The Great Pyramid

The Great Pyramid is aimed at Adepts but a tough group of well-equipped Experts might be fine. If you try it out be careful. There is also a death trap in this zone marked 'DT' on the map to the east of the Unstable Tunnel (Ut). Running east and west through it will enable you to get through it - and you need to to complete the quest in this zone. There are also a number of booby traps in the pyramid and they range from 30 to 60 damage per trap - bring a thief if you're worried.

Shortly after you enter the Pyramid you'll find a locked, stone seal. To open it you need to collect four disks from around the Pyramid and put them into the Dias to unlock the seal. The first is from the Tomb Robber in the End of Hallway (Eh) in a large bag. The second Disk is In a Narrow Recess (Nr). Examine the sand to see what is hidden there but beware - you can be made to fall asleep. The third disk is held by a mummy in the Crypt on the Second Level. The last disk is hidden in a Small Alcove (Sa) and to get to it you have to run past a timed DT (the Unstable Tunnel) marked DT on the map Beneath the Pyramid. Once you have all four use 'put disk stone' in Before the Great Seal (Bg) to open the way east.

There are several Treasure Rooms (Tr) in the Pyramid but most of them are actually mimics. Silver Key held by the Stone Golem in the Stone Chamber (Sh). Unlocks the silver treasure chest in the Treasure Room at the top of the pyramid. The Golden key form the CLay Golem in the Chamber of Clay (Cc) unlocks the door to the Treasure Chamber itself.

To get to the Secret Treasure Room you must kill the Pharoah and use the Sandy key in the Dusty CHamber (Du). To open the way down to Beneath the Pyramid type 'push statue' in the Altar Room (Ar) on the Ground Floor.

Lastly, if you want to get out of the zone from Beneath the Pyramid you can use the Sledgehammer in the Dead end (De) to smash the ceiling up (type 'unlock ceiling'). It opens a way up to Outside the Great Pyramid (Op) in Anauroch.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8w2n2w2nwnue2nw2n2ws. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of the Great Pyramid

                      Eh      Up to the Second Level                                
                      |      /                               
                      Ph    /           Du+Se                      
                      |    /            |                    
  The Anauroch Desert-Ar-Ph-Bg+An-An-An-To-Sr
                     /     \            |                   
                   Ss       \           Al
                  /  Down to the Lower Level
                Down to Beneath the Pyramid
Lower Level
      Nr Sc-Sc                                      
        \|  |                                      
      Sc-Sc Sc Up to the Ground Floor                           
      |     | /                                     
Second Level
                  Up to the Grand Gallery                                     
         |     |^ |                                
         St-Lt Sp Lp-Lp                                  
         |     |v                                   
         St-Tc Sp Em Cc                                       
         |     |  |  |                              
               |^    |                              
               Cs    Ps
                   Up to the Grand Gallery
The Grand Gallery
                Down to the Second Floor                      
             Gg    Up to the Top Floor                                 
             |    /                                 
             Gg Nt                                    
             | /                                     
                Down to the Second Floor        
Top of the Pyramid
         | \                                        
         Tr Down to the Grand Gallery  
Beneath the Pyramid
                    Ut-DT-Sa    Up to Anauroch Desert
                    |          /                       
                    Sa Et Sa-De                               
                    |  |  |                            
Up to the Ground Floor |
                    De Tb-T2-T1                               
                    |  |  |  |                       
                    Sc-Sc Tt-Tt-2                             
                       |  |                          
                          |  |                        

  Key to the map of the Pyramid

Al- Small Altar Ar- Altar Room
Bg- Before the Great Seal Bs- Blocked By Sand
Cs- A Circular Shaft De- Dead End
Du- A Dusty Chamber Ec- Entrance to the Crypts
Eh- End of Hallway Em- Embalming Chamber
En- End of Tthe Tunnel Et- Empty Treasure Room
Gg- The Grand Gallery Ic- Into the Crypts
Kc- King's CHamber Ll- Lower Level of the Pyramid
Lp- A Large Pit Lt- A Large Tomb
Nr- in a Narrow Recess Ns- A Narrow Shaft
Nt- Nearing the Top Oc- An Open Chamber
Pc- Prince's Chamber Ph- Pyramid Hallway
Pi- Passage Intersection Ps- A Plugged Shaft
Qc- Queen's Chamber Sa- Sandy Tunnels
Sc- Stone Corridor Se- Secret Treasure Room
Sh- A Stone Chamber Sm- Small Alcove
Sp- Stone Passageway Sr- Storage Room
Ss- A Spiral Staircase St- Stone Crypts
Tb- Tunnels Beneathe The Pyramid Tc- Tomb Chamber
To- TOmb of the Pharoah Tp- Top of the Pyramid
Tr- Treasure Room Tt- Twisted Tunnel
Up- Underground Pool Us- Underground Stream
Ut- Unstable Tunnel

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