The Sewers under Mistledale

It seems that Mistledale's problems live down in the sewer: Mistledale is under attack from werecreatures! There are werelions, werebears and even a werewolf priest who used to be the High Priest of Mistledale.

The mobs in this zone are no trouble at all for an Adept Warrior like Stibbon but could cause some problems for Medium level characters with bad armor and low hit points. I wasn't getting hit often but when I was it was for ten or fifteen points of damage.

To get into the Hidden Cave (Hc) you need to 'push rock' to open the way east. In the cave you'll find the Mayor of Mistledale and he has the key to the chest in his Secret Room. South of the Rocky Tunnel (Rt) is a booby trap. It did me about 20 points of damage.

  Map of the Sewers under Mistledale

          Mistledale        Sn     
                  \         |       
                   In       Wd-Wd      
                     \         |     
                      |     |     |   
                      St    Lp    Di-Pw 
                      |     |     |  | 
                      St    Lp    Sl Us
                      |     |     |  | 
                            Br    Dl-Dl
                            |     |  |
                            |     |  
                            Gt    Su-Su-Hc 
                            |     |  |
                      Nw-Ne-Af-Tt Su-Su 
                      |  |  |  |    
                      Sw-Se Rt Ro      
                         |     |    

  Key to the Map of the Sewers

Af- Another Four Way Intersection Br- A Broken Tunnel
Bt- A Bend in the Tunnel Bu- Bend in the Underground Stream
Bw- Bottom of the Well Ci- A Circle of Stones
Cs- A Curve in the Sewer Tunnel Di- A Damp Intersetion
Dl- A Dark Lair El- At the Edge of a Subterranean Lake
Fw- A Four Way Intersection Gt- A Granite Tunnel
Hc- A Hidden Cave In- In the Old Well
Ll- Lizard's Lair Lp- A Low Passage
Ls- A Large Smelly Chamber Ne- Northeast Corner of a Cavern
Nw- Northwest Corner of a Cavern Pw- A Pool of Water
Ro- A Rocky Cave Rp- A Rocky Passage
Rt- A Rocky Tunnel Se- Southeast Corner of a Cavern
Sl- A Sloping Tunnel Sn- Snake Nest
St- A Sewer Tunnel Su- A Subterranean Lake
Sw- Southwest Corner of a Cavern Tt- A Twisting Tunnel
Us- An Underground Stream Wd- A Warm, Dry Cave

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