Lycanthropia is aimed at level 15 to level 30 players. I mapped it with my level 43 Half-Giant Stibbons and so had no trouble at all. The locked doors to the west of the Back of the Manor (Bm), to the east of manor Road (Mr) and the Dark Square of Lycanthropia can all be doorbashed.

Up from the Wild Wereboar Tavern (Ww) is a single room: Upstairs, at the Wereboard Tavern. Down from the Pantry is a small corridor leading to the Count's meeting place. You'll find a huge wererat with seven other wererats there so, if I wouldn't go there alone at level 15. Finally, up from the Back of the Manor (Bm) are three rooms. The Top of Staircase leads to the Count in his office and his mistress in the bedroom.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enene3n3enenen2es12e2ne3n.

  Map of Lycanthropia

                   Town of Trinity
     Nw----Da----Da       Lg              
     |           |        |              
     Al       Ph+Sq-Da-Da-El              
     |   ^       |   ^    |              
     Bd+Bm-Lh-Fo+Mr Ww    Bc              
     |  |        |  |     |              
     Al Mk-Pa    Bc-Bc-Bc-Bc              
     |      v    |        |              
                       |  |  |           
                       Wb-Eb Moonsea              

  Key to the Map of Lycanthropia

Ac- Approaching the Cobblestone Path Al- A Dark Alley
Bc- Black Cobblestone Path Bd- Dark Alley behind the Manor
Bm- Back of the Manor Da- A Darkened Street
Dr- Dark Road Ds- Darkened Street north of docks
Eb- East Black Dock El- Entrance to Lycanthropia
Fh- Next to the Farmer's House Fo- the Foyer
Lg- Lycanthropia's gate Lh- The long hallway
Mk- Manor Kitchen Mr- Manor Road
Nw- Northwestern corner of Lycanthropia Pa- Pantry
Ph- Pooh's House Sq- Dark Square of Lycanthropia
Sw- Southwestern corner of Lycanthropia Wb- West Black Dock
Ww- The Wild Wereboar Tavern

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