Quicksilver Gorge

I mapped most of this area with an invisible, Adept warrior (Stibbons). As long as you stay out of The Ancient Ambush Site (Aa) and The Blackened Cave (Bc) and Hades nothing will attack you if you're invisible. Hades and the Passages were mapped with Astaroth, my tri-class Adept, and my good friend Varda - also a tri-class.

There are two death traps in this area, so I'll warn you of those straight away. If you head east from The Blackened mine into the DT room you'll be trapped in a cave in. You can get summoned out of it (at least Azrael has been once) but I wouldn't go there unless you can contact someone out of the game as you can't shout, tell, message or cast any spells! The same thing happens if you wander west from the Wide Subterranean Passage into DT. You can run east and west through the death trap in the Black Mine and it leads to a dead end where a very hard mob, Wolfgang Devlikov, resides.

Up from The Blackened Mine (Bm) in the Mines, takes you to the Dark Tunnel (Da) in the cavern. Up from A Large Cavern (Lc) in the Subterranean Passages takes you to the Ancient Tunnel (At) in the Underground Caves. To open the door south from the Orc Caves to the Escape Tunnels you have to pull a lever.

In the Blackened Cave (Bc) is Manxnam the Wicked Beholder. He is very hard indeed and I wouldn't recoommend trying him out unless you have backup in a big way. Below the Cave is a single room The Nest, it has some eggs and what looks like some baby beholders! At the Ancient Ambush Site you'll be ambushed by The Vengeance of Wronged Souls. One again, it's not an easy mob - even for a well equipped Adept Warrior.

To open the passage from the Wide Subterranrean Passage (Ws) to the Temple of Shadows (Ts) use 'turn rock'. In the temple you'll find a few tough mobs including Grand Master Ammon. He's immune to bash so be careful if you intend to kill him. To open the passage north to the Shadow Throne use 'push sigil'. The Shadow Temple is also the centre of a dastardly plot to connect Hades to our world! There is a portal in The Portal (Po) that, should you enter it, will take you to Hades! There's a portal back if you find yourself out of your depth.

Hades, as you'd expect, is not a nice place. Demons wander the Wastelands and if you go down in to the circles of hell be prepared for a tough time. In The First Circle of Hades you'll find Death. DON'T ATTACK HIM AT ANY COST. He'll cast a high level power word kill and just kill you in one hit. He's not aggressive so there's no reason to try to kill him. Of the other eight circles, seven contain monsters for you to overcome and each monster has a key you'll need if you wish to find the treasure Beneath the Wastelands of Hades. Greed holds a Diamond Star that opens the door east of the first Bw room. Fear holds a Marble Demon Head that opens the door above the Icy Chamber (Ic). Lust holds a mithril key the unlock a stone case in the lowest Bw room. Hate has a Ball of negative force that unlocks the way down from the Wasteland. Temptation has an adamantite pole that unlocks the door to the lowest Bw. Sorrrow has the key to the blue chest and Wrath has an onyx star, key to the room west of the first Bw room.

The Sixth Circle is a trap. A hige fireball comes out of the pit and will deal you a lot of damage. I have no idea how much damage it will do so if you're feeling lucky, have over 400 hp, sanctuary and resistance to fire, why not find out and let me know!

Finally, I couldn't pass south of The City Entrance (Ci). My way was barred by a very hard cleric, The High Priest of Clan Silvershield. My adept warrior was told "Why don't I just kill you now and save you the trouble" and I've died too much exploring recently already. If anyone can map what's past there I'd be grateful.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n4wne4ne4n2w.

