Northern Shadowdale Forest

This area is for newbies only. It's very hard to get in if you're not a newbie because there is a mob which will stop you. He's very hard and I don't think most Adept groups would be able to kill him (but that's just my opinion, have a go if you want).

You can get down to the catacombs from the Storage Closet by opening the way down with 'lift planks' or from the Old Well through the Swamp. You will find that you move from room to room in the Swamp and may end up at the big monster in the middle. It didn't attack me but I was invisible at the time. In the temple is the toughish Ghost of Malakah. It has a silver key on a chain that unlocks the door to the east. The Guardian librarian has a key to which unlocks the cabinet in the Library Vault.

Statue in the Southwest Corner (Sf) of the Swamp can be opened by 'twist book', you get the hint from examining the statue. Opens a way up to inside the statue. 'read tome' explains some of the history of the keep near the University.

In teh catacombs there is a death trap. If you stay on the Underground river you'll be pushed to the west towards a waterfall. If you go off it you lose all your possetions. The Chamber of the Coffin is guarded by a 30k vampire. He has 1500 gold and a key that unlocks his brass and mahogany chest in his secret chamber. 'push coffin' to open the way down to the chamber.

Lastly there's a hidden way west from the Bottom of the Stairs to the Hidden Tunnel Behind the STairs (Ht), it doesn't need to be opened just use west and east to move between them.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e10n.

  A Map of the Newbie University

                                          /   |
                     Down to the catacombs 1D-Cl    Pc    Pc
                                              |     |     |
                                           1C-Cl    En-Qc-En
                                              |     |  |  |
                                           1B-Cl    Pc Hh Mb
                                              |        |
                                           1A-Cl       Hh
                                              |        |
         Up to the University second floor    Wc Sr    Hh
                                          \   |  |     |
         Up to the Library second floor    Ss-Ww-Ge-Ew-Sd          Tr    Td Td
                              \                  |                 |     |  |
                               Ss                Ou             Mc-Tb-Nw-Nw-Ne 
                               |                 |                 |        |
                         Su    Nr-Fa-Aa-Nl       Nc       At       Nt       Hp
                         |     |        |        |        |        |        |
Tt                       He-Ha-Cd-Fa-Aa-Le-Ol-We-Cc-Ec-Os-Te-Ac-Tp-Al-Ba Sc-Gt-Ap
  \                      |     |        |        |        |        |        |
   Gf-Pr                 Hl    Sl-Fa-Aa-Sl       Ce       At       St       Hp
      |                        |                 |                 |        |
   Sb-Og-Ow                    Or                Ug             Mc-Tb-Sw-Sw-Se
      |    \                     \               |                 |     |  |
      Sa The Catacombs Ts The Cellar Ra-Od       Hl-Gp             Tr    Td Td
      |                  \           |           |
      Np-Ns-No            Bh     Ft--Cd-Rb       |
      |  |  |             |      |   |  |        |
Is    Ws-Cs-Fe-Af-Ch   lf-Cd--Gc-Fa eLF-LF-Ef-Gl-Gl
  \   |  |  |     |       |             |        |
   Sf Fn-Sg-Sh    Qf------So            Fo       Cf
   |  |     |                           |        |
   Ps-Wt    Is-Op                    Wd-Gm       Rp
               |                                 |
               Te-Hs+To                          Ah
                                           Northern Forest
The cellar and Catacombs
                                 Bc          Up to Storage Closet
                                 |          /
                              |        |  
                              Hy       Bc   
                  Gw          An-Bc                      
                  |           |                    
Up to the Old Well         Cv-Mg                       
           \               |                       
            Dw       De    Gs                       
              \      |     |                      
               Bw-Et-Si-Si-Ic  Up to the Old Staircase   
               |           |    / 
               Cn          Ht-Bs-Lo
Second Floor of the Library
                    The Library                    
The University First Floor
                   /   |  |                    
Down to the University Uc Ao   

