Under the Well

Under the Well is aimed at Newbies. There are a lot of low-level kobolds, bats and rats in the zone but, as with many zones, they get tougher as you head further into the zone. The toughest mob I found was the old guard standing over the golden coffin in At The Altar (Aa). He was less than 2k xp.

The guard carries a golden key tha unlocks the coffin. I found that I couldn't unlock the coffin at first because the guard's corpse seemed to be a coffin too! I found that 'unlock 2.coffin' and 'open 2.coffin' did the trick.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15e3nd.

  Map of Under The Well

          Shadowdale Village                    
                   Bw-St-Ct-Op       St       
                        /     \      |
                      Sm       It-St-St            
                            Wl Wl-Wl-Ei-Ct           
                              \|        |                    
                      Ho-La Ho Wl       Ct    Ms                  
                         |  |           |     |               
                         Lc-Co-St       Ct-Ct-St                    
                         |     |        |                    
                         La-Ss St    Ws-Ct    In-In-Tb                
                         |     |        |     |               
                         La-St-Cr-St-St-Ct-Ct-Et-In Aa                   
                         |     |                 |  |         
                         Ho    Ct Is-Is-Is       In-In           
                               |  |  |  |
                               |  Is Is Is
                               |  |  |  |                   
                               Ct Is-Is-Is                         
                               |     |                        

  Key to the Map of Under the Well

Aa- At the Altar Bk- A Break Room
Bm- Bottom of the Mining Shaft Bt- Bottom of the Tunnel
Bw- Bottom of the Well Co- Cavern Opening
Cr- The Crossroads Ct- Cavern Tunnel
Ei- Entrance to the inn En- The End of the Tunnel
Et- Entrance to the Temple Fd- Further Down the Well
Ho- A Small House In- In the Temple
Is- Inside the Warehouse It- Inside the Tunnel
Iw- Inside the Well La- Large Cavern
Lc- In a Large Cavern Mi- In the Mining Shaft
Ms- The Meat Shack Mt- Mining Tunnel
Ow- Outside The Warehouse Pw- A Pair of Wooden Gates
Se- A Small Entrance Sm- A Small Pit
Ss- A Small Shack St- Small Tunnel
Tb- The Temple Bath Wl- The White Lion Inn
Ws- Wooden Shack

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