The Clock Tower - First Floor

This map was sent to me by Horath. Cheers Horath.
This floor is not too hard and most competant Chumps shouldn't have too much of a problem with it.

  Map of the Clock Tower - First Floor

Down to the ground floor    Up to the second floor
                        \  /		
                      Gb Ss Tr-Gp	
                      |  |     |	
                      |  |     |	
                      Gb Gd Ar-Gp	

  Key to the map of the Clock Tower

Ac- Archery Range Ar- Armory
Dr- Down Range Ec- East-West Corridor
Gb- Guard Barracks Gd- Glass Door
Gp- Guard Post If- Infiermary
Is- Intersection Ss- Spiral Stair Case
Tg- Target Tj- T-Junction
Tr- Treasury

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