Lopan is aimed at Chumps. You can find your way here through the Enchanted Garden off the Forest of Tethir (Misty Green Pool in the Astral Plane). You start in a small forest to the north-east of the zone and Peltor, the elven ranger resides in the Center of the Forest (Ce) with a large grizzly bear. He's level 19 and his big bear will defend him if you attack.

To the west is the shore and you head south into the centre of the town. The town is populated by a wide level of characters from the lowly dock workers (2500 xp each) right up to Delmore Truncate the guildmaster at 50k xp. If you want to explore the zone on your own I'd only suggest that you head over to the Guild and stop reading now, otherwise read on...

At the guild in Delmore's room you find a poster, reading it you'll find a small puzzle to solve: "Old Man McKenzy is reporting some odd sounds coming from under his house. Someone needs to go to his house at the western end of Casino Road and look into it. If it's some kind of monster, as I suspect, the party will have to return anything of value they're carrying for the proper reward. This includes seemingly useless items, required by the guild for further investigation. Delmore Truncate, Guildmaster"

If you head over to the west you'll find McKenzie's house at the end of the street. Below the house is the entrance to a mage's laboratory. The inept mage will attack and three corpses will join in so you can't bash. You hear, in the distance, 'Anyone who steps in the cloud is doomed to die!!' zombies, 1k each. mage 11k. North into the cloud is a DEATH TRAP. Standing in the lab for a while, the lab will change and a doorway will open to the west... Below the lab the Derro are tunnelling away. Find the High Priestess and she has a key made of all the elements. The Derro Machinist is also in that room and there are two guards that will help them out when you attack. The Machinist carries a crystalline key. The Key of the elemtns unlocks the door east of Mysterious Room (My). In the Storage Room open the pile of spare parts and get the key that resembles a spare part. Unlock the dark chest in the room to get the derro's money. The crystalline key unlocks the Guild vaults. In the vault is a portal back to the Common in Shadowdale.

There are two other places of note. A slender brass key equipped by the casino owner unlocks the heavy oaken desk in the Casino Office (Co) and Ghalk's home is a hidden entrance to the west of the plaground. There is a hidden mob in the room. The shady thief is about 8k.

  Map of Lopan

                                          Nr-Ob-Eb-Ed   Enchanted Garden       
                                          |  |  |           |              
                                          Bs-Js-Ns    Nw-No-Ne              
                                          v  |  |     |  |  |              
                                       |        |     |  |  |              
                                       Lb Bw    Nt    Sw-So-Se             
                                          |     |                         
                                       Co-Cg    Sj          Gl-Hp-Pr         
                                          |     |           |  |            
                     Mb    As-Mh    St    Et Nh-Nc-Na       |  |  Ug          
                       \   |  |     |     |  |  |  |        |  | /|           
                        Mk-Je-Ci-Ca-Cn-Cw-Cj-Wc-Cs-Ec-Ea-Jo-Ge-Gk Go+Gv      
                       /   |  |           |  |  |  |     |                 
            DT       Mc    Gh-Pl          Cr Sh-Sc-Sa    Eg                    
            |       /                           |                          
         Dp-Mm-Jw-Dt-Ee                         Ju                          
         |                                      |                          
         Dn                                  Np-Sp                          
         |                                   |  |                          
      De-Id-Bi-Sl-Ad-Mr                      Sk-Sr Sg                         
               |                                |  |                       
               My+Sm                            Tu-Os-Ss-El-Fp             

  Key to the Map of Lopan

Ad- Almost deafening rumble As- Abandoned Shack
Bi- Between two intersections Bs- Between Shore Avenue and the beach
Bw- Big Winner's Room Ca- Casino street, almost to the neighborhood
Cf- Center of the Forest Cg- Some Casino Games
Ci- Casino Road at the neighborhood Cj- Casino Ctreet, just west of the square
Cn- Casino street, next to the Stock House Co- Casino Office
Cr- Casino Road Guard Post Cs- Central Square, by the fountain
Ct- Continuing tunnel Cw- Casino street, just west of casino
Dc- Drow Camp De- Dead end in the dark tunnel
Dn- Dark passage, heading north and south Dp- Dark passage filled with noise
Dt- Dark Tunnel, leading east and west Ea- East Casino Road
Eb- Empty Beach Ec- Eastern Central Square
Ed- End of the beach Ee- Eastern End of the Tunnel
Ef- Eastern Forest Eg- Eastern Guard Post
El- Entrance to Lopan En- Entrance To The Forest
Et- Entrance of the Casino Fp- Forest Path
Ge- Guildhouse Entryway Gh- Ghalk's Home
Gk- Guild Kitchen Gl- Guild Library
Go- Guild Office Gp- Guild Porch
Gv- The Guild's Vault Id- T - Intersection in a dark tunnel
Is- Intersection on Shore Avenue Je- Just east of McKenzy's Place
Jo- Just Outside the Guild Js- Just south of the dunes
Ju- Just South of Central Square Jw- Just outside western end of the tunnel
Lb- The Lopan Boat Shop Mb- McKenzy's Bedroom
Mc- McKenzy's Basement Mh- Mayor's House
Mk- McKenzy's House Mm- The Mad Mage's Laboratory
Mr- Machine room My- Mysterious tunnel
Na- Northeastern Central Square Nc- Northern Central Square
Ne- Northeastern Forest Ng- Near a Glow
Nh- Northwestern Central Square No- Northern Forest
Np- Northern Edge of the Park Nr- Northern Shore
Ns- North of Shore Avenue intersection Nt- Near a T - intersection
Nu- North-South Tunnel Nw- Northwest Forest
Ob- On the Beach Os- Outside South Guard Post, Shore Avenue
Pl- Playground Pr- Practice Range
Sa- Shore avenue, at the docks Sb- Shore avenue, at the boat shop
Sc- Southern Central Square Sa- Southeastern Central Square
Se- Southeastern Forest Sg- Southern Guard Post
Sh- Southwestern Central Square Sj- Shore avenue, just north of central square
Sk- Southern Park Sl- Split in the tunnel
Sm- Storage Room Sn- Shore avenue, near the dunes
So- Southern Forest Sp- Shore Avenue, between the park and central square
Sr- Shore Avenue, just east of the park Ss- Shore Avenue, south end
St- Stock House Sw- Southwestern Forest
Ts- the sea begins Tu- Turn in Shore Avenue
Ug- Upstairs of Guild Wc- Western Central Square
Wf- Western Forest

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