The Northern Woods

This area has had to be the most annoying part of Shadowdale I've mapped to date. Rooms and roads cross over and over lap. Other maps are linked in in, what seems to be, an arbitary fashion. All in all I'd like to be left in a room with whoever designed this area and ask them how they designed it. Did they plan it at all? before they sat down at the keyboard? I guess if I get a look under the hood of SD one day I may have a better idea.

The area itself is pretty safe for Newbies and above as it seem to link Shadowdale to lots of more interesting areas like Rhyiana, Khmer and the Sacred Grove. I wouldn't risk the Grove unless you have fireshield, sanctuary and a host of Adepts willing to risk their necks either.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3en2e.

  Map of the Northern Woods

                                             Red Fog Graveyard        
        Border Forest                  Td-Td-Fi-Pd-De                  
             |                         |     |                 
             En                        Sp    Sp Ic               
             |                         |     |  |              
       St-St-St                        Sp-Is-Fc-Os Rhyiana              
       |  |  |                            |     |  |                     
       |  |  St-St-\           Bt------Sp-Is-Sp-Is-Sp      
       |  |        |           |       |  |        |                     
    Plains of Shadowdale-------Po  Sacred |        |           
                               |   Grove  |        |   
                               Sp         |        |    
                               |          |        |   
                            Sp-Sp      In-Sm-Sm    Sp-City of Khmer
                            |                |     |            
                            Sp-Sp            |     |              
                            |  |             |     | 
         Plains of Shadowdale  Sp---------Sp-Sp-Is-Sp
                                                |  |
                                 Plains of Shadowdale-We-St-St St-Plains of Shadowdale
                                                      |  |  |  |

  Key to the map of the Woods

De- A Dead End ion the Forest Fc- The Forest Clearing
Fi- A Forest Intersection Ic- Inside a Small Cabin
In- Inside the cave Is- An Intersection in the Northern Woods
Pd- A Path Through the Dense Forest Sm- A small path in the dense forest
Sp- A Small Path in the Northern Woods St- A Small trail in the Northern Woods
Td- A Trail through the Dense Forest We- Western Edge of the Northern Woods

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