The Town of Mistledale

Mistledale is a town aimed at Newbies and Chumps. It's a little place and the people are friendly - they're allowed to be there are lots of guards patrolling the streets on the look out for trouble. There are a few nice shops and an Inn should you wish to stay the night.

To get to the Secret Room (Sr) you must 'open panel' in the Mayor's Residence (Mr).

There is a mystery in Mistledale that everyone is talking about, and the town is looking for an adventurer who might be able to help them. Good luck.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15e5s3eses2en3ene2s.

  Map of Mistledale

              Plains of Shadowdale
                       |  ^
                    |  |  |                                   
                 Oc-Di Te-Sg
                       |  |                                   
                       |  |                                  
                       Et Mb                 
                       |  |              
                          Tl-Ms Tg           
                             |  |         
                      /   ^  |     |     
    Down to the Sewers Bf-Ss-Ms    Mr        
                       |     |     |     
                       Bf    Em    Sr          
                        Lake Yeven                 

  Key to the map of Misteldale

Ar- Ashaba Road Br- A Washed Out Bridge
By- A Backyard Farm Cm- Corner of Main Street
Co- The Countryside of Mistledale Di- Deeper Into the forest
Ea- End of the Ashaba Road Em- End of Main Street
Et- Entrace to the Town of Mistledale Ft- Felstrith's Toy Store
Gt- A grove of Trees Hf- In the Heart of the Forest
Mb- Mistledale Barracks Mr- Mayor's Residence
Ms- Main Street No- Northern Outskirts of Mistledale
Ns- Near Some Fallen Trees Ob- Main Street Outside the Barracks
Oc- Open Clearing Oo- On the Open Dale
Ot- Outside the Town of Mistledale Sg- A Secluded Grove
Sr- Secret Room Ss- The Singing Spectre Tavern
Te- A Trail at the Edge of the Forest Tg- Thraxl's Good Store
Tl- Template of Lathander Ts- Town Sware of Mistledale
We- On Ashaba Road Near the Old Well Wt- A Wooded Trail

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