Sunderstone is the Dwarven home town and, as such, has all the Guildmasters for each class a dwarf can be, as well as somewhere to rent out, The Reception (Re). There's also a message board at the Post Office (Po).

Warrior GM, Gorthor Skullslicer, is at the Fighting Yard (Fy). Granther the Ranger GM can be found at Granther's Grove (Gg). The Cleric GM, Melarip lives in the Temple of the Dwarven Gods (Td). Kreedar the Paladin GM can be found in the Paladin's Bunkhouse (Pb). Two-Tongue, the thief GM, can be found at Two-Tongue's Abode (Ta).

If you follow the King's Way (Kw) to the north you end up underground (you go down from the Entrance Cavern to the Winding Stairwell). Even deeper are the Grand Halls, where the King and Queen are, and the Gem Mines. You may find seven dwarves you're familiar with...

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 6s6wn2wn3wn6wn2wnw3sw7s2w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnws4w5nw 5n2wn7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n3w2n6ws4w3n2e.

  Map of Sunderstone

                    /   | \               
                  Ec    Ct Down to the Grand Hall                 
                  |       \              
                  Ho-In-Id Down to the Gem Mines               
            Ta-Tt-Rr    Kw Po    Dr-Td-Pb       
               |        |  |        |      
            |           |  |           |    
         Jm-Cw-Gc Wa Hw Kw Is-Re Rs Fy Gw-Gg        
            |     |  |  |        |  |  |    
                     |  |  |              
                        |  |              
                  Fh-Fh-Fh Pp                     
Neverwinter Woods-Fh   
The Gem Mines
        |  |                                  
        |     |                               
        Gm Gm-Gm                                 
        |  |                                  
     Sr-Gm Gm-Gm                                    
        |     |                               
        Gm-Gm-Gm          Up to Sunderstone                   
              |          /                    
The Grand Hall
           |  |  |                    
           |  |  |                    
        Up to Sunderstone                          

  Key to the Map of Sunderstone

Ba- Brightaxe Road Cb- Crafter's Way at Brightaxe Road
Ch- Crafter's Way at Hearthstone Road Cw- Crafter's Way
Dr- Donations Room Ec- Entrance Cavern
Fh- Forested Hills Fy- Fighting Yard
Gb- Granther's Way at Brightaxe Road Gc- Gem Cutter's Shop
Gg- Granther's Grove Gh- Granther's Way at Hearthstone Road
Gm- Gem Mines Gr- Grand Hall of Sunderstone
Gw- Granther's Way Ho- Hillside Opening
Hr- Hearthstone Road Hw- Halovar's Weapon Shop
Id- The Inner Defense Ig- Inside the Gates of Sunderstone
In- Inner Defense Is- Inn of the SIlver Rings
Jm- Jewelry Maker's Shop Kb- The King's Way at Brightaxe Road
Kg- The King's Gate Kh- The King's Way at Hearthstone Road
Ki- King Gemfist's Audience Chamber Kt- Kitchen
Kw- The King's Way Oa- Open Air Markey
Og- Outside the Gates of Sunderstone Pb- The Paladin's Bunkhouse
Pd- Private Dining Room Po- The Post Office
Pp- Pig Pen Re- Reception
Rr- The Rowdy Room Rs- Repair Shop
Sp- Small Path Sr- Sorting Room
Ta- Two-Tongue's Abode Td- Temple of the Dwarven Gods
Tt- Two-Tongue's Tavern Wa- Wilkila's Armor
Ws- Winding Stairway

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