- Very Used Path Of Muck Wf- Water Filled Crater
Ws- Slimy Wet Swamp Grass

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