Dankmoors is a low-level area. As you head further into the zone the mobs get tougher. The hardest mob in the swamp is the Xvart Boss and hift second. If you're below level 4 I'd avoid the Xvart boss as he can do a bit of damage if you're not armoured well.

As you move south to the castle ruins the mobs will get harder so make sure you're well equipped (the toughest mob in this zone is nearly 20k experience). Above ground the mobs aronud the castle are from around 2k to 11k each, the toughest if the Giant Moat Snake in the Middle of the Rope Bridge (Mr). If you kill the Giant Moat Snake you'l find a stone key. The key unlocks the door to the Ghosts Lair (Gl) in the Dungeon. The Dungeon contains many zombies and mobs of increasing difficulty.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15e5s2e2s.

  Map of Dankmoors

                     Plains of Shadowdale
                        |  |             
                        |  |         
                        |  |             
                     De Sf               
                     |  |              
                     Ag Ms                
                     |  |              
               Bx Ls-Mo Mu-Cg
               |  |        |           
               Gp-Md    Sg-Mm            
               |  |     |  |             
      Xb    Mo Id Sh    Mg-Sw            
      |     |  |  |     |  |           
               |  |     |
               Mt Td    Dd-Mi 
                     Rb             Bo
                     |  Down to the |    
                     Mr  dungeon    Er    
                     |    \         |    
                     Rb    Nt       Ar Fs-Rc
                     |     |        |     | 
                     Tf    Ur----Dc-Dc    Rc   
                       \   |        |     | 
                        S2 Ur    Dc-Dc----Rc    
                          \|              | 
                           St             Rc-As
                           |              |
                           Sr             Rc-So
The Dungeon
     Up to the Ruins
              Bc Al-Dm-Dm-Ri            
              |     |                   
              Sl Fs-Mh-Ya               
              |     |                   
              Sl    Ls
              |     |

  Key to the map of Dankmoors

Ag- Another Guard Post Al- Alcemy Storage
Ar- Archway As- Armory and Shop
Bc- Burial Crypt Bo- Bridge Over The Moat
Bx- Baby Xvarts Nursery Cb- Crude Building Site
Cg- Crude Guard Dc- Dusty Courtyard
Dd- Dark Dank Trail De- Dead End in the Swamp
Df- Deeper Tnto The Forest Di- Deeper Into The Swamp
Dm- Dusty And Musky Hallway Eo- Entrance To The Old Fortress
Ep- End of Path Er- Entry To The Ruins Of A Fortress
Fp- Forest Path Fs- Food Storage
Gl- Ghosts Lair Gp- Guard Post
Fw- Four Way Crossing Hg- Hoods Guard Post
Id- Icky Dank Swamp La- Large Open Room
Le- Long Eerie Hallway Lg- Large Guard Post
Lo- Long Silent Hallway Ls- Lost in The Swamp
Md- More Dank Swamp Mg- More Swamp Garden
Mh- More Hallway Mi- Misty Dark Trail
Mk- Mucky Path Deep Into the Swampy Moors Mm- More Mushy Swamp Path
Mo- More Swamp Mp- Mucky Path
Mr- Middle of The Rope Bridge Ms- More Swampy Forest
Mt- More Trach Dump Area Mu- Mushy Swamp Path
Nt- Norther Tower 1st Floor Os- Old Stone Stairs
Ow- Old Worn Path In DankMoors Pa- Path Into Dankmoors
Rb- Rope Bridge Rc- Rubble Covered Road
Ri- Rat Infested Storage S2- South Tower 2nd Floor
Sa- Small Armory Storage Room Sb- Shakey Bridge
Sc- Small Chapel Sf- Swampy Forest
Sg- Swamp Garden Sh- Shabby Made Hovels
Sl- Small Burial Crypt Sm- Small Forest Path
So- Soldiers' Barracks Sp- Small Path in the Swamp
Sr- Storage Room St- South Tower 1st Floor
Sw- Swamp Water Hole Td- Trash Dump
Tf- South Tower Top Floor Ur- under The Rope Bridge
Xb- Xvart Boss Home Ya- Yet Again More Storage

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