Northern Shadowdale Forest

Like most of the forests and woods surrounding Shadowdale, the Northern Forest is quite a safe area for Newbies. As long as you remember to 'con' all the mobs before you take them on you should be alright, as there aren't many aggresive mobs apart from Jermalines that have wandered into the forest from their tunnels. They'll try to backstab you and for Newbies this can be fatal.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 2sw.

  Map of the north forest

                At      Tethyamar Trail
                |         |           
          El-Op-Ft    Sf-Ef              
                |     |              
                At-At-Sf    Newbie University                                 
                   |        | 
            Ct--Ct-Ft       |  Ic-Golothaer
            |      |        |  |
            |      Ct-Ct    Rt Ec    Sc
            |         |     |  |     |
            |         Ct    |  En Mp-Di-Es-Sr-Ashaba River
            |         |     |  |  |
            |      Cc-Or-Rb Wt-Wt |           Cf
            Ct           |  |     |           |
            |            Al-Bf    |           Cf-Jermlaine Tunnels
            |               |     |           |^
            |               Bp----Ou-Tp-Tp-Up-Cl        
            |               |              |
            |               Np             Op
            |               |              |
            Ct-Village of Shadowdale    Hc-Gg-Th         
                                               Jermlaine Tunnels   

  Key to the map of Northern Shadowdale Forest

Al- Along the Bluff AT- An Abandoned Trail
Be- A Bend in the Path Bf- A Bend in the Forest Trail
Bp- A Branch in the Path Cc- The Courtyard of Castle Grimstead
Cf- Cliff Face Cl- Cliff Face
Ct- A Cart Trail in the Forest Dc- Dusty Clearing
Di- Deep Inside the Woods Ec- Entrance to Cavenauth
Ef- The Edge of the North Shadowdale Forest El- Elf Leap
En- Entrance to a small cave Es- The Entrance to Shadow Ridge
Ft- A Fork in the Trail Hc- Hermit's Creekside Camp
Ic- Inside the Cave Mp- A Makeshift Path
Np- A Narrow Path Op- An Overgrown Path
Or- Outside the Ruins of Castle Grimstead Op- Overgrown Path
Ou- An Opening in the Underbrush Rb- Rounding the Bluff
Rt- A Rocky Trail Sc- A Small Clearing
Sf- A Small Footpath Sr- The Shadow Ridge
Th- Thicket Tp- Tangled Path
Up- Uncertainty in the Path Wt- A Winding Trail

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