The Astral Plane

The Astral Plane, as its very name suggests, isn't a normal, flat piece of Shadowdale that you can walk around and map. Almost all of the locations say "Exits: None!" even though they can have up to six (and a pool to enter). Each location is listed as follows:

             03 09
             | /
          34 02
The number, or symbols, in the centre is the room ID, in this case '01'. Each number or symbol surrounding it is the room you would move into if you move in that direction. e.g. If you move north from room '01' you'll move to room '03'. West will take you to 'Ar'. Up and down are represented by diagonals above and below the room and so up from '01' here would take you to '09' and down would take you to '34'.

You'll see that the majority of the map uses numbers to represent rooms. Those that do not, in general, represent locations with pools in them. I've tried to mark the pools in the correct colour except that black pools are in bold and the white pool (Aw) is in blue.

When you enter the astral plane you can find yourself pretty much anywhere and so I always fly around and see if I can find a pool, locate it on the map and then work out where I want to go from there.

The plane is not entirely save as Invisible Stalkers, Gigyanki Mages and Knights and Slaadis wander around and they're quite happy to attack the unwary.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: .

  Map of the Astral Plane

                                   09----10                Gr
                                  /|       \              /
                    Bo          12 Sb 17    Sg    02-01-03
                   /            |     |     |    /
                 48             Se-14-15 07-06-04
                 |                 |     |
              Pb-42 Tg    Si    19-16-Du 61-Db
              |  | /      |     |        |
           45-44 39-41    27-23 20-Ss    |
          /      |           | /         |
        46       38    Sw    22          |
        |        |     |     |           |
        Cb Mg    37 33-31    24-Gu----55 |     Gc
             \   | /   |    /|    \     \|    /
              35-34    30-29 26    63    56-58-Sk
                 |     |    /|           |
           Eb    50    Sc Aw |           Bl
           |    /            |
        54-52-51          67-65
                \            |
                 De          Cc-68-70
                             |  |    \
                             69-72    Cm

  Key to the map of the Astral Plane

Aw- Ashen white pool (Reaching Woods) Bl- Black pool (Apocalypse)
Bo- Brilliant orange pool (Sunset Mountains) Cb- Cerulan blue pool (Elemental Plce of Water)
Cc- Crystal clear pool (The Elements) Cm- Swirling crismon mists (The Abyss)
Db- Dark blue pool (Trackless Sea) De- Decaying Gray Pool (Avonleigh)
Du- Dull grey pool (The Marshes) Eb- Earthy brown pool (Earth Plane)
Gc- Pool of glistening colours (Moonsea) Gr- Green pool(Neverwinter Wood)
Gu- Golden umber shades pool (Anauroch, the Great Desert) Mg- Misty green pool (Tethir Forest)
Pb- Pitch black pool (Apocalypse) Sb- Steely blue pool (Sea of Swords)
Sc- Strange Campsite Se- Scintilating Emerald Green pool (The Beastlands)
Sg- Stoney grey pool (Quicksilver Gorge) Si- Silvery grey pool (The Gigyanki Outpost)
Sk- Sky blue pool (Elemental Plane of Air) Sm- Smoky grey pool (Thunderpeaks and the Gap)
Ss- Shimmering silver pool (Moonsea) Sw- Swirling green pool (Shadowdale)
Tg- Turbulent grey pool (Stonelands)

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