Infested Tree

When I started mapping this area I didn't think it would take me long. After a few hours of mapping I've come to realise just how big this area is. There are at least two levels down and three levels up from here. There's a village, a fortress, caves, roots and magic rooms galore. All the ways up from this map lead up to In the Treetops. You need to be flying to go up.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15e6n.

  Map of Infested Tree

                       ^  ^
                      |  |^  ^
                |     |^    |      
                |     Nt    Lp               
                |           |^
                |        /--Ms       
                |     ^  |  |
          Lc-Fy-Ct    Te-Ar-/       
          |     |
          Lc    |
          Lf-Ct-Ct-Ah-Inside infested tree
   Village of Shadowdale

  Key to the map of Infested Tree MAP=it-treetops Ah- Approaching a Huge Fallen Tree
Ar- Among the roots Bh- Beside the Huge Fallen Tree
Bs- By Some Tree Stumps Ct- A Cart Track
Fy- Farm Yard Lc- A Large Corn Field
Lf- A Large Farm House Lp- A Low Path
Ms- A Muddy Spot Nt- Next to a Tree
Rr- A Rough Road Te- The End
Tg- Twisting Game Trail Ul- Under a Large Tree

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