Cloud Castle

Cloud Castle is aimed at high Medium and Expert level characters. The mobs in the zone start at around 50k xp each and rise to around 150k as you head deeper in. There is one death trap (marked DT on the map) in this serwers in this zone and there you should keep an eye out for Smirnug, the Ancient Dragon on Smirnug's Cloud (Sm) high in the air.

King Romeius of Cloud Castle is upset and a little moody and the puzzle in this zone is how to ease his mind. If you want to work out the puzzle yourself I'll just say that he's on the top floor, you'll have to work out how to get to him youself...

Entering the zone you find yourself At the gates (Ag). Two guards wait for you and one will have a cloud shaped key to the door to the north. "unlock gate north" and "open gate north" opens the way into the Castle. As you explore you should find your way down to the barracks and a locked, guarded door to the Dungeons - we'll come back to that - you'll also find that you can't go up the stairs to the first floor! How do we get to the King?

The answer lies in the kitchen. There is a lift for sending food up to the first floor and down to the barracks. "push handle" and "pull handle" move the lift up and down between the floors and use "enter lift" and "exit lift" to get in and out. If you make your way up to the top floor you can meet up with King Romeius and get an idead of his woes. The solution to his queries lies in his Queen's bedchamber. There is a hidden closet to the west of the Queen's Private Chamber "open closet" opens the way and inside the Queen's lover, Utugy is hidden, so you'll need sense life to see him. Kill him and take the love letter from his corpse and give it to the King. Romeius will reward you with a Titanium Key and you'll then need to go down to the dungeons to claim your prize.

The two guards in the eastern hallway (eh) have the dungeon key for the door to the east and the Stupid guard in the Dungeon Entrance (De) has the cell key. "unlock cell south" and "open cell south" will open the way to the south and once in the cell "enter crack" takes you into the secret passage. Keep going south until you come to a dead end by a skeleton and then 'push wall' to open the way south. Be careful running around the sewers as there is a Death Trap (marked DT on the map) to the south. You want to head over to the west where the Treasure Chamber of King Romeius (Tc) can be found, unlock the door and your reward awaits.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswsw4s4wnwsw2s3wnw2uswsdswdsw2s3wsws w2s2ws2e6se9seswsuw2nw2s2u. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of Cloud Castle

        Dk Gu Gu Gu    Sk                                           
        |  |  |  |    /                                       
        Dr-Wh-Wh-Wh-Hc----Eh+Ea    Da                                    
                    |          \   +                            
           Bc       |        Sm De-Dc                                  
           |        |       /      +                            
        Gc-Sh-Gc    |     Aa       Da                                  
           |        |    /         |                             
        Gc-Sh-Gc    Nc Aa          Sp                                   
           |        | /            |                              
           St-Es-Wc-Cc-Ec-Et-Tg    Sp                                       
          /     /   |              |                             
        Pc    Is    Sc             Sp                              
             /      |^             |                             
    The Barracks    Pu       Se-Se-Se                              
                    +        |     |                             
                    Ag Se-Se-Se    Se                               
                   /   |     |     |                            
                 Ac    Se    Se-Se-Se    Se                      
                /      +     |  |  |     |                     
              As       Tc    Se-Se-Se-Se-Se                          
             /               |  |  |                            
     Forest of Tethir        Se-Se-Se                         
                      Co Up to the Castle                                    
                      | /                                      
Above the Battlements
                        Down to the Castle
First Floor of the Keep
           Sl-Di Sa Aa                                               
              |  |  |                                         
              Ck-Ck Sm                                             
              |  |       
           Bb-Ck |  Qc-Qp   
              |  |     |                                      
              |        |                                       
              Kr       Rp                                        

  Key to the Map of Cloud Castle

Ac- Ascending to the Castle Ag- At the Gates to Cloud Castle
As- At the Stairs Ba- Barracks
Bb- A beautiful bedroom Bc- Breeka's Cage
Cb- The Castle Battlements Cc- Center of the Courtyard
Co- A corridor Ck- Corridor in the keep
Da- A dark, empty cell Dc- The dungeon corridor
Dd- Decorated corridor in the keep De- The dungeon entrance
Di- Dining room of Cloud Castle Dk- Dedmeet's kitchen
Dr- Dining room Ea- Eastern hallway, beyond the gate
Ec- Eastern courtyard Eh- Eastern hallway
Ep- Eastern Palisade Es- Entrance to the stables
Et- Entrance to the training ground Ew- Eastern Tower Room
Gc- Griffon cage Gu- Guest chamber
Hc- Hall of the cloud castle Kb- Kitchen in the barracks
Km- Karanir's Main Chamber Nc- Northern courtyard
Pc- Platform below the castle Pu- Passagewat under the Castle Battlements
Qp- The queen's private chamber Rc- The roof of CLoud Castle
Rp- Romeius' private chamber Sa- Staircase
Sc- Southern courtyyard Se- The sewers of Cloud Castel
Sh- Stable hallway Sk- Staircase in the keep of the Cloud Castle
Sl- A small kicthen Sm- Smirnug's cloud
Sp- Secret passage St- The stables
Tc- Treasure chamber of King Romeius Tg- Training ground of the cloud castle
Wc- Western courtyard Wh- Western hallway
Wp- Western Palisade Wt- Western tower room

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