Ravenclaw Woods and Wilds

The zone list in Shadowdale lists the Ravenclaw Woods as a zone for players between levels 1 and 20 and, perhaps, they are right. What they don't mention is that the wilds, which blend seemlessly into the woods hint at some powerful creatures which could easily send a level 20 player to meet his or her maker.

How lucky for us adventurers then that the Wilds seem to be unfinished. Firstly I can't find a key to either of the doors in Aggies Lair (Al) or the Graveyard (Gy). I have found two keys in the Woods, a Tiny Silver Key and an Obsidian Key - if you can find out what they're for I'd be grateful as I, and several others, have failed miserably to do so so far.

The Woods do have a host of Guildmasters and the few services we'd expect from any town: A bank, message post, shop and somewhere to stay the night and, if you need arrows, the man at teh Small path (Sm) sells them - especially handy if you find a bow on the corpse on an elven guard!

The map has a few oddities. North of both the Swift River (Sw) and Rapids! (Ra) is the Ravenclaw Falls (Rf) and there is a further, hidden exit to the north. Down from Benearth the Falls (Be) takes you to a Fainly Lit Cavern (Fl) in the mines. You can leave the mines this way or through the Secret Passage (Ss), the wall can be opened and closed with the command 'push rune'.

Down from the Quiet Glen (Qg) is a Tangle of Roots (Tn), which is actually a shop. The large brown mushrooms are healing food that you can't fumble in a fight, very useful. To get to the Lair of the Moray (Lm) you need to 'pull stone' and you'll need to be able to breathe underwater.

I will return here and spend more time mapping it but, for now, I'm adding the map because it took a long time to do to have it languish in my 'unfinished maps' folder.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n3w2n3w2s.

  Map of Ravenclaw Woods and Wilds

                                                                                        |     |
                                                       Sc-Wo       Nr-Na-Sq       Ps-Wm-Tg    Am
                                                       |^          |     |        |           |
                            Bl                         Fl-Sg-Sg-Pu-Cd    Ci-Pa-Pa-Di          Am
                            |                                            |        |           |     
                            Ca Wp-Mi                                     Cr       Ps    Wc-Wa-Am     
                            |  |                                         |        |     |
                            Mg-Mg                                        Cr-Ti    Ps-Ps-Gi-Gt
                            |  |                                            |              |
                            Mg-Mg                      Lc-Lc-De-De          Su             Gt-Gt
                            |                          |  |     |           |                 |
                            Ed-Sl             Aw-Aw-Aw-Ol-Lc    De          Ti-Ti-Dt-Dt       Dl
                            |                 |           |     |              |     |        |
                            Eg                Al          Gt-Gt-Gt             Ro    Dt-Bc-Dt-Dt          Ew-Pa-Mk-Mk
                            |                 +                 |              |              |           |        |
                         Be Ft-En                               Ji-Dt-Dt    Tw-Tw             Tt-Ew       Ew       Mk
                         |v    |     *                          |     |     |                    |        |        |
                         Rf    |    *Dd*                     Fg-Od    Eu+Ss-Wi                   Ew-Ew-Ew-Ew    Ht-Mk
                         | \   |     |                       |  |                                               |
                         Sw |  Nt   *Dr*                     Fg-Fg                                              Ht
                         |  |  |     |                       |  |                                               |
                         Jr-Ra Nt    Dp-Sy-Da-Da          Df-Fg-Fg                                              Mt-Mt
                         |     |     |        |           |                                                        |
                         Sr    Et-Bs-Sp       Dw Qg       Df                                                       Nl 
                         |     |     |        |  | \      |                                                        |
                         Cr    Lt----Sp-Sm-Co St-Bc Tn    Tc    Gy-Gy-Gy-Gy                                     Ms-Ms-Ms
                         |     |                 |        |     |  |  +                                         |  |  |
                         Rr-Pc-Il             Th-St----Wt-Wt-Ec-Gy-Gy                                           Ms-Cm-Ms
                         |     |              |           |     |  |                                            |  |  |
 Neverwinter Woods       |     Lt             |           |     Gy-Gy                                           Ms-Ms-Ms 
                |        |     |              |           |
                Sh-Sh-Du-Pb-Do-Do             Th          Ut
                         |     |              |           |
                         |     Do-Do    Gk    Li          Ut
                         |     |^ |     |     |           |
                         Si Mr-Un-Do-Pg Gk-Gk Ek    Gk    Ut       
                         |     |  |  |  |  |  |     |     |      
                         Si    Rv Do Ek-Gk-Gk-Gk-Gk-Gk-Gk Ut 
                        /|        |     |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                      Lm |        Do    Gk Gk-Gk Gk Gk Gk |
                         |        |                       |      
                         |     |  |           |           |   
                         Dk    |  Pt          |           |
                               |  |           |           |          
               The Laughing Flow  Do       Ba-Fp-Rs-Rs    Op       We-We-Pl-Bo
                                  |        |  |  |  |     |        |  |
                                  |        |  |  |  |        |  |     |
                               Rc-Bf       Cv-Cp-Mu-Lf       Mb-Mb    Bp
                                  |           |  |  | 
                               Qs-Do          Mp-Cp-Ne     
                               |  |           |  |  |
                               Ws Do-Do       Cp-Hr-Sc-Lh    Ut-Nc
                                     |        |  |  |  |     |  |
                                     Do    Db-Mo-Md-Dg-Rb-Tf-Tf Di-Ta       
                                     |     |  |  |  |  |        |  |
                                     Ep-Os-El-Br-Br-Br-So    Ot-Me-Se

