The Lost City

The Lost City is one of the most amazing areas I've ever mapped and I couldn't have done it alone. I had lots of help from Leon, Raeth and Varda along the way, a big thanks to all you guys! The city is aimed at Adepts and, although well equipped Experts will be able to cope with most of the city, there are some mobs that a group of Adepts will have to tackle. Don't come here on your own unless you're prepared for anything! NOTE: The sewers will be mapped soon as a separate map.

You can get into the city in one of four ways. You can knock or doorbash the west gate, use water breath to swim in through the Large Pool (Lp), climb up the Vine Covered Wall (Vw), through the wasp nest and back down into the Large Mud Hut (Lm) or you can buy keys from Doctor Gregor MacGregor at the Jumbled Pile of Stone (Ju). He sells three keys: The Rusty key unlocks the grate south of the River, the key can also be found in the water under the pool. The Shiny Bronze key he sells unlocks the bronze gates at the Temple Gates (Tg) and the Road of Jade, at the Bronze Gates (Rb) and can also be found in the Ruined Tower (Rt) but be careful. If you walk in there the tower can collapse on you and you have to recall to get out! I don't know what the Large Gold key is for.

There are a number of 'traps' in the Lost City. You can be ambushed in a couple of places but, as long as you can unlock a locked door, they're not too much to worry about. Going along the Narrow Trail (Nt) north of the city you can be captured by the Newtlings. They'll leave you in a room below The Pit (Pi) and you can just climb out of it. You will also be captured if you wander into the Alley, outside a Large Guild Hall. The serpent men will lock you in a Filthy Cell (Fc) in the Palace. You'll have to fight your way out and it won't be that easy as the serpent men are numerous, hardy and can poison you - make sure you have some anti-venom with you at all times in the Lost City.

The last trap is in the Arena. If you enter the Entrance to the Arena (Ea) you'll be trapped and locked in. The way to escape is quite ingenious! You walk south to the Southern Battleground (Sj) and wait. A blue mist will transport you back in time to the City's hayday. You must fight your way back through the Arena, follow the Spiral Stairs up to the stands and find and kill the living Emperor Khuninala to get a key. You then go to the other Stair and wait. A red mist will transport you back to the present where you can unlock the gates and escape.

There is a quest in the city that starts when you listen to the Pheonix Idol in the Ruined Shop (Rs). It tells you "My brother idols have made these ruins a warzone for their petty differences. You must kill them all and bring their keys to the hall below. You will be rewarded." There are three other idols you have to kill. The Monkey Idol can be found in the Mwondala village in a Large Mud Hut (Lm), he has a Monkey heart (resistance to blunt) and a Stone key. The Frog Idol is in the Newtling Village at the Large Wooden Dias (Lw) he holds a Water key and a Flawless Emerald (resistance to cold). The Serpent Idol is aggressive and can be found Atop the Palace (At) and has a Key of Air and a Shimmering Diamond (resistance to electrcity). You also need a fourth key, the Key of Fire. The key can be found in the Pyramid beyond the bronze gates. You must go to the top of the pyramid, kill the priest and take his key. You can unlock the altar and 'push altar' to open a passage down. There are a few hard mobs here but right at the bottom, one of the Crypts holds the fire key. When you have all four keys you can return to the Ruined Shop (Rs) and go down, open all four doors and collect the treasure. There's also a quick exit back to Shadowdale there.

There are a few more locked doors and keys of note. Gondola in Asheley's Bedroom (Ab) carries a Wooden Key which opens both gates to the Mwondala village. In the graveyard around the pyramid the Spirit of a Priest has a key to the Tomb of Khuninala. Down from the Tomb is the Crypt of Khuninala and the undead Emperor himself. Finally you can find a Small jewelled key on one of the Serpent Men in the Guild Hall, it is the key to the Palace gates. The Palace is infested with snake-armed men and there are enough of them so that you can't bash. They'll poison you and will disarm you if unlucky.

One last warning: The Enormous Toads on Large Rock (Lr) and in the Mud Puddle (Mp) can swallow you whole! Make sure if you attack them to keep them bashed or you'll be left with nothing.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswsw2s2w2sws2wsw5seses 5e5sw4s2w2s2w2nwn3wswsws2w2n6wn2wsws7ws2w2se2se2se2s 2w2s3en3e. You must be either flying or swimming to use this route.