  Key to the map of Northern Shadowdale Forest

1A- Classroom 1A 1B- Classroom 1B
1C- Classroom 1C 1D- Classroom 1D
Aa- An aisle in the library Ac- Archway Corridor
Af- Afflicted Forest Ah- Approachin the Hill
Al- The Alter An- An Ancient Corridor
Ao- Administration Office Ap- An Aboretum Pond
As- Auditorium Stage At- An Alcove in the Temple
Au- Auditorium Corridor Ba- Behind the Alter
Bc- Burial Chamber Be- Bend in the Corridor
Bh- Base of a Huge Tree Bk- Book Repair Department
Br- Breezy Hallway Bs- Bottom of the Stairs
Bw- Bottom of the Well C!- Cafeteria!
Ca- Cafeteria Cb- Secret Chamber Beneath the Coffin
Cc- Central Courtyard Cd- Circulation Desk
Ce- Cobblestone Entrance Cf- Cornerstone Foundation
Ch- Changing Forest Ci- Sliping Corridor
Cl- Classroom Corridor Cn- Coffin Chamber
Co- Corridor End Cp- Clear Path In the Forest
Cr- Center of the Cavern Cs- Center of the Swamp
Cv- Cavern Entrance Dc- Dust and Cobwebs
De- Dead End DT- Death Trap
Dw- Descent Into the Well Ec- Eatern Courtyard
Ef- Edge of the Forest En- End of the Corridor
Et- Entrance to the Catacombs Ew- Eastern Wing
Fa- Following an aisle in the library Fc- Second Floor Corridor
Fe- Forest End Fl- Fallen Tree
Fo- Forest Path Fp- Second Floor Passageway
Fn- Fallen Trees Ft- Forest Trail
Gc- Grassy Clearing Ge- Grand Entrance
Gf- Ground Floor of the Tower Gl- Grassy Lane
Gm- Grassy Mound Go- Going With The Flow
Gp- Grassy Path Gs- Gently Sloping Passage
Gt- A Grove of Trees Gw- Glowing Pool
Ha- Hallway Behind the Desk Hb- Hallway Bend
He- Hallway End Hh- Hall of Heroes
Hl- Head Librarian's Office Hp- Hedge Line Path in the Arboretum
Hl- Hedge Lined Lane Hs- Holy Shrine of Tyr
Hy- A Section of Hallway Ic- An Intersection in the Catacombs
In- Inside the Statue Is- Island in the Swamp
Le- Library Entrance Lf- Lost in the Forest
Lo- A Long Forgotten Cellar Lv- Library Vault
Mb- Master Bedchamber Mc- Meditation Chamber
Mg- Mushroom Garden Nc- Northern Courtyard
Ne- Northern Wing Corridor End Nl- Northeast corner of the Library
No- Northeast Corner of the Swamp Np- Northwest Corner of the Swamp
Nr- Northwest corner of the Library Ns- Northern Edge of the Swamp
Nt- Northward Temple Corridor Nw- North Wing Corridor
Ob- the Observatory Oc- Outside the cafeteria
Od- An Old Campsite Og- Overgrown Courtyard
Ol- On the Library Steps Or- An Old Staircase
Os- On the Temple Steps Ou- On the University Steps
Ov- Overgrown Path Ow- An Old Well
Pa- The Passageway Continues Pc- Private Chambers
Pr- Piles of Rubble Ps- Small Pool in the Swamp
Qc- Quiet Corridor Qf- Quieting Forest
Qu- Quick Choices Ra- Rounding Another Bend
Rb- Rounding a Bend Rp- Rocky Path on a Hill
Rs- the River Slows Sa- Shattered Gates of a Ruined Keep
Sb- Stables Sc- Small Clearing in the Grove
Sd- Southeast Window Se- Southern Wing Corridor End
Sf- Statue in teh Southwest Corner Sg- Southern Edge of the Swamp
Sh- Southeast Corner of the Swamp Si- A eries of Catacombs
Sl- Southeast corner of the Library Sn- Stone Outcropping
So- Storage Closet Sr- Sitting Room (no exits)
Ss- Spiral Staircase St- Southward Temple Corridor
Su- Study Room Sw- South Wing Corridor
Ta- Top of the Stairs Tb- Temple Corridor Bend
Tc- Top of the Spiral Staircase Td- Temple Bed Chamber
Te- Temple Entrance Th- Cavern Throne
To- Tomb of the Fallen Heroes Tp- Temple Proper
Tr- Training Chamber Ts- Standing in a Treetop
Tt- Top of the Tower Tu- Tunnel River
Ua- University Auditorium Uc- Unused Classroom
Ug- University Gates Ul- University Lounge
Wa- Water Filled Passage Wc- Western wing corridor
Wd- Wolverine Den We- Western Courtyard
Wl- Southwest Corner of the Library Ws- Western Edge of the Swamp
Wt- Small Waterfall Ww- Western Wing

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