  Key to the Map of the Woods and Wilds

Al- Aggie's Lair Aw- Aggie's Walk
Ba- bank of the Lazy Stream Bb- Briars and Brambles
Bc- Beneath the Canopy Be- Beneath The Falls
Bf- beautiful Fountain Bl- Bluster's Lair
Bo- Boar's Lair Bp- A Blackberry Patch
Br- Border Path Bs- Bloodtsained Trail
Bt- Bat Cavern Bu- Small Bushes
Ca- Small Cave Cb- Covered Bridge
Cd- Cramped Tunnel Ci- Cramped Intersection
Cm- Centre of Mushroom grove Co- A Small Cottage
Cp- Calm Pond Cr- Calming Rapids
Ct- Confined Tunnel Cv- A Small Cove
Da- Dark Trail Db- Deer Bed
Dd- Dark Woods De- A Dreary Passage
Df- Darkened Forest Dg- Dryad's Grove
Di- Dirty Campsite Dk- Dark Waters
Dl- A Dark & Gloomy Tunnel Do- Dogwood Path
Dp- Darkening Path Dr- Darkening Woods
Dt- A Dark Tunnel Du- Dusty Road
Dw- Darkening Woods Ec- Entrance to the Cemetary
Ed- Edge of the Grove Eg- Entrance Grove
Eh- Echo Walk Ek- Entrance to the Grove of Knowledge
El- The Southern Entrance to the Wilds Ep- The End of Dogwood Path
En- End of the Northern Trail Et- Easy Trail
Eu- End of Dark Tunnel Ew- Entering The Wilds
Fa- Stag Farm Fg- A Shadow-Filled Grover
Fl- Faintly Lit Cavern Fp- Fisherman's Point
Ft- Fallen tree Gi-  A Gloomy Intersection
Gk- Grove of Knowledge Gt- A Gloomy Tunnel
Gy- Graveyard Hr- High Reeds
Ht- A Humid Tunnel Ic- Inside the Chieftan's Tent
Il- Intersection in the Light Trail Ji- Just Inside a Cave
Jr- Junction in the Rapids Lc- A Large Cavern
Lf- Light Forest Lh- Light Thicket
Li- Light Trees Lm- Lair of the Moray
Ls- Lazy Stream Lt- Light Trail
Mb- A Mess of brambles Md- Muddy Clearing
Me- Messy Clearing Mg- Montolio's Grove
Mk- A Murky Stream Mo- Mossy Rocks
Mp- Middle of the Pond Mr- Mail Room
Ms- Mushroom Grove Mi- Shrine to Mielikki
Mu- Mucky Ground Na- Narrow Tunnel
Nc- near a Campsite Ne- Near the Pond
Ng- The Northern Gate Nr- Narrowing Path
Nt- Northern Trail Od- Outside a Dark Cave
Ol- Outside a Large Gate Op- An Overgrown Path
Os- Outside the Southern Gate Ot- Outside a Dirty Tent
Pa- Patrol Campsite Pb- pine Bridge
Pc- Peaceful Cove Pg- Peaceful Grove
Pl- A Path Less Trevelled By Ps- Dark Passage
Pt- Path through Ravenclaw Woods Pu- A Small Puddle
Qg- Quiet Glen Qs- A Quaint Shop
Ra- Rapids! Rb- Recent Battle
Rc- Ravenclaw Common Rf- Ravenclaw Falls
Rj- River Junction Rk- A Rock Strewn Passage
Ro- Rough Passage Rr- Running River
Rs- Rocky Shore Rv- Ravenclaw Vaults
Sa- A Sandy Clearing Sc- Small Copse
Sd- Split in the Dogwood Path Se- Sleeping Area
Sg- Sloping Passage Sh- Shady Road
Si- Swift River Sl- Small Lair
Sm- A Small Path So- Southern Wilds
Sp- Shady Path Sq- Small Passage
Sr- Small Rapids Ss- Secret Passage
St- Shady Trail Su- Small Tunnel
Sw- Swift Moving River Sy- Shadowy Trail
Ta- Trash Pile Tc- A Thick Copse of Trees
Tf- Thick Forest Tg- Twisting passageway
Th- Small Thicket Ti- A Tight Intersection
Tn- Tangle of Roots Tp- Thorny Path
Tr- A Small Trail Tt- Twisting Tunnel
Tu- Turning Passageway Tw- Twisting Passage
Un- Ungrim's Tavern Ut- An Unkept Trail
Wa- A Webby Passage Wc- A Web covered Cavern
We- Weedy Path Wi- Winding Passage
Wo- A Well-Organised Campsite Wp- Wooded Path
Ws- Wyndil's Smithy Wt- A Well-Trimmed Path

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