The Town of Trinity

Trinity is aimed at level 40 to 50, and well aimed indeed. If you're invisible you can wander in and out of most rooms without getting attacked and most of the mobs won't attack you on sight. Even so, the Cave of Skeleton's )Pc, MC and De) contains a very hard mob that will so be very careful, especially if the lore in the library in Trinity is anything to go by.

To get to Wizard brown's lab 'push wall' in Entrance to Wizard Brown's House (Ew). To get to the hidden Empty Room (Er) north of the Northern part of the Museum (Nm) 'push wall'. From there you can go down to the Maze below the Museum. There's a riddle to enable you to solve the question of which button to press to open the door in the Long Hallway (Lh) and, just to keep some sense of adventure, I'll leave it for you to figure out.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enene3n3enenen2es12e2ne3nw7n.

  Map of the Town of Trinity

      Down to the Maze                                  
                    Er    Wl Nc-Pc-Mc-De             
                    +     +  |           
                 Ga-Np-Mk Ew-Rn           
                    |        |           
                 Gm-Cm-Gp Tu-Rc En             
                    |     |     |       
                 Gw-Em-Gc Cp    Li          
                    |     |     |        
        Kp Fp Sa    | Al-Nt-Ts El Me Mg Sg      
        |  |  |     |     |     |  |  |  |
        |  |  |     |     |        |  |  |
        Er Rp Sp    Md Tw-St-Ri    Hg Ig Yy      
                    |     |              
                    Mh    Ns-Ss              
                       |  |  |  |          
The Maze
         Up to Trinity     Eh                                       
                    \      |              
                     Mz    Lh               
                     |     +             
               Ma Ma-Ma    Lh               
               |  |  |     |            
               Ma-Ma-Ma-Ma Lh                     
                     |  |  | 
                     Ma Ma-Tm  

  Key to the Map of the Town of Trinity

Al- The Alchemist's Shop of Trinity Br- Blackened Room
Cb- Cobblestone Path Cg- Center of the Garden
Cm- Center of the Museum Cp- Creepy Path
De- the Dead End in the cave of Skeletons Ea- Eastern portion of the field
Ed- End of the Garden Ef- Entrance to the Fields
Eg- Entrance to the Garden Eh- End of the Long Hallway
El- Entrance to the Library Em- Entrance to the Museum
En- End of Library Eo- End of the Path
Ep- Eastern Part of the Field Er- The Empty Room
Et- East of the Town Center Ew- Entrance to Wizard Brown's House
Ez- Emtrance to the Zoo Fh- Next to the Farmer's House
Fp- The firecat's pen Ga- Relics of the Great Assassin
Gc- Relics of the Great Cleric Gm- Relics of the Great Mage
Gp- relics of the Great Mind Gw- Relics of the Great Warrior
Hg- The Holy Garden If- Inside Farmer Brown's House
Ig- The Illusionary Garden Ip- Inclined Path
Is- Inside the Shack Kp- Keeper's Pen
Lh- A Long Hallway Li- The Library
Ma- Maze... Mc- the Midle of the Cave of Skeletons
Md- Entrance to the Mayor's Dwelling Me- the Metallic Garden
Mg- The Mystical Garden Mh- The Mayor's House
Mk- Relics of the Great Monk Mz- Entrance to the Maze
Nc- Next to the cave of skeletons Ne- North Eastern end of the Field
Nf- Next to the Farmer's Shed Nm- Northern part of the museum
Ns- Next to the Sheriff's House Nt- North of the Town Center
Ol- An Odd Looking Path Op- An Odd Path
Ow- An Odd Looking Worn Path Pc- The Pit of the cave of Skeletons
Pt- Path Through the Field Rc- Road of Chaos
Ri- The Redwood Inn Rn- Road of Chaos, next to a house
Rp- The rat's pen Sa- The Sabre Tooth Tiger's pen
Sd- The Spiked Dragon's Pen Se- South East end of the field
Sg- The Shadowy Garden Sp- The Snidel Pen
Ss- the Sheriff's Station St- South of the Town Center
Ta- Trinity Avenue, South of the Library Tc- Town Center of Trinity
Tm- End of the Maze Tr- Trinity Avenue
Ts- Trinity's Staff and Wand Shop Tu- Turn in the Creepy Path
Tw- Trinity's Weapon Shop Wl- Wizard Brown's Laboratoy
Wp- Worn Path Wt- West of the Town Center
Yy- The Garden of the Ying-Yang

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