The Tower of Darkness

The Tower of Darkness is not for the faint hearted. My 50/50/50 tri-class couldn't do all of this on his own without resistances but I had no problem with the help of an Adept Paladin. There are three death traps in this zone all marked 'DT' on the map. Down from the Slippery Stairs (Ss) north of the Blood River (Br) and at the very bottom of the Flaming Stairway. The Acid Room (Ad) might be a timed DT but I didn't stick around to find out!

The Tower wasn't easy to map and I had to employ two odd mapping mechanisms to get it done. In the Forest of the Dead, Maze of the Minotaur and Lake of Fire rooms are either marked with a number (F1, F2, L1, etc) or are just a number. Exits from that room are then marked with the room you end up in. e.g.

    3         6
    |         |
  2-F5-6   10-15-12
    |         |
    4         16 
In the Forest of the Dead going north from room F5 will take you to room F3. In the Maze of the minotaur (too many rooms to have a letter in the room names) going east from room 15 will take you to room 12. Some rooms will just be connected together (as in the Lake of Fire) for convenience.

The second technique was used because of the number of secret exits that went to odd places in the main map. Rooms are normally marked with one upper and one lower-case letterm, e.g. 'Rc' or 'Hd' but you'll see some marked wholly in upper case 'IH'. If an exit takes you to a room that elsewhere on the map it will be marked wholly in lower case. e.g.

     |  |
    -GR wa
Here Dr, CV, LR and GR are actual rooms but ki represents the Kitchen (KI) which is marked elsewhere on the map. I don't like it, but it's the best way I could find to write it all down. Lastly, going out of any exit marked with a '*' brings you back to the room you just left.

There are three ways into the Keep itself. You can navigate the Minotaur Maze, kill the Minotaur at the Centre of the Maze (Cm), and his hell hound and take a Demon's Head from his throne. The Head is a key to the gate in the Entrance to the Keep (Ek). You can 'push humanoid' in the Gear Room to open a way south to Inside the keep (Ik) or you can kill Baba Yaga in the Control Room (CR) and take her silver key and unlock the door west of the Slippery Stairs (SS) to get yourself in. In each case you won't be able to get back out in a hurry. Up from the Rusty Staircase (Rs) takes you to the Halls of Darkness, down from the Shadowy Passages takes you to the Halls of Darkness.

Try 'lift grave' to open the way down to the maze in The grave (Gv) or you can traverse the Forest of the Dead to drop right in on the Master Minotaur.

Baba Yaga's house is full of secret passages so I'm just going to list them all, I'll leave the rest to you: 'push brazier' to open a way down Inside the Hut (Ih). 'pull hook' opens a way north from the Storage Room (Sr). 'pull peg' in the stables (Sb) opens a way south the Baba Yaga's bedroom (By). 'push couch' in Baba Yaga's Bedroom (By) to open a way to the east. Use 'push boiler' to open the way down from the Labroratory (La). 'push statue' opens the way west to Jazibaba's chamber (Jz) from the Guest room (GR).

Pull marble to open a way down to the Exterior of the hut (Eh), push humanoid to open a way south Inside the Keep (Ik). 'open mirror' in the Moon Shaped Room (Ms) to open a way north to the Lair of the Pit Fiend (Pf) and 'push gem' to open a way east to the Library (Lb). 'push stuffed' in the strange bedroom (Be) to open a way east then 'push chair' in the Towel room (Tw) to open a way down to the Library (Lb). 'pull head' to open the way east to the Lair of the Pit Fiend (Pf) and then 'pull torch' to open the way south from the End of Cave (Ec) back to the Garden (GA). 'open dome' opens a way north from the Star shaped room (Sa) and 'pullhoop' opens the way north to the Lair of the Pit Fiend (Pf) whilst 'open mirror' opens the way south to the Stables (Sb). 'open east, west and south open the three hidden doors in the Mirror Room (Mr) and the way south leads to the Control Room and Baba Yaga herself.

