The Bugbear Military Academy

The Bugbear Academy is aimed at Newbies. If you're not looking you can miss the zone entirely as its down from On A Log (Ol) as you walk to the river from Meadowcreek. Down takes you to a ditch filled with vines, 'open vines' opens the hidden way down to the Bugbear Military Academy.

The zone has mobs that range from level 1 up to level 10, the toughest is General Blackhead. Low level characters with few hit points and bad armor should stick to the easy sentries, recruits and cadets. Give the lieutenants, corporals and drill sergeants a go if you're feeling a little tougher. There aren't many decent objects or a lot of money but its a nice newbie zone if you like exploring.

The Sentry in the Guard Post (Gp) has a rucky key which unlocks the door to the west althogh it was already unlocked when I looked at it! Be a little careful as the East End (Ee) has five bugbears in it, so does The Training Hall (Tr). The Barracks each have two, three or four in. Stone key on the drill-sergeant in the West End (We) opens the door to the west.

The Sentry in the Guard Post north of the Short Hallway has a granite key which unlocks the door to the north, again unlocked when I looked. It leads on to the Great Hall and the inner academy. You'll find a lot of wandering mobs here, make your way to the north, then east and south to head to the tougher mobs in the zone.

'lift curtain' in the General's Receiving Room (Gr) to open the way south to the War Room. 'push stone' to open a way west from the Throne Room (Tn) and 'pull rope' to open the way east to Lt. General Blackhead's Quarters (Gb) and the toughest mob in the zone.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n8ws.

  Map of the Bugbear Military Academy


        Lh-----------Lh-Bh No Us Bs                             
         \              |  |  |  |                                
          Sc            Lc-Br-Br-Br                             
          |             | 
          |             Lc   
          |             |  
          |             Lc
          |             |                
          Gp-Sh-Sl      Lc                                
          |  |          |                            
    Dc Pa Gh Bh-Ti-Po   Lc                                
    |  |  |     |       |                            
    Sh-Bk Gh Oq-Lh-Oq   Lc-Pl-Gr-Gr                                
    |  |  |     |             |                     
    Dh Fp Gh Oq-Lh-Oq      Wr-Wr-Wr    The River Dessarin
    |     |     |          |  |  |       |                      
    Dh-Wi-Gh-Sh-Ti-Dc      Wr-Wr-Wr   Nm-Pf-Sf                         
    |     |                   |       |  |                       
    Dh    Gh                  Ge      Nm-Nm-Nm                         
    |     |                   |       |  |  |                      
    Sh-Ss Gp Ba-Ba St      Gq-Tn-Gb   Nm-Nm-Nm                         
    |     |     |  |       |     |    |                         
    Dc    Sh+We-Tr-Ee-Gp   Cc    Sr   Ol                         
                |  |  |              /|                         
             Ba-Ba Su Th-Sm        Id Gt-Gt-Gt-Gt-Meadow Creek           
                      |           /                             
                      Ha--Th-Sa La                              
                             | /              

  Key to the Map of the Training Academy

Ba- The Barracks Bh- A Bend in the Hallway
Bk- The Bugbear Academy Kitchen Br- The Bugbear Recruitment Center
Bs- the Barber Shop Cc- Colon's Closet
Dc- A Dark Closet Dh- The Dining Hall
Ee- The East End of the Training Area Ey- The Eye Doctor's Office
Fp- The Food Preparation Room Gb- Lt. General Blackhead's Quarters
Ge- The Generals' Room Gh- The Great Hall
Gp- Guard Post Gq- General Bowels Quarters
Gr- The General's Receiving Room Gt- A Grassy Trail
Ha- A Hallway Id- In a Ditch
La- On a Ladder Lc- A Long Corridor
Lh- A Long Hallway Nm- The North Meadow
No- The Nurse's Office Ol- On a Log
Oq- The Officer's Quarters Pa- The Pantry
Pf- A Plowed Field Pl- A Plush Hallway
Po- The Procologist's Office Sa- A Small Antechamber
Sc- A Small Chamber Sf- A Small Farmhouse
Sh- A Short Hallway Sl- A Smelly Latrine
Sm- A Smelly Alcove Sr- Stormin's Closet
Ss- A Small Storage Area St- A Storage Area
Su- The Supply Post Th- A Tunneled Hallway
Ti- A T-Intersection Tn- The throne Room
Tr- The Training Hall Us- The Uniform Station
We- The West End of the Training All Wi- A Wide Corridor
Wr- The War Room

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