The Drow Academy

The Drow Academy is for Newbie level players. The Gargoyles at the Entrance (En) won't let anyone else in and it's a peaceful room. You can portal past them into the zone if you happen to know a mob that will spawn in there.

I wandered around this zone with a well equipped Half-Giant Warrior and didn't really have any problems. My only difficulties were with spellcasters making me blind or covering me in movement sapping webs.

The students you meet first, Drow students, were very weak (around 200xpeach) but the mobs gain in level and xp as you go further into the zone culminating in the three 'boss' monsters: The Champion of the Drow Arena, The Master of Sorcere and the Mistress of Arach-Tinilith. The boss mobs were tougher but Asmodel had no real problems with any of them as long as he kept them bashed.

There is a secret door to the east of the Grand Foyer 'open door east' will open it. It leads to the Private Office of the Lord Magus (Po). This is an example of what a timed DT might look like for new players. If you wait there you're captured in limbo for a short while, you can exit down back to the Academy Courtyard. A similar non-fatal trap can be found south from the Mistress' Private Quarters. Use 'open tapestry' to open it.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4e7ne3n4es2e2sesese2s6e6s3ws.

  Map of the Drow Academy

  Down to Golothaer                   Sf-Mo            
                   \                 /   |          
                    Wo             Dc    Mp           
                    |              |               
           Ms       En          Ih-Dc-Ih               
           |        |              |              
        Lh-Lh-Lh Ac-Ac-Ac    Sh    Dc    Cl                
        |  |^ |  |  |  |     |     |     |           
     Ms-Lh Cs Lh-Ac-Ac-Ac-Ea-Dc-Dc-Dc-Dc-Dc-Sc                                
        |  |  |  |  |  |     |     |     |          
        Lh-Lh-Lh Ac-Ac-Ac    Sh    Dc    Cl           
           |        |              |             
           Ms Ws    Em    Ws       Dc-Ki                   
              |     |     |        |  |    
              Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm-Mm       Dc Pa          
              V  ^     V  ^               
              Da Da    Da Da                
              V  ^     V  ^               
The Upper Halls of Sorcere
              |  |^ |                      
           Sc-Uh Cs Uh                      
              |  |v |                     
Master's Laboratory
                 Down to the Upper Halls                         

  Key to the Map of the Academy

Ac- The Academy Courtyard Cl- Classroom
Da- Drow Arena Dc- Dark Corridor
Dl- Dark Laboratory Ea- Entrance to Arach-Tinilith
Ed- Entracne to the Drow Arena Em- Entrance to Melee-Magthere
En- Entrance to the Academy Gf- Grand Foyer
Ih- Instructor Housing Ki- Kitchen
Lc- Loremaster's Chambers Lh- Lower Halls of Sorcere
Mm- Melee-Magthere Mo- Mistress' Office
Ms- Mage Student Housing Ol- Office of the Lord Magus
Pa- Pantry Po- Private Office of the Lord Magus
Sc- Summoning Chamber Sf- Second Floor
Sh- Student Housing Uh- Upper Halls of Sorcere
Wo- Wide Obsidian Stairs Ws- Warrior Students' Barracks

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