There are a number of other locked rooms in the zone. A dark key carried by The Soul Taker in the Mausoleum unlocks the coffin in The Central Chamber (Cc). Opens a way down to the Coffin (Co). The Coffin can only be unlocked from the outside so if you're planning to escape the Keep by going out through the tunnel in the Prison Cells (Ce) make sure you open the coffin first. A black key carried by The Dark Naga in the Lair of the Dark Naga unlocks the dark chest in the same room. Lastly the cell key and a heavy stone key are carried by the Evil Sentry in the black chamber. The Heavy stone key unlocks the wall at the End of the Corridor (Ec). I haven't foud a way out of the Black Chamber (Bc) and had to astral out of the zone and then come back in on foot.

Once you enter the Keep itself the only way out is to recall, travel to the astral plane or leave through the Coffin. You can't summon or portal to mobs in this zone. 'push wall' in the End of Hallway opens a way north.

The mobs in this zone range from 50k annoyances to groups of huge, casting Liches. There is a lot of good xp butyou need to keep a careful eye out as there are hidden mobs (mostly shadows) that will try and drain you. Many mobs also have fireshield and sanc. Most didn't attack me when I was sneaking but the bigger ones did. There's also a dragon in this zone... beware of the Underground Cavern (Uc) at the end of the Forest of the Dead.

Lastly the Crystal ball in the passages is an acid trap that does a lot of damage and I'm not sure which key opens the Stone Case in the gear Room (Gr) nor am I sure what the key from Jazibaba actually does.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswsw4s4wnwsw2s3wnw2uswsdswdsw2s3wsws w2s2ws2e6se9sesw3s2w2n.

  Map of the Tower of Darkness

                         Bh-En Sd+Ec-In-So                          
                         |     |^    |  |                    
                         Ch    Rs    Sn Bc                     
                         |           |                      
                      Hc-Ch          Sn                       
                     /   |           |                      
 Down to Below the Keep  Ch-Ch-Ht-Sn-Sn
                         |     |     |                       
                         En    Ht    DT                         
                         |     |                         
                               |  2                        
                               |  |                       
                             2-L4-L3-L2       Down to the Minotaur Maze  
                               |  |  |       /            
                               1  2  L1*   Gv-Bs-Gv       Dt
                                     |        |           |
                                  Em-Bs    Gv-Bs-Gv       Rb-Ep-Ep*
                                  |  |        |           |    
                                  Ma Pc-Pc-PC-Ip    Ho Rb-Rb          
                                     |        |       \|  |    
                   At                BS       Rb       Sg Rb-Et-Ha   
                  /  \               |        |        v  |     |
                cv    IH--\       bs-Ic-pc    Rb-Rb-Rb-Rb-Br    Cc     
                     /     \         |                            +
                Sr Sc       EH       Cg                            CO
                | /         |        |                    
                KI       sm Cl       Ac                    
                |       /   |        |                    
                SM    SY    Cl       Dr                    
                |    /| \   |        |                    
                Fo-Is Sl ih Sp-Fp----In-1                    
                     /      |        |                    
                Ar-Tr-sb Dead Forest Dr 
                   |                 |
                   |  ms             Dr                   
                   | /               |                     
                   Gc             Forest of Tethir      
                eh ik                      

