The Lost City's Sewers

The first section of this map didn't take me nearly as long as I thought it was going to. Outside of the Temple, the only mobs you have to worry about are Crocodiles and, to be honest, if you're in the Lost City you should be an Adapet and will have no problems with them.

The only oddity is the way it's mapped. It's a maze. What I've done is assign each room entitled "In The Sewers" an number or letter from 1-9 and A to H. Each room is shown on the map as I1 or IH, etc. Exits from rooms that are marked with a letter or a number (as I4 is in the map below) take you to the room of that number. For example, going west from I4 (marked with a '6') takes you to room I6 on the map. Where an exit is marked with a '*' it means if you go that way you'll end up in the same room.

The Temple in the sewers is a different matter. once you unlock and open the door at the end of the Stone Passage you'll find yourself under attack by plenty of Snake men. Even so, a well-prepared group of Adepts should have no trouble with those but might have a problem with the two toughest mobs: The High Priest and Yrguleth.

The High Priest, at The Altar (Al), as well having quite a lot of hit points, carries a weapon that tries to Paralyze you. If he succeeds he can beat you to death at will. Yrguleth lives through the Portal in The Beyond (Be), he's a very hard demon that casts drain on you so make your you're immune!

  Map of the Sewers under the Lost City

         Up to the Lost City (We)                               
                     |       b  9         
                   2-I3-1    |  |           
                     |     a-I9-IA-Below the Guard Tower         
                   3-I2-1    |  |
                     |   e   5 *IB-9              
                     |   |      |         
                   6-I4--I5-9 7-IC-f              
                     |   |   c  |     Up to the Lost City (Lb)
                     |   |   |  |    /    
                     |       *  |          
                     6          c         

                     |          *         
                   g-ID-h     4-IE-6
                     |          |
                   d-IG-h       To the Temple
                     | \
                     f  Up to the Lost City (Sl)
The Temple in the Sewers
                         Ip       Ss    Te-Te    En
                         |        |     |  |     |
                         |     |  |     |  |     |
                Ip-Ip-Ip-Tj    Jc Ss    Te-Te    En
                   |     |
                   Op    Ip
              The Sewers (IE)     

  Key to the Map of the Sewers

Al- The Altar Ba- Below the Alley
Be- The Beyond Bp- A Broken Pipe
En- The Endless Et- Entrance to the Temple
Gu- Below the Guild Hall Hw- Hole in the Wall
Ip- In a Pipe Iw- In the Well
Jc- A Jail Cell Op- Outside a Restricted Pipe
Po- The Portal Sh- A Stone Hallway
Sl- A Stone Hall Lined with Pillars Sp- A Stone Passage
Ss- A Small Storage Room Te- The Temple

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