Darkenwood is advertised as a zone for levels 1 to 20 but there are several mobs here that are much too tough for you at level 20. Put it this way, a 50/50/50 tri-class couldn't clear out one of the rooms on his own... The majority of the zone is filled with low level mobs that characters below level 10 will easity cope with. Once you enter the hill-giant and ogre's lair they get tougher.

The key to the meat locker (Ml) is held by one of two guards. The locked door in the Kitchen (Ki) is opened with the big, greasy key that the cook holds. To enter the grove near the Circle of Standing Stones (Cs) you need a Spider Key from the phantom at the top of the Tower. To get to the tower you need to cross the Dark Lake. The map isn't that straight forward, I've marked the exits from each room with the room you'll go to if you take that exit. E.g.

       2       4   
       |       |   
     3-O1-*  *-O2-3
       |       |   
  Darkenwood   1   
Going north from room O1 will take you to room 02. ANy exit marked with a '*' will take you back to the room you started in, so in this example going east from 01 will take you back to 01!

The toughest part of the zone is The Clearing of the Hags (Ch). There are a number of mages and druids in there that will assist each other if you attack. To get there you'll need to unlock the wall and 'open wall' to open a way east from the Sleeping Chamber of the Giant Chief (Sp). I couldn't find a key but knock worked just fine, I assume doorbash will too. Once there you'll find that you can goi east forever if you really want, you have to go east and west and east and west in the Long, Dark Passage (Lp) until you see an exit south. 'open stone' will open the way south and then you need to go all the way north to get to the Clearing. Coming back south is a lot quicker as you miss out half of the rooms! To unlock the rosewood box that Hecate has you need a Tiny silver key from an imp.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n4wne3nw2n2wn.

  Map of Darkenwood

                                   Qd-Cr    Ao                
                                        \   |                
                                      Pi Ib Br                  
                                      |  |  |                   Ch
                                      Si Tb-Cs-Sf              /|
                                      |  |  |  |             On |
                                      Tp Ov-Sk-Cl              \v
                                      |     +                   Ed
         To the Dark Lake       Ib    Ba Da-Sd                 /|
                 |             /      |  |                   Ce |
                 Ds          Bh       Bp-Ot                    \v
                 |           |        |                         Lh
                 Mu-Dk Pt-Mi-Mp-Df----Fp       Ki+Pn           /|
                 |     |  |           |        |             Lh |
           Dp-Dp-Gc    Mf Nc-We-Ee    Gd-Hh-Hd-Sh              \v
           |     |     |  |                 |                Lp-Sc
  The Marshes    Ft-Op-Mp-My-Ct-Ic    Bd-Ha-Ng-St-Sl            
                 |        |       \         |                   
        Cm-Pp-Wt-Ne       Be-Mt-Wf Ww Sr-Ha-Se-Ha-Sg           
           |     |              |           |                   
           Gt    Gl             Ef       Ss-Gu-So-Sp+Dr-Ws-Or-Es>Lp>Lp-*
           |     |              |           |                   \  / 
           Di----Se-It-Co-Cv    Nm    Cy-Lh-Dv                   Lp
           |              |     | \                              |
           Cp             Gu+Ml Pg-We                            Sc
           |                    |    
        Gr-Ca                   Po-Ia       
           |                    |     
        Lc-Gf-Dc                Sm         
The Dark Lake
       2       4        4       6       *       5        *
       |       |        |       |       |       |        | 
     3-O1-*  *-O2-3   2-O3-5  *-O4-6  6-O5-4 Nh-O6-4   2-Nh-Ih        
       |       |        |       |       |       |        |
  Darkenwood   1        1       *       7       *        6
       2       3        To the Tower                  

       |       |        |                   
     8-O7-Nh 5-O8-Bd Nh-Bd-6                                 
       |       |        |
       4       6        3
The Tower
            To the Dark Lake                          

  Key to the Map of Darkenwood

Ao- The Ancient Oak Ba- Battlefield
Bd- Bedroom Be- bend in the Trail
Bh- Base of a Huge Tree Bp- Bloody Path
Br- Bramble Path Bs- Broken Stairs
Bt- Base of the Tower Ca- Canyon
Ce- Cave Entrance Ch- The Clearing of the Hags
Cl- Cluster of Oaks Cm- Campfire
Co- Cave Opening Cp- Canyon Path
Cr- Crawlway Cs- the Cirlce of Standing Stones
Ct- Cottage in the Mist Cv- Cave mouth
Cy- The Crypt Da- Dark Clearing
Dc- Damp Cave Df- Dark Forest Path
Dk- Dark Pool Dp- Dark Path
Dr- Dark Cavern Ds- Dark Shore
Dt- Debris in the Tower Dv- Devastated Throne Room
Ed- Edge of a Dark Path Ef- Edge of the Forest
Es- East Side of the Chasm Fp- Fork in the Path
Ft- Fork in the Trail Gc- Gloomy Clearing
Gd- garbage Dump Gf- Gritha's Ceremonial Fire
Gl- The Glade Gr- Gritha's Refuse Heap
Gt- Gloomy Trail Gu- Guard Room
Ha- Hallway Hh- Huge Hallway
Ia- Inside Able's Cottage Ib- In the Branches of a Huge Tree
Ic- Inside the Old Cottage Ih- Inside the Hovel
In- Inside the Thorn Bush It- Inide Thorn Bush
Ki- Kitchen Lc- Large Cave
Ld- Lost on the Dark Lake Lh- Long Hall
Lp- Long, Dark Passage Mf- misty Forest Path
Mi- Misty Intersection Ml- Meat Locker
Mp- Misty Path Mt- Misty Forest Trail
Mu- Muddy Path My- Misty Yard
Nc- North of the Cottage Ne- North End of the Glade
Ng- North End of the Great Hall Nh- Near a hovel
Nm- North Meadow Od- on the Dark Lake
On- On a Dark Path Op- Old Path
Or- On a Rope Bridge Ot- Overgrown Trail
Ov- Old Vineyard Pa- Path to Tower
Pg- Path Through a Garden Pi- Pine Grove
Pn- Pantry Pp- Pig Poles
Pt- Plagued Trail Qd- The Queen's Domain
Sc- Summoning Chamber Sd- Spider Gate
Se- South End of the Glade Sf- Small Field
cSg- Smithy of the Giants Sh- Slop Hall
Si- Sloping Trail Sk- South End of the Oak Grove
Sl- Sleeping Chamber Sm- South Meadow
Sn- South End of the Great Hall So- Short Hall
Sp- Sleeping Chambers of the Giant Chief Sr- Shrine to Malar
Ss- Scorched Shrine St- Stone Hall
Tb- Thorn Bush Tg- throne of the Gritha Chief
To- Tower Gates Tp- Trail in a Pine Grove
Tt- Top of Tower Azaran We- West End of Cemetary
Wf- Wet Forest Trail Ws- West Side of a Great Chasm
Wt- Winding Trail Ww- Widow's Walk

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