The Undersea City of Aquallia

Aquallia is the sea-elf home town and, like all home towns, it has a low-level Guildmaster for each sea-elf class and plenty of shops. The Paladin GM is in the Paladin's Shrine (Ps). The Monk GM is in the Barracks (Ba). The Sorcerer GM can be found in the Club House (Ch). The Thief GM is in Zenzod's Residence (Zr). The Psionist GM in a Sea Elf Home (Sh) and the Druid GM in the Kelp Forest (Kf).

As well as shops there is a Reception (Re) above the Aquallia Inn (Ai) and a Message Room (Mr). There are also two banks but only the one off Dolphin Way (Bn) actually works.

One problem with underwater cities is that you can't cast spells! The zone's designers have anticipated this with a number of air-filled rooms. In Aquallia itself both the Aquallia's Visitor's Inn (Av) and the Reception (Vr) have air, as does the Shaman's Abode (Sd) and the Water pider's Lair (Ws).

Inside the city, the toughest mobs can be found in the palace. Use 'open gates' to open the way into the Palace. The toughest mobs are the Queen and the Evil Consort at about 30K each. Outside of the city you have to be a little careful. There are plenty of low-level creatures to kill but there is also a Dragon! Above Colder Water (Ct) is the Lair of the Dragon Turtle (). The Dragon had protection from fire and sanctuary on it. We used a half-giant to keep it bashed to stop it breathing so I don't know what it breathes.

One final note: the Kelp Forest is actually only three rooms. Going east or west will just bring you back to the Druid guildnmaster.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 6s6wn2wn3wn6wn2wnw3sw7s2w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnws4w5nw 5n2wn7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n10w3sw2sw2s4w2n2wd6s6wn2wn3wn 6wn2wnw3sw7s2w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnws4w5nw5n2wn7w2nws ws3wndn2e4n10w3sw2sw2s4w2n2wd.

  Map of Aquallia

               Ky-Kh-Gh-En-Al    Vr
                     |          /
               Sb-Sp-Gh-Nc    Av Re                
                     |        | /                 
               Mc-Ml-Gh-Gr Bk-Ai-Mr             Th
                     |        |                 |
                  To-Ip-Gp-Co |  Sh Sh Br    Sd Cu        
                 /   |        |  |  |  |     |  |
 Down to the Cavern  Pa-------Pa-Cd-Cd-Cd-Cd Ms-Mk
                     |        |  |  |  |  |  |  |
                     |        |  Sh Zr Sh |  |  Gp     Tf-Tf-Tf     
                     |        |           |  |         |     |
                  Ch |     Sf |  Mw Pb Da |  Tw-Mo-Tf  |    Sc  
                  |  |     |  |  |  |  |  |        |   |     
               Ps-Dw-Dw----Dw-Cs-Dw-Dw-Dw-Ee-Oc-Wt-Dt--Tf Sm-De   
                  |  |     |  |  |  |  |        |      |  |
                  Ba Do    Gs |  Ar We Bn       Cm     Na-Rc-Ho   
                              |                 |              \
             Sea of Swords    Se   Gq           |The Murky Deep Ms
                          \   |    |            |  |              \
                           Cr-Ec   He-Mh     Tu-Ts-Tt              Nb
                           |      /|         |   ^ |                 \
                           |     / Gq        Mt Ct Mt                 Ol-La
                           |    /            |  |  |    
                           Bw-Md-Cq          Be-Cw-Be        
                                 \ Cw St
                                  \|  |
                                   |  |
                                   |  Bg
                             *  |  *      
                             *  |  *      
The cavern
Up to Aquallia   Ac Wf Wf                     
             \   |  |  |                 
                 |  |  |                
                 Ac Wf Wf                     

  Key to the Map of Aquallia

Ac- An Air filler Cell Ai- Aquallia Inn
Al- The Altar Ar- Armor Shop
Av- Aquallia's Visitor's Inn Ba- Barracks
Bc- Back of the Cave Be- Bend
Bg- The Brig Bh- Below the Hole
Bk- Bank of Aquallia Bn- Bank of Aquallia
Bo- Bottom Br- A Barracks
Bw- Bow of The Wreck Ca- Cargo
Cd- Coral Drive Ch- The Club House
Cl- Cold Water Cm- Cave mouth
Co- Captain's Office Cq- Captain's Quarters
Cr- A Coral Reef Ct- Colder Water
Cu- Counsel Room Cw- Crew Quarters
Da- Dolphins of Aquallia De- Dead End
Dh- Dank Hallway Do- Donations
Dt- Descent into the Trench Dw- Dolphin Way
Ec- Edge of the Coral Reef El- Entrance to the Lair
En- Entrance To The Chapel Gh- Grand Hallway
Ga- Giant Shark's Lair Gp- Guard Post
Gq- Guest's Quarters Gr- Guard Room
Gs- General Store He- Helm
Ib- Inside teh bow of the ship Ip- Inside the Palace
Is- Inside the ship's hull Kb- King's Bedroom
Kf- Kelp Forest Kh- Knight's Hallway
Ky- Knight's Yard La- Lair
Lh- Large Holding Chamber Mc- Master's Chamber
Md- Main Deck Mh- Mess Hall
Mk- Mirk Central Ml- Sea elf Mage's Laboratory
Mo- Merman Outpost Mr- Message Room
Ms- Mirk Square Mt- Murky Tunnel
Mu- Murky Shaft Mw- Majik Works of Aquallia
Na- Narrow crack Nb- Near the Bottom
Nc- Noble's Court Oc- Outside the City of Aquallia
Ol- Outside the Lair Os- Outside the Wrecked Ship
Pa- Passage Pb- Potions and Brews
Ps- Paladin's Shrine Qb- Queen's bedroom
Rc- Rocky cave Re- Aquallia's Reception
Sa- Sandbar Sb- Small bedroom
Sc- Small Cave Sd- Shaman's Abode
Se- South Entrance to Aquallia Sf- Sea food Rationing
Sh- A Sea Elf Home Sm- Small tunnel
Sp- Small Parlor St- Storage
Th- Throne Room Tf- Trench Floor
To- Top of the Hole Ts- Tunnel Split
Tt- Tunnel Turn Tu- Turning tunnel
tw- Twisted Statues Vr- Aquallia's Visitor's Reception
Wc- Water Filled Cave We- Weapon Emporium
Wf- A Water filled Cell Ws- The Water Spider's Lair
Wt- West of the Trench Zr- Zenzod's Residence

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