The Desertsmouth Foothills

The foothills aren't too hard if you just want to walk through them. If you're going to spend a little time here look out for the brigands. They steal your money. To cross over the ford you need to be flying. Be careful if you do, there are four harpies that will attack you and they can easily take over 100hp off you if you're careless.

Feather, the Ranger Guildmaster, can be found at the Glorious Waterfall (Gw) by the lake. To go down Under the Dock (Ud) you need to be able to breath underwater (obviously).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 6s6en2w.

  Map of the Desertsmouth Foothills

              Ph    Lr---St---Mo---Mt                          
              |     |              |                                           
 Port Miramor-Ld-Cr-Nw-Od-Il       Fo-Or-Bw                                    
                       |  | \      |                                           
                       Il-Wf \     |  Nv                          
                       |  |   \    |  |                                       
          Ishtar River-Ou Gw   \   Hm Wc-Wm                             
                            Li-Ud  |  |  |                                    
                                   Ti-Fv La-Pt-Pt                    
                                      |        |            
                           Desertmouth Mtns    Pt-Ec-Rb-Er-Pt-Pt-Ee 

  Key to the map of the Desertsmouth Foothills

Bm- Base of the Desertsmouth Mountains Bw- Blasted Wasteland
Cr- Caravan Route Ec- Edge of the Chasm
Ee- On the Eastern Edge of the Mountains Ef- Edge of the Forest
Er- Edge of the ravine Ft- Forest Trail
Fv- Forested Valley Gw- A Glorious Waterfall
Hm- High Mountain Pass If- In the Foothills
Il- Ishtar Lake La- Ledge Around the Valley
Ld- Long Desert Road Li- Lair of the Ixitxachitl
Lr- Lakeside Road Mo- Mountain Torrent
Mt- Mountain Track Nv- Northern Valley
Nw- Near the Waterfall Od- On a Dock
Or- Over the Rapids Ou- Outflow of Ishtar Lake
Ph- Peasant's House Pt- Path Through the Mountains
Rb- Rope Bridge St- Switchback Trail
Ti- Trail Into a Valley Ud- under the dock
Wc- Woodcutter's Cottage Wf- The Waterfall
Wm- Winding Mountain Trail

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