The Red Fog Graveyard

I checked out now hard this zone was supposed to be and the estimate of 15 to 25 seems right to me. The earliest monsters you wander into give you anything from 3K up to around 12K, easy for even the least of adventurers.

Once you delve a little deeper into the cemetary itself (without dropping into any graves) the hardest thing you'll find is the 130K vines at the Vine encrusted East Wall (Ve).

The aim of the zone is as follows, you need to get into the graveyard itself then secure a number of keys to the three, iron crypt doors before defeating each of the treasure guardians and finally the Shadow Demon.

To get into the graveyard you'll need the key to the Gate Inot the Cemetary () from the hidden, bloated red spider in the Upper Loft (Ul). You have to unlock the gate and then 'push gate' to open it. Once inside you should seek out the Rotting Corpses and kill as many as you need to to gain a Tiny Sword, Staff and Shield - each being a key. The Tiny Staff opens I1, the Shield I2 and the Sword I3.

Once in the first area (beneath I1) you'll find a lot of crystal skeletons. One of these will carry a red skull - another key, but this time to the skull door in the Crypt Tunnel (Cy). Unlock the door with 'unlock skull east' and open it with 'push skull east'. There's a giant crystal skeleton snake worth 50K guarding a coffin, the key to the coffin is a rusty iron shaped ankh sceptre on the corpse of the snake. Be warned, the snake can poison and paralyze you and at lower levels that can be fatal.

The Tiny Shield key unlocks I2 and you can work your way to the Evil Wraith guarding another coffin full of gold.

Finally the Tiny Sword opens I3, and leads down to the Demon's Lair. You must lift the lid of the coffin to open a doorway down further. There are a number of interesting pieces of equipment but, most of all, this area should make good money for a medium level Chump.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3en2en2ene5n.

  Map of the Red Fog Graveyard

                                 |        |
                                 Ll       Th
                                 |        | 
                           Is    Et         
                          /+     +        
   Below an Iron Staircase I1    I2    I3     
                           |     |     | \  
                           Mo    Tw    Dp Down to the Demon's Lair    
                           |     |     |   
                        An-Mp Mw Ap-Lt Pp-Ue         
                        |     |  |     |  | 
                        Ww-Mg Mc-Tg Og-Bt Gr     
                           |  |      v |  |
                        Og Vg Ms Hr-Mi-Oi-Ve         
                       /|  |  |  |  |        
  Beneath an Open Grave Aw Tt-Gt-Sg Ou Ti-Pf        
                        |     |  |  |  |    \ 
                        Sw-Bh-Va Ts-Ug-Gr-So Beneath a Partially Filled Grave
                        Og-Fc-Sp-Tw Ul               
                        |        +  |      
                        Ft       Cf St        
                        |        | /       
                     Gc-Bc       Bs            
                Northern Woods
Beneath An Open Grave
                   Ug Up to the graveyard               
                   | /                
Beneath a partially Filled Grave
                   Cs Up to the graveyard               
                   | /
Below An Iron Staircase
                   Ce Up to the graveyard             
                   | /                            
Beneath an open grave II
                   Ch Up to the graveyard                    
                   | /                   
The Demon's.Lair
Up to the graveyard Sf    Bd-Bl-Bd                     
                   \| \      |                     
                    Ls Ic    Br                      
                         \   |                    

  Key to the Map of the red Fog Graveyard

An- Another Northern Corner Ap- Another Pebble Pathway
Aw- Along the Western Wall Bc- Broken Cobblestones
Bd- Blood Stained Crypt Bf- Botton of Coffin
Bh- Broken Headstones Bl- Brightly Lit Intersection
Bo- bottom of the Stairs Br- Brick Hallway
Bs- Back Of Shed Bt- Broken Tombestones
Cc- Caskets and Coffins Cd- more Clawed Dirt
Ce- Carved Earthen Tunnel Cf- Cobweb Filled Shed
Ch- Clawed Hole Cm- Coffin Storage Room
Co- Cobblestones Cr- Cobblestone Road
Cs- Clawed out Space Ct- Clawed Tunnel
Cy- Crypt Tunnel Dh- Dusty Hallway
Dp- Dipping Pit Eb- Embalming Room
Er- Entrance to Red Fog Cemetary Et- Enclosed Tunnel
Fc- Fork On The Cobblestone Road Fg- Forgotten Grave
Ft- Fog Thickens Gc- Gloomy Cobblestone Road
Gf- On A Small, Grassy Field Gr- Twisted Growth
Gt- A Grasy Trail Ha- Hallway
Hr- heavy Red Mist Ic- Inside Coffin
Id- Iron Door Ig- Inside Grave
Io- Inside an Open Grave Is- Iron Staircase
Lc- long Crypt Tunnel Li- Large Iron Gate
Ll- Lit Tunnel Ln- Lit Intersection
Ls- Lit Iron Staircase Lt- Large Tombestone
Mc- Mold and Moss Covered Headstones Mg- Misty Grassy Spot
Mh- More Hallway Mi- Misty Grass
Mo- Mossy Pebble Path Mp- Misty Path
Mr- More Crypts Ms- Moss Growth
Mw- Moss Covered Wall Oi- Overgrown Icy
Ou- Overgrown Unused Graves Og- Olive Grove
Pp- Pebble Path Sc- Small Cobblestone Trail
Sf- Stone Coffin Sg- Scatterted Gravestones
So- Southern Corner Sp- Small Pebble Path
St- Stairwell Sw- Southwest Corner
Tb- Twisting Brick Hallway Te- Tunnel's End
Tg- Twisting Grassy Path Th- Twisting Hallway
Ti- Twisted Ivy To- Twisted Overgrown Trail
Tp- Twisted Path Ts- Twisted grave Stone
Tt- Twisted Trees Tu- Tunnel
Tw- Twisted Pebble Path Uc- Underground Crypt
Ue- Upheaval of Earth Ug- Unused Grave
Uh- underground Hallway Ul- Upstairs Loft
Un- Under the Grave Va- Vine COvered Archway
Ve- Vine Covered East Wall Vg- Vine COvered Graves
Ww- Western Wall

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