The Ruined City of Orofin

Orofin, as it is now know, was once the great city of Orolin (in fact, in the game, it used to be Old Thalos). The city itself is infested with many Lamia, who'll attack you if they see you and can backstab for a surprising amount. At the centre of the city, in the Temple of Orolin (To) is the reason for the city's downfall: A Beholder. Be careful when you attack it.

On the edge of the Anauroch Desert, the city is surrounded by dangerous places, notably the Lion's Eye (Le) and Lardeth (La).

Above each of the three, accessible corners of the city is a watchtower, staffed by a Golem. Each isn't too hard - a medium level warrior should have no trouble with them.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswnwn4w. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of Orofin

        The Marshes
                 Dr                    Bw--------------No-------------Bw
                 |                     |       ^                 ^    |
                 Dr                    |      Uw----Ba-Ss----Ba-Uw    |
                 |                     |      |        |     |  |     |
                 Dr                    |      |        Ss-Uh-Bh Ba    |     
                 |                     |      |        |   ^    |     |
                 Dr-Dr                 |      Ba    Cs-Ss-Td-Sh |     |
                    |                  |      |        |        |     |
                    Dr Anauroch Desert |      Ta-Js  /-Gp-\  Ch Ba    |
                    |        |     |   |      |  |  |  |  |  |  |     |
Battle of Bones  Rg-Dr    Ih He-Le-Sa--Wo--Wg-Mp-Mp-Gp-To-Gp-Ma-Ms-Gg-Ee-Anauroch Desert
              |     |     |     |             |  |  |  |  |  |  |
              Sp    Dr-Ct-La----El            Ms-Ps  \-Gp-/  |  Sg
              |     |           |             |        |     |
              Tp----Ot          Sw            Ba    Sm-Ss----Ch-Ew   
                    |           |             |        |     |  |
                    Jt-Ot-------Oo-Storm Horns|     Gh-As-Ts So-Pg
                                |             |^       |    
                           Sunset Mtns        Ur----Ba-Ss-As         

  Key to the map of Orofin

As- An abandoned shop Ba- A back alley
Bh- A bath house Bw- By the watchtower
Ch- A collapsed house Cs- A collapsed stone dwelling
Ct- Caravan rail Dr- Desertsrim Trail
Ee- East Entrance to Orofin El- East Of Lardeth
Ew- East wing of the city hall Gg- The Grand Gate of Orolin
Gh- the guild house Gp- A garden Path
He- Hill's Edge Ih- Inside a Hut
Im- Impassable Mountains Js- The jewelry stand
Jt- Jog in the Trail La- Lardeth
Le- Lion's Eye Oasis Ma- Main Street
Mp- The market place Ms- The meat stand
No- North of Orofin Oo- Out on a trail
Op- Out on the Plains Ot- On the Trail
Pg- the private gardens and courtyard of Orolin Ps- The produce stand
Rg- Rocky Gulch h- Rocky Hills Along a Desert
Sa- The Saiyaddar Sg- A small guard house
Sh- A small shack Sm- The Smithy
So- South wing of the city hall Sp- A small path leading off the main trail
Ss- A Side Street Sw- South Western Trail
Ta- The tapestry stand Td- A tall dwelling
To- The Temple of Orolin Tp- Trail on the Plains
Tr- Trail Among the Hills Ts- The Tavern of the Sun
Uh- An upright house Ur- Under a ruined watchtower
Uw- Under the watchtower Wg- West Gate of the City of Orolin
Wo- West of Orofin

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