The Troll Moors

The Troll Moors are a long way from Shadowdale, not matter which way you travel. For those of us of the Warrior, Barbarian, Thief and Cleric occupations the Moors' Guildmasters will traing you after level 26. The Warrior can be found at the Master Troll Warrior (Mt). The Barbarian GM can be found at Troll Barbarian (Tb). The Thief GM can be found at the Secluded Path (Sc) and the Shaman can be found at Troll Shaman (Ts). All very self explanatory really!

There are a few things to keep your eye out for. You can be ambushed at Dead End (De). Moved into a troll hole with five trolls. If you can kill them all you can escape by following the hole reound and going up where the vines are mentioned. You should also keep an eye out for th Black Dragon at the Small Pond (Sm).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n3w2nw.

  Map of the Troll Moors

                                   |        |
                                   Op       Cu
            As Sm River Rauvin  TP-Cp
            |  |        |       |        
            Os-Ed-Os-Os-Ti      Tp-Tp       
                        |          |     
                        Si---Lp-Lp-Cs              Ts
                        |                          | 
                        |  Black    Ms          Cp-Nt         Unicorn Run
                        |  Water    |           |                    |
               Tw-Mt    Tr Swamp Mp-Tc-Ec       |        Hf          Mo
               |        |     |        |        |        |           |
   Ep          En       Tr    Dk Fp-Eg Ne       Ps Hf-Hf-Hf          Mo                   Og
   |           |        |     |     |  |        |        |           |                    |
Se-Ti-Fp-Ol-Sp-Sp-Ps-Ps-Fp-Is-Ps-Pm-Ew-Is-Is-Is-Bp-------Hf          Mo                   Ar
      |                          |        |              |           |                   /
      Ww Tb    Neverwinter-Dw-Sd-Et  Semuanya's Bog      Hf          Mf                Gl
      |  |         Woods                                 |           |                /
      Cw-Eb                               River Dessarin-Hf-Hf-Hf-Hf-Hf-Elf Shadow  Gl
                                                         |  |  |  |  |             /
                                                         Hf-Hf-Hf-Hf Hf          Gl
                                                         |  |  |  |  |          /
                                                            |     |
                                          Up to The Marshes | Sea of Swords
                                                            Bm-Serpent Hills

  Key to the map of the Troll Moors

Ar- Ante Room As- Alcove in the Swamp
Bp- Bend in the Path Bm- Below the Moor
Cd- Choice of Directions Cp- Curve in the Path
Cs- Curve in the Swamp Path Cu- Cul-de-sac In the Swamp
Cw- Curve In the Well Worn Path Da- Dark Pool
De- Dead End Dk- Dark Trail
Dt- Dead Trees Dw- Decaying Woods
Eb- Entrance to the Barbarian Camp Ec- Entrance to the Campfire
Ed- Edge of the Pond Eg- Entrance to the Gathering Place
En- Entrance to the Warrior's Camp Ep- End pf the Path
Et- Entrance to the Troll Camp Ew- East-West Passage Through the Swamp
Fo- Food Place Fp- Fork in the Path
Gl- Golden Ladder Hf- The High Forest
In- Intersection in the Swamp Is- In the Swamp
Lm- Large Mound Lp- Long Path in the Swamp
Mf- Mountain Forest Path Mo- Mountain Path
Mp- Message Post Ms- Money Storage
Mt- Master Troll Warrior Mu- Muddy Path
Ne- Near the Fire Nf- nearing the Forest
Og- Order of the Golden Eagle Sanctuary Ol- On A Long Path
On- On the Swamp Path Op- On the Path
Os- On the Swamp Trail Pa- The Path Mysteriously Ends
Pm- Passage in the Moors Ps- Path in the Swamp
Sd- Smells of Decay Se- Secluded Path
Si- Swampy Intersection Sl- Split in the Path
Sm- Small Pond Sp- Swampy Path
Sr- Small River Tb- Troll Barbarian
Tc- Troll Reception Ti- Turn in the Path
Tp- Twisting Path Tr- Trail through the Swamp
Ts- Troll Shaman Tw- Troll Warrior's Camp
Ww- Well Worn Path

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