Golothaer is the starting area of the Dark elves and Dark dwarves. It's recently been opened to the good-aligned races of the world, but remember: they're watching you. Down from the Ruffian's Bar (Rb) is Tluth the rogue guildmaster, and up from the Cavern of Reverence (Cr) is Lourellian the cleric guildmaster. Evil-aligned races can buy identify scrolls from Frizzal's Fabulous Fantasms (Ff).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e7ne3ne.

  Map of Golothaer

Northern SD Forest-Td-Mt-At-Lt Svirfneblin Mining Camp
                            |  |                     
                                  Et-Et             Ob                
                                     |              |         ^    
                                     Dc-Ti          Da       Gd       
                                        |           |        |      
                                        Ti-Ro       Da       Lh             Da
                                           |        |        |              |
                                           Ro       Da    Gm Li Sd Rb Wp Am-Md       As
                                           |        |     |  |  |  |v |     |       /
                                                 |           |  |                 |
                                                 Sp          Mw Ww                Uf
                                   Wilds of the Underdark Gp-Mw   
                                                        \    |        
                                                    Ff   \   Eg        
                                                    |     |  |        
                                                    |        |        
                                                    Uc-Wu    Gp       
                                                    Dt Up to the Dark Elf Academy
                                                    | /        

  Key to the map of Golothaer

Am- Art of Magic As- Altar of Sacrifice
At- Another Tunnel Br- Backway Road
Cg- Center of Golothaer Cr- Cavern of Reverence
Da- Dark Arte of Sourcery Dc- Deep Cavern System
Dd- Deep Dark Cave Df- Drow Fighting Grounds
Dt- Dark Tunnel Eg- Entrance to Golothaer
Et- Earthy Tunnel Ff- Frizzal's Fabulous Phantasms
Gd- Grub and Drink Gm- Golothaer's Messages
Gp- Guard Post Gt- Golathaer's Tample to LLoth
Jw- Jarkier's Weapons Li- Lobby of The Valharik
Lh- Long Hallway in Inn Valharik Lt- Long tunnel
Mc- Misty Cavern Md- Mystic Dark Arts of Magic
Mt- More Tunnel Mw- Merchant Way
Nt- Narrow Tunnel Ob- Only Bank of Golothaer
Pg- Pathway of Guilds Rb- Ruffians' Bar
Ro- Road out of Golothaer Sd- School of Dark Psi
Sp- Slave Pen Ta- Tarnnila's Armory
Td- Tunnel Down Into The Earth Ti- Tunnel into the Ground
Uc- Underground Cavern Uf- Underground Forest
Up- Underground Path Wp- Woodsman Path
Wu- Widening Underground Tunnel Ww- Way of the Warrior
Zm- Zuhles Misc Goods

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