Florin is based on The Princess Bride, an oft quoted favourite of fantasy lovers everyhere. I'd thoroughly recommend watching it at least once for the sword fight alone!

There are two mazes in Florin, the Fire Swamp and the Sea near Florin. In each case I've marked the exits from each room with the room you'll go to if you take that exit. E.g.

     7       tn  
     |       |   
     T6-8    T7-4
Going north from room T6 will take you to room T7. Going north from T7 takes you to the Tiny Island. East from T7 takes you to T4, etc.

The first part of Florin you come across is a little Village. There is very little to worry about here apart from the cows. The cows are very, very tough. Even Adept Half-Giant warriors with sanc and good armor have trouble agsinst them!

Once you've left the village you can head two ways either towards the Fire Swamp and the Sea or the castle. On the way to the castle you must pass through the Thieves' Forest. There are Hidden, aggressive mobs there (shadowy thieves) that will attack. You should also beware of the Death Trap (marked DT on the map) from from the aptly named Zoon of Death (Zd). You'll also find a strange Albino with a wheelbarrow. The wheelbarrow is actually a key and I think it opens a hidden door to the south of the Grove of Trees (Gv). I can't work out how to open the door and I'd be very grateful if anyone can work it out and will let me know.

The last point of not is a death trap in the Fire Swamp. The Snow Sand (Ss) is a timed trap. If you wait there you can become trapped for good, my advice is to skip through it as fast as you can. Enjoy!

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswsw5s3w2sw4s2w2s2w2nw n3wswsw2s2ws2e6se9sesw3s3e2n.

  Map of the Glorious Country of Florin

                             |  |                   
                             |       \              
                          Am-Fo    Ev-Vf-Ef                 
                          |              |         
                       Rp-Ry             Into the Fire Swamp.(01)       
                    Lo-Pn             Into the Fire Swamp.(Ss)           
                    |  |              |             
                    Du-To             Ou              
                         \            v             
                          Nt          Ff                
                            \         |               
                             Ci    Fl-Eb-Ew                  
                               \   |                  
      The Sea near Florin-Cf-Fl-Ba-Cf                      Gd
                          |                                |
                          Sd                   Ow       Bn-Rk
                          |                      \      | 
                       Tt-Tt-Js                Fc-Cg-Cc-Ic-Ch       
                       |    /v                 |     |  |
                    Bp-Tw Lb-Js       Fa-Rc-Rc-Gt-Zd Gp |  Pr        
                    |                    |     +    \   |  |
                    Tf          Ti    As-Sf          DT Bh-Rr-Kc
                    |           |        |                 | 
                    Tf-Fr-Th    Pt-Cm-In Ht-Br             Ps
                       |  |     |        |
                    Pf-Df Tc-Ac-Ro-Tv----It         
                    |     |     |
                 Up-Cd-Ih Dp    Ap        
                 Up    If-Fb                   
                 |     |  |              
           Bs-St Up Mp Fn<Cp                      
              |  |  |  |                
              |        |                 
           Mh-Hv-Vm    Os                     
      Forest of Tethir
The Fire Swamp
Swamp Entrance  03     7      1      2      5             5      4
         |      |      |      |      |      |             |      |
       5-01-6 7-02-9 6-03*  7-04-6 8-05*  4-06-7 1-07-2   08-6 2-Ss-6
         |             |             |             |      |      |
         9             4             3             Ss     4      Swamp Exit
The Trackless sea near Florin
    5                          Trackless Sea (Tb)   tn   
    |                                    |          |     
  2-T1-Back to Florin Trackless Sea (TS)-T2         T3-4 
                              7       tn      1       6

                              |       |       |       |
    Tn-2   tn-T4-1  8-T5      T6-8    T7-4    T8   Hd-T9
    |                 |                       |
    5                 6                       9

  Key to the Map of Florin

Ac- A Clearing Am- Ambushed
An- Anothr part of the Meadow Ap- Another Path
As- An Abandoned Shop Ba- The Base of the CLiffs
Bh- Bend in the Hallway Bm- A Battle of the Mind
Bn- A Bend in the Northern Hallway Bp- A Bend in the Path
Br- A Broken Down Shanty Bs- Behind the Stables
Cc- The Castle Courtyard Cd- A Choice of Direction
Cf- The Channel of Florin Cg- The Castle Gatehouse
Ch- The Chapel Ci- The Cliffs of Insanity
Cm- The Cottage of Miracle Max Cp- The Cow Pastures
Df- Deeper in the Forest Dp- A Dim Path
DT- Death Trap Du- The Duel!
Eb- Eel Bay Ef- The Entrance to the Fire Swamp
Eq- The Entrance to a Quaint Little Village Ev- The End of the Valley
Ew- The End of The World Fa- Falkbridge's Ale House
Fb- The Farmboy's Hovel Fc- In Front of the Castle Gates
Ff- A Forest in the Frontier Fl- The Florin Channel
Fo- Finally out of the rocks Fn- In Front of the Farmhouse
Fr- A Fork in the Road Fs- The Fire Swamp
Fy- The Farm Yard Gd- The Great Dining Hall
Gp- A Guard Post Gs- A Gently Sloping Hill
Gt- Grove of Trees Hd- The Hideout of the Dread Pirate Roberts
Hv- The Heart of the Village Ht- Heart of the Thieves' Village
Ic- Inside the Castle If- In the Farmhouse
Ih- In the Hills In- Inside the Cottage of the Miracle Worker
It- In the Theives' Village Iv- In the Village
Js- Just Some More Forest Kc- The King's Chambers
Lb- The Lair of the Beast Lo- The Lookout
Me- A Meadow Mh- The Mayor's House
Mp- The Mud Pit Nt- Nearing the Top of the Cliffs
Of- On the Way to the Farm Os- the Old Stump
Ou- Out of the Fire Swamp Ov- Overlooking the Valley
Ow- On the Castle Walls Pf- A path into the Forest
Pn- A Path to the North Pr- The Prince's Room
Ps- The Princess's Room Pt- A Path Through the Thieves' Forest
Qg- A Quiet Grove Rc- A Road to the Castle
Ri- A Ridge Overlooking the Valley Floor Rk- The Royal Kitchens
Ro- A Road out of the Thieves' Forest Rp- The Rocky Path
Rr- The Royal Residences Ry- The Rocky Path cont.
Sd- A Small Dock Sf- Still Further into the VIllage
Sp- A split in the path Ss- Snow Sand!!
St- The Stables Tc- Theives' Crossing
Tf- A trail in the Forest Th- The Thieves' Forest
Ti- A Tiny Cave Tn- Tiny Island
To- Top of the CLiffs Ts- The Trackless Sea
Tt- A trail through the Forest Tv- The Theives' Village
Tw- A Trail through the Woods Up- An Unused Path
Vf- The Valley Floor Vm- The Village Milk Emporium

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