The Sewers

This map was sent to me by Raften the mage. Cheers, Raften.
The sewers are for Newbies and Chumps. There are no death traps on the top level but there is one trap. If you enter the Odd room with smooth walls (Od) then you have to go down to the next level. There are quite a few other ways down. Down from the Dark Pit (Da), leads to Under the Dark Pit on the next level down. Down from The pit (Tp) is Under the pit, and down from the Shaft is Under the Shaft. The mudhole leads you down to Under the mudhole but you can't come back up that way as its too slippy.

Deeper in the Sewer is a little more dangerous as it has two death traps (DT). Step into them, even if you can fly, and you'll fall to your death !? The ledge that leads around the death traps really tries to get you to walk arund it clockwise, you can't walk anti-clockwise around it (That's what the arrows from Nw to Ew and El to El represent). Up from Under the Dark pit (Ud), is the Dark pit on level 1, and up from Under the Shaft (Us) is suprise, surprise, The Shaft on level 1. Down from Under the Dark pit (Ud) is the Cave entrance on level 3.

Lastly, the little section off to the west is quite fun for some of you. In the First chamber (Fc) there is one ant. In the Ant Tunnels (At) there are two, then three in the next room, then four, then five in the Large Clean Tunnel (Lg). The ant queen resides in the centre of the Large Chamber and is about twice as hard as the other ants. What Raften found fun was testing herself against one, then two, then three, up to all five ants in one go. Killed them all apparently.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e;open grate;2d.

  Map of the Sewers

                               |     |     |        |     |
                            Tm Tm-Mb |     Ai-Tw-Gr Sp    Ws
                            |     |  |     |  |  |  |     |
                            Mj-Md MI-|-----Aj Ss Sr Gs-Dh |      
                            |  |  |  |     |           |  | 
                            Mh Mi-Mu |  Ow-Sj-Bs Ps-So Dp Ws Ld  
                             v |     |   v    |        |  | /|
                               |  Ob-Qp-Tt----Sb Ts    Dp Wj-Ld   
                               |  |     |^       |v    |  |    \
 Lc-Lc-Lc                   Da-SJ-Sj Od-Qj-Tp    Se Sw Dp Ws    Deeper in the Sewers 
 |  |  |                     v |  |   v |   v    |  |  |  |
 |  |  |                                            |     
 Lc-Lc-Lc                                           Df      
Deeper in the Sewer
                              |  |  |     
                              Na-DT-El    Up to the Sewers
                              |     v    /
                              |  |  |     
                              |  |     
       Up to the Sewers Um-My |  Sl Up to the Sewers 
                       \   |  |    /    
                       /           \
        Down to The Tunnels      Down to The Crystal Ant Hive

  Key to the map of the Catacombs

Ae- Ant Nest Entrance Ai- Another intersection
Aj- A junction An- Ant Tunnels
At- A triple junction Bs- A bend in the sewer pipe
Ct- Clean Tunnel Da- The Dark Pit
Df- the Dusty Forgotten Hallway Dh- The Dark Hallway
Dp- The dark passageway DT- Death Trap
El- The narrow eastern ledge Ew- The Edge of The Water Sewer
Fc- First chamber Gr- The Guard Room
Gs- The Grand Sewer Hw- Hole in the wall
Jg- The junction going three ways Jp- A junction in the sewer pipes
Ju- The junction Lc- Large Chamber
Ld- A ledge by a dark pool Lg- Large clean tunnel
Mb- The bend in the Muddy sewer Md- The muddy sewer bend
Mh- The mudhole Mi- A muddy intersection
MI- A MUDDY intersection Mj- The muddy sewer junction
Ms- The muddy sewer pipe My- A muddy bend in the sewer system.
Mu- Muddy sewer Na- The narrow ledge
Ne- The northeastern corner of the ledge Nl- The narrow ledge going east to west
Nw- The northwestern corner of the ledge Ob- The ordinary bend
Od- The odd room with smooth walls Oi- An odd intersection
Oj- The ordinary juction Ol- The OLD bend in the sewer pipe
Ow- The old well Ps- The Pool in the sewers
Qj- Quadruple junction Under the Catacombs Qp- A quiet pipe junction
Rr- The round room Sb- The sewer pipe bend
Sc- The southeastern corner of the ledge Se- The Sewer Entrance
Sj- The sewer junction SJ- The Sewer Junction
Sl- Sewer line Sm- The Sewer room
So- The South end of the Grand Pipe Sp- The Sewer Pipe
Sr- The small room Ss- The Sewer Store Room
St- Spotless Tunnel Sw- The Sewers
Th- The sewer Tm- The muddy sewer
Tp- The pit Ts- The Shaft
Tt- The Triple Junction Tw- The three way junction
Ud- Under the Dark Pit Um- Under the mudhole
Up- Under the pit (there is a crack in the wall here) Us- Under the shaft
Wb- The Watery sewer bend Wc- The southwestern corner of the ledge
Wj- The Watery sewer junction Ws- The Watery sewer

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