Semuanya's Bog

Semuanya's Bog is aimed squarely at Newbies. Once you've got half decent armor and a few hit points nothing in this area should be much of a problem at all.

There are two villages in the Bog, both with a healer and a chief - the toughest mob in each. There's also a hive above the Base of the Tree (Bt). It's full of wasps and the toughest mob in there is the Queen in the Queen's Chamber (Qc).

Under Near Fallen Trees (Nf) is a single room: In Fallen Tree. A singular crazed lizard man awaits you there.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4n2w3s8wswnwn3wn2ws2ws3w3nw5n2wn7w2nwsws3wnd n2e2n2w2nw2n3ws. You must be flying to use this route.

  Map of Semuanya's Bog

                        Troll Moors                          
           Cl-Ec    Ss-Nf    Mb                     
           |  |     |   v    |                     
                       |     |  |                   
                 Nh Ns Ne    Fo-Mb       Mu-Mu-Ct-Mu           
                 |  |  |     |  |        |     |  |
                 |  |  |     |     |     |           
                 Hh Ss Ne    Fo    Fo    Nv       Ar Hh
                       |           |     |        |  |
                          |  |  |^       |        |  |
                          Fo Fo Bt       Nv       Me Oc
                          |              |           |
                          Bt             Mu          Ic
                         /               |
              Up to the Hive             Mu-Mu-Mu-Mu-Mu
The Hive
                      Down to the Swamp
Down to the Swamp  Hi Qc Hi Eh                         
               \   |  |  |  |                  
                Eh Tu Hi Hi-Hi                       
                |  |  |  |                    
                   |  |  |
                   Hi Hi Hi

  Key to the Map of the Bog

Ar- Armory Bt- base of Tree
Cg- Close to the Gate Ch- Chief's Hut
Cl- Clearing Ct- Clump of Trees
Eb- Entrance to the Bog Ec- East of Clearing
Eh- Entrance to Hive El- Entrance to Lizardman Village
Ev- Entrance to Village Fo- Foggy Bog
Gp- Guard Post Hh- Healer's Hut
Hi- Hive Ic- Inside Chief's Hut
Ma- Main Square Mb- Murky Bog
Me- Mess Storage Ms- Muddy Swamp
Mu- Mucky Bog Ne- Near Entrance to Village
Nf- Near Fallen Trees Nh- Nursery and Hatchery
Ns- Northern Sentry Tower Nv- Near Village Entrance
Oc- Outside Chief's hut Ov- Outside of Village
Qc- Queen's Chamber Sc- South of Clearing
Se- Southeast of Clearing So- Southern Sentry Tower
Ss- Semi-Solid Ground Tu- Tunnel
Wc- Walkway to the Chief's Hut

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