  Map of the Lost City

                                           Nt Ju    
                                           |  |     
                                           |  |     
                                        Sc-Nt Ak      
                                        Tc-Nt-Mp                               Lr-Ma-Ma
                                           |                                   |  |  |
             Sc Bp-Jp-Jp-Jp-Vc-Ft-Ft-Bw-Sc-Ng-Jt-Jt-Jp-Jp-Jr-Ri-Jr-Mt-Mt-Mt-Mt-Sm-Ma-Lp 
             |  |                          |                 +                        v
             Sc-St                         In-Rg             Rw
                |                          |                 |
                Jt          Pl-Ap-Pl       Rj                Oh-Hu-Nb-Pe-Wh-An-Mg-Wp-Ee
                |           |  |  |        |                 |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |v |v
                |     Bs-Wt-Ap-Af-Ap-Es-Pg+Rb-Eh             Or-On-Ok-Nb-Pk-Pn-Cs-Wo-Mb
                |     |     |  |v |     |  |                    |  |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                Jt    Eg    Pl-Ap-Pl    Gr Rj                   Rv-Pk-Tv-Cn-Ps-Pi-Lw-Ln
                |     |        |        |  |                    |  |  |  |  |  |v |  |
                Jt    Gr-Gr    Sn    Ib-Ig Ro-Ho          Of-Wr Ob-Or-Bn-Ok-Ln-Pc-Pr-Po
                |     |  |     |     |  +  |              |  |  |     |  |  |  |  |  |
                Dj    Gr-Ag-Gr-Pg-Tb-Ig+Tm Rj             Ad-Ey-Od    Or-Pk-Pk-Pk-Nb-Ok
                |              +         v |                    |        |  |  |  |  |
                Tj Vi          Tg       Ws Rn As          Mn-Ga-Sd-Rr-Bn-Rv-Rv-Os-Or-Oe
                |  |           |        |  |  |                 |           |
Castle Dreadyre-Jc-Jw       Ru Te    Rs-No-Ns-Ne-Le    Hs       Ry          Rd
                |  |        |  |      v |  |  |        |        |           |   
Jungle of Chult-Jc-Ow+Iw-Rt-Bg-It-Rt-Rt-Wc-We-Ec-Je-Ja-Jo-Ja-Op-Ij-Jb-Jg-Ja-Ja-Jn-Md        
                |  |        |^ |        |  |v |              +   ^ |  |        |
                Jc-Jw       Gt Te    Ot-So-Ss-Se-Ge       Bk-El-Gu Pa-Gp       Ph
                   |           |        |  |  |              |   v |  |        |
                   Jt          Te       Ba |  Ar          Su-Ce-Di Pg-Gp Bl Sg-Ea-Sg  
                   |           |           |              |  |  |  |  |   ^ |  |  |
                   Na       Rh-Mr          Ra             Li-Ce-Ki Pg-Gn Ov Sv Bt Sv
                   |           |           |              |  |^ |     |  |  |  |  | 
                   Na          Tr-Hm    Th-Gh    Cw Ew    Bd-Ac Sb    Gl-Lh Co Mi Co
                   |           |           |     |  |                 |     |  |  |
                   Tt          Og    Sy-En-Rl Si-Ed-Be-Mw             Gn    Mc Sj Mc
                   |           +     |  |  |        |                 |     |     |
                   Tt    Ch Mt-Bm    Ab Ga Ra Bh La-Al-Sf Ho Pw De Rh Gn    Nl-Em-Nl
                   |     |  |              |  |     |     |  |  |  |  | 
                   Vt Sh-Om-Ms Lm          Ia-Al-Al-Sl-Al-Ao-Al-Al-Al-Ai-Al-Be              
                   |     |     |           |  |  |  |v |  |        |  |     |
                   Vt Sr Am-Ti Mt-Sh       Ra Rh Ho Mo Re Gd-Wr-Br Hy Fh Rh-Ed       
                   |  |  |     |           |              |  |              |
                Nw-Sc Et-Mt-Am-Sp-Mt+Og-Nr-Ir             Gu-Ls-Bd          Sk      
                |  |^ |^ |  |  |  |        |              |  |  
                Sw-Vw Lm Sh Sa Mu Sh       Is             Tn-me-Lb                    
                                                                   Down to the Sewers
Under the Ruined Shop
                           Up to the Ruined Shop (Rs)
   Down to Shadowdale
Above the Audience Chamber
    Down to the Audience Chamber (Ac)
Below the Guard Tower
          Up to the Guard Tower (Gt)
Above the guard tower
       |  |  | \
       Sq-At-Sq Down to the Guard Tower (Gt)
Inside the Pyramid
           As Up to the Altar (Af)  
           | / 
           |          \
           Tt Cf-Is-OS-Sg
                    Cr   \
                    |     \
The Underwater Tunnel
 Up to the Newtling Pool     Up to the Large Pool (Lp)                    
                 \  \       /                  
                  Ip-Ip   Bp         
                    \    /
                     \ Uw

