The Stonelands

Stonelands is advertised as being aimed at level 25 to 40, a curious place to put a Starter Town then but ours is not to wonder why... I can't stress snough how careful you need to be exploring around here. The Rocky Maze contains a Beholder - not a nice critter - and the Stone Tower contains many booby traps! Good luck! My advice would be to head towards Shadowdale via the Storm Horns.

There are two Death Traps in this zone. Outside of the complex you need to be careful, very careful. If you wander too far west along the Passage through the Fissure (Pf) you'll find yourself killed by falling rocks. Also don't be tempted to look into the Dark Pit (marked DP on the map) to the west of Outside a Stone Tower (Os).

Down from Outside a Small Cave (Oc) takes you into the Goblin Complex, the hometown for goblin characters. If you choose not to start in Shadowdale you'll start here. The Complex has a guild master for each of the goblins' professions as well as a bank, shop and inn.

The Stone Tower to the north of the zone is leathal unless you have more than 50 hit points as there are plenty of traps. Going north from the Stone Tower Entrance (Se) results in you being sliced by a booby trap. Stibbs, Excellently armored, lost over 50 hp. There's another booby trap on the Second Level too. To enter the Tower Spell Chamber (Sc) you have to get the key by killing Zimmer, the frightened Pixie. In the Chamber itself you can find the Black Mage and Cornugon, a demon from the lower levels of hell! The demon won't assist the mage if you're sneaking...

Beware when travelling in the Rocky Maze. The Mad Beholder wanders in the rooms and will attack on sight. He is HUGE. The map of the maze uses '*' to represent an exit that will bring you back to the room you just left. An exit marked with a number will take you to that room, so going south from the maze room maked '08' will take you to the maze room marked '06'. Past the Mad Beholder's Lair is a Large Cavern with a demon in it. Galwrong dies to give you his heart which is a key to the north, it unlocks the door to a Master Magician. He will allow single class mages to specialize spells.

The last part of the Stonelands is the Raider Keep. Be careful while moving around the Rocky Field (Rf) as you can get ambushed by four border raiders. They'll attack if they can see you. If you go south from the room (Ambushed!) you'll find yourself back in the Rocky Fields.

Once in the Keep itself keep an eye out for hidden mobs (sense life is important). Each of the room Behind the Statue (Bs), the Waiting Room (Wr) and the Kitchen (Ki) hides a Raider thied (about 50k per kill). You'll also find the chest in the storeroom is booby trapped. Door to the south in Deth's Door is guarded by a Golem and locked. The Golem has the key to the door and is resistant to physical attacks. In Deth's Study there is a secret door to the north. Use 'open north' to open the way through to the Weapons Room (We).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3swn.

  Map of the Stonelands

                                Th-Th Up to the Second Level
                                |  | /
                                Se Ts                      Up to Raider Keep second level
                                |                         /
     Wa                      DP-Os                      Eh Fz
     +                          |                       |  |
     La        The Storm Horns  Dp                   Mh-Ha-Ki
     |                    |     |                       | 
     Ru   *    *    *     |     Rv                      Ha   
     |   *04---03---02*   |     |                       |
     Lm   |    *    |     Rt----Ro                   Wr-En-St
     |    |    *    |     |     |                       |
   2-10-2*05---06* *01*   |     Sr                Rf-Rf |
     |    *    |    |     |     |                    |  |
     |    6    |    |     Rl Oc Kurtulmak's          Rf-Ol         
     |    |    |    |     |  |v  Caverns             |  |
    *09---08---07-5 Er    Rt-Rt             Rf-Rf-Rf-Rf<Rf         
     *    |    |    |        |              |  |       
          6    5    |        Rt             Rf-Rf          
                    |        |              |  |       
                      The Storm Horns
The Goblin Complex
            Up to the Rocky Trail 
The Second Level
                    |  |    
                    Ts Ts     
                   /     \      
Up to the Third Level   Down to the Ground Floor
The Third Level
                     |  |    
                     Ts Sc     
Down to the Second Level   
The Keep Second Level
                     Down to Raider Keep ground floor                   
               |  |  |                  
               We Dd Cl                   
               |  +  |                   

  Key to the map of the Stonelands

Bm- Goblin Barbarian Master Bs- Behind the Statue
Ca- Common Area Cd- Chambers of Deth Ironfang
Ch- Center of the Hall Ci- Cave Intersection
Cl- A Closet Co- Courier
Cp- Cave Passage Cw- Chambers of the Witch Doctor
Db- Deth's Bedroom Dd- Deth's Door
DP- Dark Pit Dp- Desolate Plain
Ds- Deth's Study DT- Buried under a ton of rocks
Eg- Entrance to the Goblin Caves En- Entrance to the Raider Keep
Er- Entrance to the Rocky Maze Fz- Freezer
Gs- Goblin Store Gt- Goblin Thieflord
Ha- Hallway Hg- A Hole in the Ground
Jt- A Jog in the Trail Ki- Kitchen
La- A Large Cavern Lc- A Log Cabin
Lm- Lair of the Mad Beholder Mh- Mess Hall
Oc- Outside of a Small Cave Ol- On a Large Boulder
Oo- Out on the Plains Os- Outside a Stone Tower
Pf- Passage Through the Fissure Rf- Rocky Field
Rl- Rocky Ledge Ro- Rocky Outcropping
Rt- Rocky Trail Ru- Rocky Tunnel
Rv- Rocky Valley Sc- Tower Spell Chamber
Se- Stone Tower Entrance Sh- Goblin Shrine
Sr- Small Rocky Trail St- Storeroom
Tb- Tower Bedroom Th- Tower Hall
To- Top of the Stairs Tr- Treasury
Ts- Tower Stairs Tw- Tower Workshop
Wa- Wizard's Alcove We- Weapons Room
Wg- Brawling Ring Wr- Waiting Room

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