Kurtulmak's Caverns

Kurtulmak's Caverns are aimed at Newbies and Chumps. A Newbie might have a problem with some of the nmobs here if they were ill-equipped, the toughest mob is in the Tomb and is about 18k xp.

Before you enter the caverns there's a small, secret area to the east of the Rocky Hillside (Ri). To open the way to the Hidden Trail (Ht) use 'push oak'.

Once you enter the caves you'll find yourself under attack from a hail of arrows from some kobold archers in the Guards' Alcoves (Ga). Once past there you're into the Kobold village. The toughest mob outside of the Tomb is the dead kobold king. To get to him you must kill the shaman in the Shaman's Room (Sr). He has three keys: The short and thick iron key opens the door to the Former King's Room (Fk), then use 'push tapestry' to open a wasy east into teh Treasury where the dead king resides. Once dead you can use the shiny steel key (from the shaman) to open the squat wooden chest.

To open the door north in the Cooking Area (Ca) use 'open oven', it's not a DT and offers a way up to some crows, one of which has a very useful wand... Keep an eye out for the hidden spider in the Widening in the Chimney Shaft (Wi). The Weaponsmaster his Quarters (Wq) has a rusty copper key that opens the door to the Armory. The Glowing Pool (Gl) is a peaceful room.

The Tomb is tougher than the rest of the Caverns. Use 'push moss' to open the way south from the Blocked Hallway (Bh) to a few tombs, two of the tombs have tough mobs in (a mage and an undead paladin). They take a long time to kill, and a Newbie will almost certainly die on their own. The doors to the chambers are all locked adn there are no keys, I used knock and then 'push door east' and 'push door west' to open each door as needed. There are descriptions of the heroic deedas that each corpse performed before their death on the walls. To the north of the Tomb you find Kurtulmak himself, he's quite tough so be careful.

There is one remaining puzzle here. Using locate on 'key' shows a simple silver key on a silver chain in Atham's Library - you'll see that the Library cannot be found on the map. There's also a thick bronze key that has no use... I personally think that this zone used to have more rooms to the south, or has yet to be finished. If anyone knows otherwise I'd be grateful for the info.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3sw4nw2ne2s.

  Map of Kurtulmak's Caverns

                                       The Stonelands  
                                 |     |                          
   Cn                      Ga    Wl-Sh Hg                          
     \                     |          /                           
      Nt    Gl-Du    Gp-Ms-Cs-Ms-St-Hc                           
        \      |     |           |                                
         Wc    Lu    Vp       Dp Ga                                    
           \   |     |       /                                     
            Ci Ik-Nw-Vc-Ne-Wp Cr Sr                                          
              \   |  |  |     |  |                                   
            Gd Ho Ww-Cc-Ew-Gr-Rh-Ch-Dh                        
            |  |  |  |  |     |     +                                
            Br-Ca-So-Sw-Se    Gb    Fk-Tr                                  
            |  |  |  |  |                                          
            Ml Co Nu Gp Wu-Vh-Mv-Hs                                         
               |     |             \                              
               Pa Mb-Rh             Dw                             
                     |                \                           
                  Oq-Rh                Dw                          
                     |                   \                        
                     Wq           Down to the Tomb
The Tomb
               |  |  |                   
               |  |  |                              
                  Sn          Up to the Well   
                  |          /      

  Key to the Map of the Caverns

Ar- The Armory Bh- Blocked Hallway
Bi- Blocked Intersection Br- Butcher's Room
Ca- Cooking Area Cc- Center of the Main Cavern
Ch- Carved Hallway Ci- Chimney Shaft
Cm- Center of the Main Chamber Cn- Crows' Nest
Co- Cook's Room Cr- Captain's Room
Cs- Crude Sandstone Tunnel Da- Definled Altar
Dc- Dank Cavern De- Destroyed Shrine
Dh- Dusty Hallway Dp- Deep in the Pit
Du- Dusty Passage Dw- A Dark Well
Es- East Side of Main Chamber Ew- East Wall of the Main Cavern
Fe- Former Entrance to the Tomb Fk- the Former King's Room
Ga- Guards' Alcove Gb- The Guardsmans' Barracks
Gl- Glowing Pool Gp- Guard Post
Gr- Guards' Room Hb- Huntsman's Burial Chamber
Hc- A Hole in the Ceiling Hg- A Hole in the Ground
Ho- In the Huge Oven Hs- The high Shrine to Kurtulmak
Ht- A Hidden Trail Ik- Ill-kept Guard Post
Kb- knight's Burial Chamber Lu- Little Used Passageway
Ma- Magician's Burial Chamber Mb- Main Barracks
Ml- Meat Locker Ms- more Sandstone Tunnel
Mv- Middle of a Vaulting Chamber Nc- Northeastern Corner of Main Chamber
Ne- Northeastern Corner of the Main Cavern No- northwestern Corner of Main Chamber
Nt- Near The Top Nu- Nursery
Nw- Northwestern Corner of the Main Cavern Oq- Officer's Quarters
Pa- Pantry Rh- Rock Hallway
Ri- Rocky Hillside Rp- Raised Platform
Sb- Stone Burial Chamber Sc- Southeastern Corner of the Main Chamber
Se- Southeastern Corner of the Main Cavern Sg- Steep Gulch
Sh- Shallow Cave Si- Stonework Intersectioni
Sm- A Small Crack in the Wall Sn- Stonework Hallway
So- Southwestern Corner of the Main Cavern Sp- Spartan Burial Chamber
Sr- The Shaman's Room Ss- South Side of the Main Chamber
St- Sandstone Tunnel Su- Southwestern Corner of the Main Chamber
Sw- South Wall of the Main Cavern Sy- Sentry Post
Tr- The treasury Ub- Ubdisturbed Burial Chamber
Vc- Vaulting Cavern Vh- Vaulting Chamber
Vp- Vaulting Passageway Wb- Warrior's Burial Chamber
Wc- Widening in the Chimney Shaft Wl- Windswept Ledge
Wp- Waste pit Wq- Weaponmaster's Quarters
Wr- Winding, Rocky Trail Ws- West Side of Main Chamber
Ww- West Wall of the Main Cavern Wu- Small, Well-Used Passage

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