The Fallen Star

The Fallen Star is aimed squarely at high-level Experts and Adepts. I didn't have any trouble with all but three mobs in this zone, namely Baal, Inhep and Shsul. Thanks go to Shaniqua for helping me get my corpse back after I attacked Inhep the first time. Thanks to Kalan, Matholwch and Mael for killing Inhep and Shsul so we could finish mapping the zone.

Walking into the zone you find yourself in a jungle. There are a number of snakes and serpents in the zone, the least of which is 100k xp. There are a couple of hidden areas in the jungle. East of the Jungle Trees (Jn) is a hidden exit to the Upward-Sloping Cave (Us) where a hidden mob, the yellow mold awaits. Up again to the Ancient Skeletons (As) takes you to a room with a locked metal container which we'll come back to. The second hidden area to the east of Growing, Growing, Growing! A Hideous monstrosity in the Metal Den (Md) will attack you when you enter. Once dead you can 'lift metal' to open a hidden way down to another room.

To the north of the Jungle lies a strange metal tower that you can enter through the Large Hole (Lh). The tower is full of wandering vegipygmies. They're around 100k xp each and come from the Garden to the east. They don't really help in solving the zone but you should be wary of them.

To the north of the zone is a locked door that leads to the prison cells. I knocked it, and headed north to The undead aboleth ghoul in the End of Wet Hallway (Ew). It has a piece of an aboleth tentacle which is a key. It unlocks the five Prison Cells. To the west is a Different Chamber (Dc) that has an undead, sanced, FS'd Illithid Ghost who has a gray key. The key unlocks the metal container back in the jugle to the south. Inside the container is a cubic pentagram. Take the pentagram to West of Tube (Wt) and 'put pent altar'. The altar starts humming. 'pull handle' opens the panel to the west of East of Tube (Et) and gives you access to the strange metallic tube.

Heading up from the tube and then north leaves you in a Wet Hall (Wh) with a locked door to the south, I couldn't find the keyword to knock it but 'doorbash door south' did the job. Further to the north is a hidden room (A Break in the Panel) and then on down to Baal's chamber. Once you've killed the Sentinel Golem guarding the doorway you can enter Baal's chamber. You'll be attacked by an evil man and his familiar, Manx. Manx will try to bash you and stop you from bashing Baal. Baal will cast high level spells if he isn't kept bashed. Once dead take some time to read the tome ('read page one', 'read page two', etc up to eight) to find out the history of the tower. Baal has a small mallet that we'll need later.

Next head back to the tube and then west, killing any aboleth you find. In the Hopping Room (Ho) Ahnteep has an Aboleth tooth on him that is a key to the door (hatch) east of the Tubed Chamber (Tu). To get into Ahnteep's room you need to 'doorbash door west' we couldn't find the keyword to open the door itself. Beyond the Tubed Chamber (Tu) is a Pusling CHamber (Pu) where Shsul resides. He's second toughest mob in the zone and has boatloads of hitpoints. You should be able to take him down single-handed if you're well prepared (mushrooms, resistant items, etc).

The last thing we need to do to open the wasy to the last mob in the zone is to go into the Pit and Pendulum. You'll be attacked, and when you've won 'lift door east' to make your way into the Room of Levers, Gears and Gadgets. If you examie the panel you'll be told that moving pasrt of the panel will do something. If you then 'twist crank', 'open hatch', 'turn knob', 'push button', 'pull lever' and 'lift handle' in that order you will open the way down in Before a Pulsing Green Light.

Head back to the cylinder and head down. You'll find a locked seal blocking the way. 'unlock seal' will use the mallet to smash the seal and open the way down to Before a Pulsing Green Light. If you've manipulated the objects in the Room of Levers (Ro) correctly the way down will be open. Looking down you'll see Inhep, Aboleth Queen-Mother waiting below.

