Ishtar River

You need to be able to travel on or over water to follow the river. In other words you need to be swimming, flying or on some sort of boat. The river flows towards the sea, so if you're swimming or on a boat you get pushed towards Ishtar Lake. This is no great peril as you can get back again easily. One thing I would be cautious of is your movement. If you run out you will drift until you can get some back, and if you're too hungry it's not likely to happen. There's nothing much to do here at the moment, but it looks like a prime site to 'hang' new areas off as Shadowdale gets developed more.

  A map of the Ishtar River

               Anauroch Desert   Port Miramor
                |           |        |   ^
 Dl-Dr-Ew-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ir-Ru-Desertmouth Foothills

  Key to the map of the Ishtar River

Dl- Dry Lake Dr- Dry River Channel
Ew- End of the Water Ir- Ishtar River
Ru- Rushing River

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