The Monastry

The book shelves in Sb and Nb contain books. Some of them have little bits of information in that might be useful. The maps that are there are out of date, and date back to the previous version of SD.

When you remove all your eq and nod in Mo, if you are a monk, you are taken to a new room and have to defeat another monk, supposedly the same level as you. A good way to win is to get spelled up and bash the other monk as soon as you get in there as he will try to dispel the magic on you.

There do seem to be a lot of ogre mages and jackalweres in the cellars here, so if you find these hard to kill I'd be careful. There is a big hint that they come from a hole in the ground in room Ed but if you walk down into it you come straight back!

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enene3ne2n.

  Map of the Monastry

                      Nb Mc Mc Mc Mc
                      |  |  |  |  |
                      |  |  |  |  |
                      Sb |  Mc Mc Es-Mc
                         |        |
                   |  |  |
                   Fd Sm-Dh-Ki
                   |          \
                   Fp          Down to the cellars
          Plains of Shadowdale
The Cellars
                       Up to the Monastry
                    Ah    Gc-Gc    
                    |     |  |
                    |        |
              Ed-Dt-Di       Gp 
             /      |        |
           Cm       Rt-Br Rg-Sl-Sp
                       |  |     
                       |  |    

  Key to the map of the Monastry

Ah- At the Hole in the Wall Br- Bend in the Red Glowing Tunnel
Cm- You change your mind and go back! Cu- Cellar Under the Monastry
Dh- Dining Hall Di- A Dimly Lit Intersection
Dt- A Dark Tunnel Ed- Edge of a Deep, Dark Pit
Ee- Eastern End of Main Hallway Em- Entranceway to the Monastry
Es- End of a Small Hallway Et- Entrance to the Training Grounds
Fd- Further down the path Fp- A Forest Path
Gi- Green Glowing Intersection Gc- The Glowing Green Chamber
Gp- Glowing Green Passage Gr- The Glowing Red Chamber
Gt- Green Glowing Tunnel Ki- The Kitchen
Mc- A Monk's cell Mm- Middle of the Main Hallway
Mo- Monk challenge preparation room Nb- Northern bookshelves
Ol- Outside the library Om- Outside the monatary
Pa- Path through the forest Rg- Red Glowing Passage
Rt- A Glowing Red Tunnel Sb- Southern bookshelves
Sh- A Small Hallway Sl- A Strangely Lit Passage
Sm- Sanctum of the Monastary We- Western End of Main Hallway
Wo- Working section of Library

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