Rhyiana is open to players of all levels but you'll find that you can't get to some places in this zone until you get high enough - a wise decision by the zone designer as it does get tougher.

The first mobs you meet (the Sentry Tree and the elves in the fields) are low level mobs, although the Sentry Tree is too big to bash and has a habit of throwing you out of the zone!

Once you get past the fields you must beware: There are more death traps in this zone than any other I have previously mapped! The first is down frmo the Drawbridge (Dr). If you go down a Moat monster who will swallow you whole! The second is to the west of the Small Stairwell (Ss): you step into a Murder Hole and fall you a painful death.

There are two more traps - only one of which that kills you - in the Dungeon. If you travel north from the Torture Chamber (To) you'll find yourself in an Iron Maiden and will die instantly. Lastly The Prison Cell (Pc) to the west of the Damp Passage (Dm) is a trap, once you go in you can't escape! The only other point on interest in the dungeon is that to the east of the Dungeon Entrance (De) is a secret passage. Use 'open wall' to open the way east but Astaroth was too big to get in there so I don't yet know where (if anywhere) it goes...

The First Floor has three towers, the Lord Chanellor's, the Prince's and the King and Queen's. I've represented the up/down directions with diagonals on this map. You must be a little wary wandering around the towers as some of the occupants don't like to be distrubed and without planning will easily kill you.

To the north of the King's bedroom (Kb) and the east of the Queen's Bedroom (Qb) is a secret bedroom with a huge waterbed in it! You can reach it by using 'open door north' or 'open door east' in the correct room. To open the crystal ball in their Sitting Room (Sm) you need to unlock and open the locket from the Queen and use the tiny, invisible key found within.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n4e4nene5n.

  Map of Rhyiana

 Up to the First Floor
              No Tr-Kr-Wr             
              |     |               
              Lh    Nc               
              |     |               
              Lh Wc-Fo-Ec               
              |     |              
              Lp    Sc               
              |     |               
                    |     |       \   
                 Gr-Ig-Ar Tc      Down to the Dungeon         
                    |   ^ |          
                    Pe-Ss Ta              
                    | \                                  
        Rp          Em DT                                    
        |           |                                    
     Gh-Qg-Wd       Rs                Mt                      
        |           |                 |                 
        Nw-Nf-Ne    Pa       Sh    Sh Da                             
        |  |  |     |        |     |  |                 
        |  |  |     |        |     |  |                 
        Sw-Sf-Se    Sp       Sk    Sk Ps                        
                Northern Woods
The Dungeon
     Pc Pc DT Jc                            
     |  |  |  |                         
     |  |       \                        
     Pc Pc   Up to the Castle
The First Floor
                                  /   |
                                Sa    Ba   Tt Py
                               /          /   |
                             Sa         Ec-Ga-Pr-Sn
                            /          /
                          Ct         Sa
                          |         /
Down to the Castle  Gq Gc |       Sa        
                \   |  |  |      /    
                 |  |  |  |       
              Bc-Sq Gq Gq Kt              
           Qb-Sb    Si              
           |  |    /                
           Pv-Kb Si                  
           |    /                             

  Key to the Map of Rhyiana

Ar- Armory Ba- Bathing CHambers
Bc- butler's Chambers Be- Bedroom
Bh- bend in the Hallway Cd- Chamber Doorway
Ct- Chancellor's Tower Da- Dark Alley
De- Dungeon Entrance Dm- Damp Passage
Dp- Dark Passageway Dr- the drawbridge
Ec- East Courtyard Ef- Eastern Field
Eh- Eastern Hallway Em- At the edge of the moat
En- End of Hallway Er- Entrance to Rhyiana
Et- Entrance to Chambers Fo- Fountain
Fy- Foyer Ga- Greeting Area
Gc- Guest Chambers Ge- Grand Entrance
Gh- Greenhouse Gq- Guest Quarters
Gr- Guard Room Ha- Hallway
Ig- inner Gate In- An intersection
Jc- Jailer's Cell Kb- King's Bedroom
Ko- King's Office Kr- King's Reception Area
Kt- King's Tower Lh- Long Hallway
Li- Library Lp- Long Passage
Mc- Maid Chambers Ms- Meat Stand
Mt- Moe's Tavern Nc- north Courtyard
Ne- Northeastern Field Nf- Norther Field
No- Northwest Stairwell Nw- Northwestern Field
Pa- Path to the Stronghold Pc- Prison Cell
Pe- Passage Pf- Path to the fields
Pg- Peasant Gate Pl- Pebble Lane
Pr- Private Chamber Ps- produce Stand
Pv- Private Chambers Py- Private Armory
Qb- Queen's Bedroom Qg- The Queen's Garden
Rp- Rare Plants Rs- Road to the Stronghold
Sa- Staircase Sb- Secret Bedroom
Sc- South Courtyard Se- Southeastern Field
Sf- Southern Field Sg- The Stronghold Gates
Sh- Shanty Si- Spiral Staircase
Sk- Shack Sl- Secluded Alcove
Sm- Sitting Room Sn- Sleeping Chamber
So- Southeast Stairwell Sp- Sentry Post
Sq- Servant's Quarters Sr- Store Room
Ss- Small Stairwell St- Shade Tree
Sw- Southwestern Field Ta- Temple Altar
Tc- Temple of Celestian Th- Threshold
To- Torture Chamber Tr- Throne Room
Ts- Top of Staircase Tt- Top of the Tower
Ve- Village Entrance Vm- Village Market
Vs- Village Square Wc- West Courtyard
Wd- Wolf Den Wf- Western Field
Wh- Western Hallway Wr- Waiting Room

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