  Map of Quicksilver Gorge

                                      /      |              
                                    Am-Am    Dr             
                                    |  |     |              
                                 Am-Am Am    Dr             
                                 |     |                    
                                 Am    Am                   
                                 |     |                    
                           Er    Am-Am |                        
                           |    /   |  |                      
                           Pc-Es    Am-Am
               |        |     |                    
               Rf-Df    |     The Marshes                         
                  |     |                    
                  Pf    Down to the Cavern
The Cavern
Up to Quicksilver Gorge       Down to the Mine                   
                       \     /                        
                        Cd Da-Da                      
                        |     |                       
The Mine
                               v  |                
             Bm-Sd          Bm-Bm-Bm                      
             |              |                      
             Bm-DT-Bm Bm-Bm-Bm                            
                   |  |^                           
                      |  |                          
             Bm-Bm Bm-Bm Bm-Bm-Bm                         
             |  |  |           |                   
             Bm Bm-Bm          Bm-Bm    Bm               
             |                    |     | \           
             Bm                   Bm-Bm-Bm Down to the Caves               
The Undergound Caves
                                         Up to the Mine              
        Oc-Oc-Oc-Ut-Ut-Ut    Ut-Ut-Ut-Ut                           
        |  |  |        |     |        |                           
        Oc-Oc-Oc       Ut-Ut-Ut    Ut-Ut                           
           |  |                    |                              
        Et-Et Ut-Ba Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba    Ut                              
        |        |  |  |  |  |     |                              
        Et-Et    Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba Ut-Ut                              
           |     |  |  |  |  |  |                                 
        Ce-Ce    Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba-Ba Ut                                 
        |                    |  |                                 
        Ee-At                Ut-Ti                                  
           |                    |                                 
           At-At-At-At-De    La-Dl-La                                     
                 |           |  |  |                      
                 At-At-At Sp-La-Ce-La
                      /   |     |
  Down to the Passages Sr-Sc-Wc City of Clan Silvershield
The Subterranean Passages
          Ts-Ts-Ts+Po-Portal to Hades
             Ts+Ws Ws-Ws                       
                |  |^                     
                   |  |                   
                DT-Ws Ws
Portal to the Passages-Ph-Fp                      
                             Dw-Dw Dw    Shadowkeep         
                                |  |v   /
                             Dw-Dw-Dw Fd
                             |  |    /
                             Dw Dw-Fd 
                       |   /
                 Sn    |  /  Fi
                 |     | /   |                
                 |     |     |
                 Ni Ec-Dh-Sc Si 
Below the Wastelands
                 Up to Hades
          /        \
        Bw          Ic

  Key to the Map of Quicksilver Gorge

Aa- An Ancient Ambush Site Ac- Atop a Cliff
Al- The Altar of the Shadowlord Am- Amoung the Clouds
At- An Ancient Tunnel Ba- The Battlefield Cavern
Bc- A Blackened Cave Bm- The Black Mine
Bw- Below the Wastelands of Hades Cd- A Cavrn Deep Below the Ground
Ce- Collapsed Escape Tunnels Ci- The City Entrance
Da- A Dark Tunnel De- Dead End
Df- A Dark Forest Path Dh- Deeper Hades
Dl- The Defensive Line Dp- Dawn Pass Gap
Dr- Dawn Pass Trail DT- Death Trap
Ec- The Eighth Circle of Hades Ee- End of the Escape Tunnels
Eg- Edge of a Gorge Er- Edge of a River
Es- Edge of a Sheer Peak Et- Escape Tunnels
Fc- The First Circle of Hades Fd- The Firery Depths of Hades
Fi- The Fifth Circle of Hades Fo- The Fourth Circle of Hades
Fp- A Fiery Path in Hades Hh- Hidden Heights
Ic- An Icy Cavern La- A Large Cave
Lc- A Large Cavern Pc- Pine-Covered Slope
Pf- A Path Into the Forest Ph- The Plane of Hades
Po- The portal Oc- The Orc Caves
Qg- Quicksilver Gorge Rf- A Rocky Forest Path
Rg- A Rocky Gorge Sa- Steep Ascent
Sc- A Small Cave Sd- A Small, Danrk Cave
Se- The Seventh Circle of Hades Si- The Sixth Circle of Hades
Sm- The Silver Mountain Sn- The Second Circle of Hades
Sp- A Small Passage Sr- A Small Room
St- The Shadow Throne Sw- Desolate Wasteland of Hades
Th- The Third Cirlce of Hades Ti- Tunnel Intersection
Ts- The Temple of Shadows Ut- Underground Tunnels
Wc- A Walk-in Closet Ws- Wide Subterranean Passage

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