  Key to the Map of the Lost City

Aa- Ancient Storage Room Ab- Asheley's Bedroom
Ac- Audience Chamber Ad- The Auditorium
Af- The Altar of the feathered Serpent Ag- Among the Gravestones
Ai- Intersection of the Road of Granite and an Alley Ak- An Ancient Obelisk
Al- A Narrow Alley Am- Among the Mud Huts
An- A Nest Ao- A Narrow Alley, Outside a Large Guildhall
Ap- Atop the Pyramid Ar- Ruins of an Armory
As- An Abandoned Smithy At- Atop the Palace
Ba- A Bakery Bd- Bedroom
Be- A Bend in the Alley Bg- Road of Turquoise, By the Guard Towers
Bh- A Burned House Bk- Barracks
Bl- In the Branches of the Lemon Tree Bm- A Bend in the Muddy Trail
Bn- A bend in the River Bp- A Bend in the Path
Br- A Small Bedroom Bs- Base of the Pyramid
Bt- The north Battleground Bw- By the Wall
Ce- Central Hall Cf- Chamber of the Feathered Serpent
Ch- The Chief's Hut Co- Commoners' Seats
Cn- A Cluttered Nest Cr- A Crypt
Cs- The Chief's Nest Cw- A Cramped Ware-house
Da- Door of Air De- A Decrepit Shack
Df- Door of Fire Di- Dining Hall
Dj- Dark Jungle Path Dn- A Dank Jail
Ds- Door of Stone Dw- Door of Water
Ea- Entrance to the Arena Ec- East Central Square
Ed- End of the Alley Ee- The East End of the Pool
Eg- Empty Graves Eh- An Empty House
El- Entrance Hall Em- The Emperor's Divan
En- The Entrance Es- The Eastern Stair
Et- End of the Trail Ew- An Empty Ware-house
Ey- Entry Hall Fc- A Filthy Cell
Fh- A Small Filthy Hovel Ft- A Fallen Tree
Ga- A Small Garden Gd- Entrance to the Guild
Ge- An Abandoned Gemcutter's shop Gh- The Road of Agate, by a Guild Hall
Gl- the Road of Granite, by a Large House Gn- The Road of Granite
Gp- The Road of Granite, by the Palace Grounds Gr- The Graveyard
Gt- A Guard Tower Gu- Guard Room
Ha- Hall of Silence Hd- Hall of the Dead
Hm- A Huge Mound of Rubble Ho- A Small House
Hp- Hall of Pillars Hs- A House
Hu- A Huge Mound of Garbage Hy- A Smelly House
Ia- Intersection of the Road of Agate and an Alley Ib- In the Graveyard, by a Tomb
Ic- Inner Sanctum Ig- In the Graveyard, West of the Tomb
Ij- Intersection of the Road of Jasper and the Road of Amethyst In- Inside the North Gate
Ip- In the Pool Ir- Intersection of the Road of Agate and a Narrow Trail
Is- Inside the South Gate It- Intersection of the Road of Turquoise and the Temple Promenade
Iw- Inside the West Gate Ja- The Road of Jasper
Jb- The Road of Jasper, by the Palace Grounds Jc- Jungle Clearing
Je- The Road of Jasper, East of the Central Square Jg- Intersection of the Road of Jasper and the Road of Granite
Jn- The Road of Jasper, Outisde the Arena Jo- The Road of Jasper, Outside a House
Jp- Jungle Path Jr- Jungle Path, by the River
Jt- Jungle Trail Ju- A Jumbled Pile of Stones
Jw- Jungle Clearing, Near the Wall Ki- Kitchen
La- A Large Hovel Lb- A Large Bedroom
Lc- A Large Clearing Le- A Leatherworks
Lh- A Large House Li- A Library
Lm- A Large Mud Hut Ln- A Large Nest
Lp- A Large Pool Lr- A Large Rock
Ls- A Large Study Lw- A Large Wooden Dias
Ma- The Marsh Mb- A Muddy Bank
Mc- Merchants' Seats Md- A Mount of Rubble
Me- A Meeting Room Mg- Marshy Ground, by a Large Pool
