The Thunderpeaks and The Gap

This area is very 'up and down' and I've represented that using diagonal lines. eg. from Base of a Mountain (Bm) you can go up to On a Steep Mountain Trail (Os), adn then back down again if you so wish.

There is very little to worry about in this area. There are a number of mobs that wander from place to place, and some are aggressive. They can't see invisible though and are quite low level. The same, however, cannot be said of the Roc. If you have flying you may enter the Ravine. From the Eastern Edge of the Ravine you can get to the Roc by E,N,D,W. Be warned however. The roc is very large and will swallow players whole that don't keep him bashed... and only half giants can. I can't count the number of times a missed bash meant two days getting all my equipment back over the years, but it's good xp for a small group.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3swsw4se2sw2s5w3s9w4s9e.

  Map of the Thunderpeaks

                                            Ms                Or        Tilverton Mountains 
                                              \                 \        \      
                                               Np                Bc       St-At   Lake Yeven
                                                 \               |       /      \   |
                                                  Wt       Wr-Ot Iq    Os        Fh-Ep
                                                  |        |    \|    /        
                                                  Cl       Rm-Ts Qv-Bm       Hi-On  
                                                  |             \           /   | 
                                                  Wt             As       Hm    Wm-Bc-Ruins of Caderra
                                                    \            |       /       
                                                     Sp          Np-On-An              
                                                       \        /               
                 Under the Dark Sun            Er-Af-Er       Im             Dc Lake Yeven
                       |                       |     |        |              |  | 
                       Qp           *-Ew    Mr-Ae-Aa Rm-Rm Wi-Ga-Rr    Rw-Al-Tg-Eg-Lake Yeven
                       |              |     |     |^    |  |     |     |         
                       Qp Rt-Rt-Rt-Rt-Eg-Tg-Cd-We-Aa-Ee-Cd-Ro    Ow-Ro-Aw 
                       |  |  |        |           |v                            
                       Bf-Fp-Hf       Na          Ia-Hn               
                          |  |        |            v
             Moonsea Ride-Ef-Ef-Ew-*  Na                            
                          |  |        |                    
   Sea of Fallen Stars-Hf-Ai-Hf-Lo-Md Ap                       
                       |  |     |     |                 
                       Hf-Hf    Vi    Ov 
                       |  |           |                 
                       Hf-Sm          | 
                       |              |                
                       Ri             |                 
                       |              |                
                       Ev-Wp Ds-------Ss-Ct
                       |     |           |
                       Cv-Ws-Ct          |
                       |  |  |           |
                       |  |  |           |
                    Br-Qs-Bs-Qs          Hidden Swamp
                       |  |  |
                    Manticore Way

  Key to the map of the Thunderpeaks

Aa- the Air Above the Ravine Ae- At the Edge of the Ravine
Af- Across a Huge Fallen Tree Ai- An Intersection
Al- Along the Road Am- Around a Mountain
An- Along a Narrow Path Ap- Approaching a Swamp
As- Ancient Stone Staris At- Along a Tiny Trail
Aw- At a Abandoned Wagon Ba- Base of a CLiff
Bc- Before a Huge Cave Entrance Bf- Bend in the Forgotten Path
Bm- Base of a Mountain Br- Bramble Swamp
Bs- Bounder in the Vast Swamp Bt- At the Base of Tiver's Peak
Cd- Choice of Directions Cl- A Crumbling Ledge
Ct- Cat-tail Swamp Dc- A Dark Cave
Ds- Drowning Shrubs Ee- Eastern Edge of the Ravine
Ef- East Way Through Hullack Forest Eg- Entrance to Thunder Gap
Ep- The Entrance to the Thunder Peaks Er- Edge of the Ravine
Ev- Edge of the Vast Swamp Ew- The East Way
Fh- The Foothills Fp- Forgotten Path
Ga- the Gap Hc- A Huge Cavern
Hf- Hullack Forest Hi- Higher in the Mountains
Hm- High in the Mountains Hn- The Harpy Nest
Im- Into the Mountains Iq- In a Quiet Valley
Lo- A Lookout Md- A Mound of Dirt
Mr- Rocky Mountain Road Ms- At the Mist Shrouded Peak
Na- A Narrow Path Ne- Nearing the Peak
Np- At a Narrow Path On- On a Narrow Path
Or- On a Rocky Ledge Os- On a Steep Mountain trail
Ot- On a Steep Trail Ov- Overlooking the Vast Swamp
Ow- On a Winding Road Qp- Quiet Path
Qs- Quillwort Swamp Qv- A Quiet Valley
Ri- A River Rk- Rocky Mountain Trail
Rm- On a Rocky Mountain Trail Ro- On the Rocky Road
Rr- On the Rough Rocky Road Rt- The Rocky Trail
Rw- A Rough Winding Road Sl- Swampy Pool
Sm- A Small Pool Sp- Along a Steep Trail
Ss- Shrubby Swamp St- A Split in the Trail
Sw- Swampy Stream Tg- Thunger Gap
Ts- Top of the Stone Stairs Vi- The Village
We- Western Edge of the Ravine Wi- A Winding Rocky Road
Wm- Winding Mountain Trail Wp- Willow Pool
Wr- A Winding Rocky Trail Ws- Willowy Swamp
Wt- A Winding Treacherous Trail

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