Dr<SB-GA Fs Be-Lp | | | / | | By--->Se Ld-WA Tw gr | \ | \| sy-CV-LR-ki ea+SS St lr-LB | | \ | Jz-GR wa DT Ag-Mf-PF | | La Ec \ | eh ga
ms-Mr-sa /| pf/ cr ga |/ | SA CR-eh /| pf / sb | / MS-lb
Forest of the Dead
    Tower   1  3      3     2              
      |  *  |  |      |     |             
     *F1-F2-F3-F4-5 2-F5-6 *F6*                                 
      *  *  |  |      |     | \            
            2  2      4     Pl Down to the Minotaur Maze             
Below The Keep
                           Br-To the Shadow Passages
 Up to the Keep   Si-Es Sv-Sv Br           
        \         |     |  |            
         Fl       Br-Br-Br-Bb+Ce        
           \      |        |    \       
            Fl-Bh-Fh       Pb+Ce co     
           /      |        |            
         DT       Fh       Pb+Ce        
                  |        |
               |     |     |
               Ld    Tp    El-Un
                     |        |
                     Bt-Tp    Sh
The Shadow Passages
          Do     Sw-Sw-Sw                       
            \    |     |                   
             Eo  Sw Sw |                    
             |    v  |\|                     
             Sw-Sw-Sw Sw                    
The Halls of Darkness
Up to the Shadow Passages  Hd-Rp                            
                    \      |                     
                     Hd    Hd                        
                     |     |                      
                           | \   |                  
                           Hd \  Er                  
                           |   \                 
                        Ba-Hd   Down to the Keep  
Maze of the Minotaur
                  |  |                    
            1  05-06 09-10-3                         
            |  |        |                  
     *02-01-03-04       11                         
      |  |              |                  
      3  2           13-12                  

3 6 6 4 6 | | | | | 15-14-10 10-15-12 12-16-17 18-17-12 12-18-10 | | | | | \ 6 16 14 6 4 De |^ Cm
  Key to the map of the Tower

Ac- Approaching the Cemetary Ad- Acid Room
Ae- Arched entrance Ag- Art Gallery
Ar- Animal Room At- The Attic
Ba- Battlefield Bb- A bend in the Blood River
Bc- A black chamber Be- A strange bedroom
Bh- bend in the Hallway Br- Blood River
Bs- Black Souls Cemetary Bt- Bend in the tunnel
By- Baba Yaga's bedroom Cc- Cetral Chamber
Ce- A cell Cg- Cemetery's Gate
Ch- Cryptic Hallway Cl- A clearing
Cm- Center of the Maze Co- The coffin
Cr- Control Room Cv- the Conservatory
Da- A dark road De- Deep in the Tunnel
Do- Stairway to Doom Dr- Death Road
Dt- Decaying Tree Ea- Eastern Hallway
Eb- An edge in the Blood River Ec- End of the Cave
Ed- End of the corridor Eh- Exterior of the hut
Ek- Entrance to the Keep El- Entrance to the Chapel
Em- Entrance to the Mausoleum En- End of Hallway
Eo- End of the Passage Ep- Endless path
Er- Eruption Room Es- Entrance to the Sacrifice Chamber
Et- Entrance to a tomb Ey- End of the stairway
Fd- Forest of the Dead Fl- Flaming Staircase
Fo- The Foyer Fp- A Forest Path
Fs- Food Storage Gr- gear Room
Gv- A grave Ha- A hall
Hd- Halls of Darkness Ho- A hole
Ht- Halls of Terror Ic- Inside the Cemetery
Ih- Inside The Hut In- An Intersection
Ip- An Intersection in the Path Is- Icy staircase
Jz- Jazibaba's Chamber Ki- The kitchen
La- The Laboratory Lb- The Library
Ld- Laundry Lf- Lake of Fire
Ln- Lair of the ark Naga Lp- A large pool
Lr- A large Room Ma- The Ausoleum
Mf- A magical fountain Ms- Moon shaped room
Pb- The Prison Block Pc- Path in the Cemetery
Pf- Lair of the Pit Fiend Pl- The Plains
Rb- Road of Bones Rd- Room of Darkness
Rp- Room of the Past Sa- Star shaped room
Sb- The stables Sc- A small cavern
Sd- Secret Passage Se- Sentry Box
Sf- Split in the Flaming Hallway Sg- A small grave
Sh- Storage chamber Si- Sacrifice Chamber
Sl- Stairwell of Lost Souls Sm- A small room
Sn- The Stone Corridor So- Sentry Room
Sp- A split in the path Sr- Storage room
Ss- Slippery stairs St- The Storage
Sv- S small cave Sw- Shadow Passages
Sy- Scrying Room Td- The Tower of Darkness
Tp- The tunnel of pain Tr- Testing Room
Tw- Towel Room Uc- Underground Cavern
Un- Unholy Chapel WA- Working Area
Wh- Western Hallway

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