The Ruins of Yulash

Thanks to Vanashtha for sending me this map and Varda, Fuse and Quess for helping me map the passages.
Yulash basically consists of three parts. The eastern part is the forces of good: The Red Plumes. With some healing potions and some way of luring grouped mobs, a high level warrior should be able to take most of them out. The commander hits reasonably hard. The High CLeric (at Rh) holds a Red Plume symbol, a key for the locked door to the est of the Small Shrine (Sh).

The western part of Yulash is occupied by the Zhentarim. The leader is quite hard, but again with a way to lure and some healing potions an Expert or Adept should have no trouble subduing them. The Zhentirim Priest in the Zhentirim Command Building (Zc) holds a second key, the circular Zhentirim symbol. It opens the door to the west of the Small Chamber under the Hill (Sc). In the Dense Undergrowth there is an Undead Treant (who is neutral), he can see invis and is aggressive and has Major Track, so if you don't kill him and run away he'll follow you all over Shadowdale!

The third part of the Ruins are the Passages below Yulash. The passages are infested with zombies and skeletons that used to be Red Plumes or Zhentirim that have been ordered into the passages. Vines, Living Plants and Mounds of vegetation wander thge passages. None of these should be hard enough on their own for an Expert warrior but I'd avoid taking on three at a time. At the end of the passages is the, now mad, mage Moander. He has four worshippers and you'll need a good, prepared group to kill him. In the Small Chamber is Moander's Abomination - it's tough and probably not worth killing.

One final note. There is a hidden passage marked on the map above, you must 'lift plants' to open the way down. In the Cold Tomb (Ct) two undead liches and a Dracolich await the unwary. One lich had fireshield and the second cannot be harmed by physical or magical damage so you'll need a Half Giant to keep the dracolish bashed, a fireshielded warrior to take out one lich and a Psionist to kill the other.... just a suggestion you understand.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enene3n3enenenen.

  Map of the Ruins of Yulash

                                    Dd          Hs       Rb Rk-Gp
                                    |           |        |  |
                        It          Pd          Hw-Ho    Rb Rm
                        |           |           |        |  |
                     |              | \            |        |
   De-Wp-Wp-Bu       Bp             Nh \           Ar       Er-Rh
            |        |              |   Down to             |
            Id-Pd-Pd-Cz-Zc          Bc  Under Yulash        Rc
            |        |              |         
            De       Zb-Zm          Tt          
                      Tesh Trail    Tt          
                              |     |          
                              Bw-Bw-Br-Bw-Tesh Trail
                                 |     |        
               Plains of Shadowdale    Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Bw-Moonsea
Below Yulash
               Pu-Pu Pu 
               |  |  |
               Pu Pu-Pu Du
            Ct |        |
            |  Pu-Pu-Pu-Pu-Pu
            Sp      /      |
            |   /--/       Pu
            Sp /           | 
            | /   Pu-Pu-Pu Pu                                     
            Hp    |     |  |                        
                  Pu-Pu Pu-Pu
                     |     Up to Yulash
                     |    /                          
                     Pu In                              
                     | /                             

  Key to the Map of Yulash

Ar- A Ruined House Bc- Besides and Overturned Cart
Bo- Bottom of the Well Bp- Bend in the Path
Br- beneath the Ruins of Yulash Bu- Bend in the Dense Undergrowth
Bw- Bowshaft Way Ct- A Cold Tomb
Cz- Centre of the Zhentarim Camp Dd- Dead End in the Dense Undergrowth
De- Dead End Du- Dead End under the Hill
Em- The End of Moander's Road Er- Entrance CHamber of Red Plume Command
Gp- Garbage Pit Gw- Guard Post Above the Well
Ho- Hospital Office Hp- Hidden Passage
Hs- Hospital Surgery Hw- Hospital Waiting Room
Id- Intersection in the Dense Undergrowth In- in the Well
It- Inside the Zhentarium Watchtower Mp- Moander's Prizon Chamber
Mr- Moander's Road Nh- Nearing the top of the Hill
Or- Outside the Red Plume Guard Post Ot- Outside the Zhentarim Lookout Tower
Oz- Outside the Zhentarim Guard Post Pc- Path Through the Camp
Pd- Path through the Dense Undergrowth Ph- Path along the Hill
Pu- Passage Under the Hill Rb- Red Plume Barracks
Rc- The Red Plume Commander's Chambers Rh- The Red Plume High Cleric's Chambers
Rk- Red Plume Kitchen Rm- Red Plume Mess Hall
Sc- Small Chamber Under the Hill Sh- Shrine Under the Hill
Sp- Stone Passage Tt- Trail towards Yulash
Wp- Wider Path through the Dense Undergrowth Zb- Zhentarim Barraks
Zc- Zhentarim Command Building Zm- Zhentarim Mess Hall

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