Inhep is no pushover. She is immune to weapons below +3/+3, has bundles of hitpoints and has her own anti-magic shell. She can't cast spells on you but hits hard enough that you'll need a good tank with plenty of hitpoints to take her down. Be warned: If you run away she will come after you. She has major track and will follow you ANYWHERE in the MUD. I was suprised when she showed up at Stoals looking for me...

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s3wsw5sw2sw2se4swsen10e2s .

  Map of the Fallen Star

                            Rd Pc+Ew+Pc                          
                            |     |
                            |  Pc+Ws+Pc
                            |     |                        
                            Dl    Ws+Pc
                            +     +                        
                     /   |     ^  |                        
                   Wf    Wt    Ce+Et                        
                         |     v  |                        
                         |  |           |                   
                         Cc Ae          Ga                    
                         |  |           |                   
                         Cc Ht       Fs Ga                    
                         |  |        |  |                   
                         Cc Pa       Bh-Eg Vh                   
                           /         |  |  |                 
                         Sh          Ch Ol-Ih                    
                     /   |                             
                   Vr    Jp-Wj-Jb                        
                  /            |                        
                Bo             Gg-Im-Md                        
                               |       \                 
   Sea of Fallen Stars      Tv-Ju    As Ud                            
                   |        |       /                     
                   Ju-Cj-Tj Jn-Mc-Us                                   
                         |  |                            
The Tube
                  Bc+Bh Cw-Bp                                    
               Rl       Wh                                    
               |        |                                    
               |          \   
               Pp-Ro     Centre of the Tube (Ce)
              /             \
            Ts               Cs
           /                   + 
      Pu+Tu                     Bf

  Key to the Map of the Fallen Star

Ae- Approaching an Enormous Room Af- Above the Fetid Pool
Ai- Approaching the Iron Tower Ar- Altar Room
As- Ancient Skeletons Bc- Baal's Chamber
Be- Before a Handled Door Bf- Before a Pulsing Green Light
Bh- Before the Huts Bi- Before the Iron Tower
Bo- The Bottom Bp- A Break in the panel
Cc- Coffin CHamber Ce- Center of the Tube
Ch- Chief Hut Cj- Clearing in the Jungle
Cr- Chamber of Records Cs- The Cylindrical Shaft
Cw- Corridor of Wetness Dc- Different Chamber
Dl- Minly Lit Room Dp- The Descending Plunge
Eg- Entrance to the Garden Village Eh- End of the Hall
Et- Entry to the Tube Ew- End of the Wet Hall
Fs- Food Storage Ga- The Garden
Gg- Growing, Growing, Growing! Hg- Hall of the Great Pool
Ho- Hopping Room Ht- The Hallway in the Tower
Ic- Immense Chamber of the Sphere Id- in the Distance
Ih- Inside the Hut Im- Inside a Metal Cavern
Jb- Jungle Branches Jn- Jungle Trees
Jp- Jungle Paths Jt- Jungle Trail
Ju- Jungle Lh- The Large Hole
Mc- Metal Cave Slopig Upward Md- Metal Den
Ne- Northeast of the Tube No- North of the Tube
Nw- Northwest of the Tube Ol- Outside a Large Crude Hut
Pa- A Patchwork Pc- Prison Cell
Pf- The Pulsing Fountain Pp- The Pit and the Pendulum
Pu- Pulsing Chamber Rd- Room of Devices and Artifacts
Rl- Room of Living Frescos Ro- Room of Levers, Gears and Gadgets
Se- Southeast of the Tube Sh- Slanted Hallway
St- South of Tube Sw- Southwest of the Tube
Tj- The Jungle Ts- Tubed Shaft
Tt- Top of the Tube Tu- Tubed Chamber
Tv- Trees, Vines and Thorns Us- Upward-Sloping Cave
Vh- Vile Hut Vr- Vertical Run
We- Wet Hall Wf- Within the Fetid Pool
Wh- The Wet Hall Wj- Within the Jungle
Ws- Wet Smooth Corridor Wt- West of the Tube
Ww- Wet Wet Corridor

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