The Ivory Kingdom

The Ivory Kingdom is advertised for players between the levels of 25 and 40. I mapped it with a level 50/50/50 tri-class and very few of the mobs caused me any real trouble - I even killed a dragon single-handedly.

From the top of the small hill (Ts) you need to 'push branches' to open the way west to the Hidden Trail in the Forest (Ht). There is a sleep trap on the trail so be careful and the trail will lead you to the Camp of the Ebony Resistance. Most of the mobs are about 60k kills apart from the Leader.

An ebony gate key carried by the Resistance Leader opens the gate to the Storage Area in the Entrance to the Storage Area (Sa). Killing the guard captain in the Storage Area will get you the key to the vault. Use 'unlock vault' and 'twist vault' to open the way down and see what treasure awaits you...

An ivory gate key carried by an ivory gate guard opens the 'gates' to the north of the Ivory Castle Gate Guard Post (Gp). Once unlocked use 'turn gates' to open the way north.

Once you're in the castle be a little careful as a Jester in the Central Hallway (Ch) will attack, even when invisible and sneaking! There's not much down in the dungeons but there're quite a few mobs on the first floor. The imposter King in the Ivory Throne Royal (Iv) opens the door to the Royal Bedroom (Rb). It also unlocks the torch to the south. Use 'unlock torch' and then 'pull torch' to open the way to a passage to the south to the Secret Ivory Royal Vault (Si). Be careful though as the exit from the vault is trapped, you'll get frozen and lose around 50hp a time trynig to escape. Make sure you can deal with traps or don't bother going in. You can astral out if you get stuck.

An ivory key with roses carried by Queen Stephanie in the Royal Bedroom (Rb) opens the Night stand in the same room. In the stand you'll find the key to the royal closet to the north.

The last part of the zone is the moat. Use 'open stones' in the moat to open the way east to the Secret Area of the Moat. Unlock the door to the south with the strange key from Inside the small Cabin (Is). to find a hidden Prisoner...

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswsw4s4wnwsw2s3wnw2uswsdswdsw2s3wsws w2s2ws2e6se9sesw7s4en.

  Map of the Ivory Kingdom

                  |           |
                  |  Ll-Ll-Ll |                             
                  |  |   ^ |  |                           
                  |  Ll Sp Ll |                              
                  |  |  |v |  |                           
                  |  |  Ch |  |                            
                  Pc |  |  |  Pc                            
                  |  Ll-Ig-Ll |                              
                  |     +     |                         
                  |     Gp    |                           
                  |     |     |                         
                  |     Oi    |                           
                  |     |v    |                          
                        |  |                             
                        Ns Pa-Is-Bh                              
                        |  |                             
                        Os Pa                              
                        |  |                             
      Hi       Ht-Ht-Ht-Ts Pa
      |        |        |  |
      Ce-Ce-Ec-Ht       Os |                              
      |  |  |           |  |                             
      Ce-Ce-Ce          Ss-Pa                                 
      |  |  |           |                                 
   Es-Ce-Ce-Ce      Tethir Forest
   |        |
   Sa       Ei 
The Dungeons
                 Up to the Castle
The First Floor
                 Down to the Castle
           Kq |
           |  |                               
The Moat
           |     |                          
           Im-Sm Im  
           |  |  |
           |  Hp |                           
           |     |                          
                 Up to the Castle

  Key to the Map of the Ivory Kingdom

Bc- Beore The Castle Drawbridge Bh- Behind the Small Cabin
Ce- The Camp of the Ebony Resistance Cf- the Clearing in the Forest
Ch- The Central Hallway in the Ivory Castle Du- The Dungeon of the Ivory Castle
Ec- Entrance to the Ebony Resistance Camp Ed- Entrance to the Dungeon of the Ivory Castle
Ei- The Ebony Inn Gp- The Ivory Castle Gate Guard Post
Hi- Hidden Tree Sanctuary Hn- Hallway Near the Ivory Throne
Hp- Hidden Prison Cell Ht- Hidden Trail in the Forest
Ig- inside the Gates of the Ivory Castle Im- In the Moat
Is- Inside the Small Cabin Iv- The Ivory Throne Room
Kq- The King and Queen's Closet Mb- In the Moat Below the Drawbridge
Ns- Northern Side of the Small Hill Oi- On the Ivory Castle Drawbridge
Os- On the Small Hill Pa- Path Around the Small Hill
Pc- Path Around the Castle Pn- The Prince's Room
Pr- A Prison Cell Rb- The Royal Bedroom of the Ivory Castle
Rp- Room of the Princess Sa- Ebony Storage Area Guard Post
Si- The Secret Ivory Royal Vault Sm- Secret Area of the Moat
Sp- Spiral Staircase of the Ivory Castle Ss- Southern Side of the Small Hill
St- A Small rail Through the Forest Ts- Top of the Small Hill
Ul- Upper Level of the Ivory Castle Perimeter Va- In the Ebony Storage Vault

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