Mi- The Middle Battleground Mn- A Small Mansion
Mo- A Moneychanger's Shop Mp- A Mud Puddle
Mr- The Road of Marble Ms- Mwondla Stables
Mt- A Muddy Trail Mu- A Mud Hovel
Mw- A moldy Ware-house Na- A Narrow Trail
Nb- A Small Nest Ne- North-east Central Square
Ng- Outside the North Gate Nl- Nobles' Seats
Nm- Northern Battlements Nn- The North-East Battlements
No- North-west Central Square Nr- A Narrow Trail through the Rubble
Ns- Nouth Central Square Nt- A Narrow Trail through the Jungle
Nw- North-west Corner of the Clearing Nz- The North-west Battlements
Ob- On the River, By the Dome Od- Outside the Dome
Oe- On the River, Beside the East Wall Of- Offices
Og- Outside the Gates Oh- On the River, West of a Trash Pile
Ok- An Over-grown Park Om- Outside the Huge Mud Hut
On- On the River, South of the Trash Pile Op- Outside the Palace Gates
Or- On the River Os- On the River, South of the old Park
Ot- An Old Tavern Ou- Outer Sanctum
Ov- An Over-grown Garden Ow- Outside the West Gate
Pa- The Palace Grounds Pc- A Pile of Stone-chips
Pe- A Pile of Wood-chips Pg- Path through the Graveyard
Ph- Path to the Arena Pi- The Pit
Pk- A Park Pl- Platform
Pn- A Scummy Pond Po- A Small pond
Pr- The Priest's Nest Ps- A Guard Post
Pt- The Pheonix Treasure Pw- A Ruined Pawn Shop
Ra- The Road of Agate Rb- The Road of Jade, at the Bronze Gates
Rd- A Ruined Bridge Re- A Reeking Hovel
Rg- A Ruined Guard Tower Rh- A Ruined House
Ri- The River Rj- The Rod of Jade
Rl- The Road of Agate, Outside a Large House Rn- The Road of Jade, North of the Central Square
Ro- The Road of Jade, Outside a Small House Rr- Road of Amethyst, by the River
Rs- A Ruined Shop Rt- The Road of Turquoise
Rv- The River Ru- A Ruined Guard Tower
Rw- On the River, South of the Wall Ry- The Road of Amethyst
Sa- The Shaman's hut Sb- A Store-room
Sc- A Small Clearing Sd- Split in the Road
Se- South-east Central Square Sf- A Small Forge
Sg- A Spiral Stair Sh- A Small Mud Hut
Si- A Slimy Ware-house Sj- Southern Battleground
Sk- A Small Shack Sl- A Split in the Alley
Sm- A Small Marsh Sn- The outhern Stair
So- South-west Central Square Sp- A Split in the Trail
Sq- The South-West Battlements Sr- A Storage Hut
Ss- South Central Square St- Split in the Trail
Su- A Study Sv- Slaves' Seats
Sw- South-west Corner of the Clearing Sy- A Small Study
Tb- Tombstones Tc- A Tiny Clearing
Te- The Temple Promenade Tg- The Temple Gates
Th- Training Hall Tj- Twisting Jungle Path
Tl- The Temple Treasury Tm- The Tomb
Tn- A Training Room To- A Tangled, Overgrown Path
Tp- Twisted Path in the Jungle Tr- A Twisting Trail through the Rubble
Ts- The Tower Stair Tt- A Twisting Jungle Trail
Tv- A Tangle of Vines Tw- Top of the Tower
Ua- Under the Altar Uw- Underwater tunnel
Vc- A Vine-choked Path Vi- The Vines
Vn- Vine-covered Trees Vt- A Vine-choked Trail
Vw- A Vine-covered Wall Wc- West Central Square
We- The Well Wh- A Small Wooded Hut
Wo- The Wooden Throne Wp- The West End of the Pool
Wr- The Waiting Room Ws- The Weapons Shop
Wt- The Western Stair

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