The Bandit's Campsite

The Bandits' Campsite is aimed at Newbie players. The highest level critter I found in here was the Lord Commander who is a level 9 warrior worth around 5k xp. As customary I'll start by warning of the one death trap in this zone to the east of the Impassable Forest (Im). If you look at the room description carefully you'll see marks on the trees, reading the marks gives you the following "The way west is dangerous and deadly. To go there would be nothing short of stupid."

To enter this zone you walk down the Strange Eerie Path (Sp) until the dead end and then wait a short time. You are transported to "Ambush!" where four, large Ugly Mangy Dogs await and attack. They're not problem with good armor, and didn't attack me when invisible but any badly equippped Newbie will die pretty quickly. The mobs in this zone tend to be low level warriors worth between 75 and 330xp each. There is a shopkeeper in this zone too, Inside the hut of Healing, Randal the hutkeeper sells a number of useful items.

If you go into North Along the Yucky Path (Na) you'll find there are no exits. Don't worry though because you're tranported to the Hidden Ditch in the Path (again with no exits) and from there into the Continuous Yucky Path. Why? Who knows.

Lastly, on the way to the cabin you'll find that a Cabin Guard carried A Magical Key.This opens the door to the Bandit Wizard's Room. Within you'll find the Bandit Wizard, a level 9 wizard with sanc.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 6s6ws.

  Map of the Bandit's Campsite

              / Se              
          |        |        | 
          |        Nn       Sa-St     
          |        |        |   
          Rb-Ea-Bs-So       Fa-Lt             
                               Sc    Na                                                 Lc
                               |     |                                                  |
                               Cp-Yp-Yp-Cy                                              Fy
                                        |                                               |
                                        Sy                                              Eh
                                        |                                               |
                                        Sy                                  Bn-Th-Fe  Sq-Hl
                                        |                                   |     |     |
                                        Cb-Di-Ns-Sl-Sd-Ds-Js-Pa-Ah-Ch-Bf-Ih Ni Bc-Ab-Bc Hl-Fq
                                                          |                 |     |     |
                                                          Sj          As-Cg-Ic    Di    Hl
                                                          |           |     |       \   |
                                                          |           |     |        \  |
                                                          |           |     |         \ |
                                                          |           |     |          \|
                                                          Dr          No    Si          Lw
                                                          |           |     |           |
                                                          |           |     An-Ra       Ec
                                                          |           |     |           |
                                                          |           |     Su-Al-------Cd+Bw
                                                          |           |
                                                          Dr          Sp-Es-Fe-Sh-Sr-Is 
                                                          |           |

  Key to the Map of the Bandit's Campsite

Ab- A Brighter Way Through the Hallway Ac- At the Campfire
Ah- Along the Hidden Path Al- Along the Southern Hallway
Am- Ambush! An- A Small Anteroom
As- Along the Stone Path Bb- Before the Brook
Bc- A Bed Chamber Be- Before teh Campfire
Bf- Before the Hut Bh- Behind the Guard Post
Bn- Bend in the Cabin's Corridor Bs- Before the South-Eastern Corner
Bw- Bandit Wizard's Room Cb- Closer to a Bandit Camp
Cd- A Small Chamber Door Cf- Closer to the Fire
Cg- The Cabin Guard Post Ch- Closer to the hut
Co- Choice of Paths Cp- Circle of Pets
Cy- Continuous Yucky Path De- Deep in the Cabin
Di- A Small Ditch Dr- Dirty Rotten Path
Ds- Deeper in the Soldiers' Camp DT- DEATH TRAP
Ea- Eating Area Ec- The Cabin's Eastern Corridor
Eh- Entrance Hall to the lord Captain Commander Er- East of the Rotten Path
Es- East Along the Stone Path Fa- Further Along the Path of Tents
Fe- At the Feast Fq- First Shirrif's Quarters
Fr- Far Eastern Corner Fy- Foyer
Ib- In the Bandits' Campsite Ic- Inside The Cabin
If- Inside the First Tent Ih- Inside the Hut of Healing
Im- Impassable Forest Is- Inside the Storage Tent
Ea- East Along the Rear of the Brook Gp- Bandit Campsite Guard Post
Hl- Hallway of the Lord Captain Commander Js- A Junction ni the Soldiers' Camp
Lc- The Lord Captain Commander's Private Quarters Lt- A Large Tent
Lw- A Large Waiting Room Me- More Eating Area
Na- North Along the Yucky Path Nc- North into the Cabin
Nn- Near the northern Bank No- North Along the Stone Path
Ns- Near the Soldiers' Encampment Ob- on the Brook
On- On the Bank Pa- Path Behind the Trees
Pb- The Path Before the Tents Pi- Path into the Bandits' Campsite
Pt- The Path of Tents Ra- Room Adjacent to the Anteroom
Rb- Rounding a Bend in the Brook Ri- Room in the Cabin
Ro- A Ragged Old tent Sa- South Along the Path of Tents
Sb- A Slight Bend in tthe brook Sc- South Around the Campfire
Sd- Soldier's Camp Se- Strange Eerie Path
Sh- The Shimmering Light Si- South into the Cabin
Sj- South of the Junction Sl- Soldiers' Encampment
Sn- A Stone Path So- Southeastern Corner
Sp- Strange Path inot the Bandits' Camp Sq- Second Shiriff's Quarters
Sr- The Storage Room Entrance St- Second Tent
Su- Southern End of the Cabin Sy- South Along the Yucky Path
Th- Turning Hallway Wa- West Along the Brook
Yp- Yucky Path Through the Camp

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