Unicorn Run

Unicorn Run was designed as an area for Chumps, Mediums and Experts. It also include the town of Myhem Hill, the Half-Orge hometown. As such, the area includes a number of shops for all your most basic needs. You can rent out at Luga's Boarding House and you'll also find a message board there. Finally the three Ogre guildmasters can be found in the town: Litha the Cleric GM is at Myhem Hill's Worship Hall (Wh), Grarth the Barbarian GM at Large Wooden Barracks (Lw), and Zarkul the Warrior GM at the Watch Tower (Wt).

Outside of the Village, Unicorn Run is a large, dense forest with all the forest creatres you'd expect - and some you wouldn't. An Adept Warrior will have no problems with all but one of the mobs: Dandelion being that hardest in the area. He can be found at the Top of the Tree, above Inside Moonshae's Tree which is above the Entrance to Moonshae's Tree (En).

There are only minor oddities to note aboyt the rest of the map. If you take the south exit from the Forest Clearing marked with a '#', next to the Large Oak (Ok) you'll find yourself in the Thick Overgrown Bushes (To). If you take the South exit from A Crystal Clear Pool (Cc) you'll find yourself transported to the north in the Crossroads in the Dense Forest (Cr). Lastly below the Willow Tree (Wt) can only be accessed by Druids.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n7w2nwsws3wndn2e4ne5nenen.

  Map of Unicorn Run

         Wd-Cr-Fc-Ld       Wr                         
            |     |        |                      
            Rp    Ld De-De-Pd-De                               
                  |  |  |     |                      
               Se-De>Tu Gt De-De-Gt-Gt-Fc-Bw                              
                  |  |     |     |                 
Dh                Tb-Tu-Pd-De-De Gt       Wo-Fo
  \                  |     |  |  |        |
   In       Pg       Dp Dt-De Gt-Gt-Gt-Fo-Wc-Sr
     \      |                    |        |
      Ah    Sw                   Mb-Fp-Ep-Mf               
        \   |                    |               
         Ia-Gr-Dw                Ly-Lf-Od-Ou-Il-Cc               
               |                       |        |    
            |  |           |        |  |  |        | 
            Pt La-Wa       Fw-Ff-Qf-Ns-Fg-Fg Cc-Fc-Lf 
            |  |                       |           | 
            Fc Pt                      Ue-Og-Vp-Vp-Ff             
               |                       |            
         Wi-Ww-Er                      Mu          Wh-Rw Bs Wt
          v    |                       |              |  |  |
               Df Hi                Ms-Mo    Em-Li-It-Ds-Sf-Sc-Lw       
               |  |                 |        |        |     |
            Lt-Fi Lf-Lf-Tu       Mp-Mc-Mp-Mm-Hp    Dc-Dc-Sp Sc-Wk           
            |  |  |     |        |                 |  |  |
         Tg-Bb Ht-Tl Fc-Ok-Gt Troll Moors          Gs Vm Lb
         |     |     #     |^                                       
         Ar Fc-To-Go       En                                               

  Key to the Map of Unicorn Run

Ah- Animal Hospital Ar- The Armory
Bb- Berry Bushes Bh- Bee's Honey Tree
Bs- Bogg's Smithy Bw- Beautiful Woodlang Grove
Cc- A Crystal Clear Pool Cr- Crossroads in the Dense Forest
Dc- Dusty City Street De- Dense Woods
Df- Dense Forest Dh- Druids Home
Dp- Deep Thicket Ds- Dusty Town Street
Dt- Dense Thicket Dw- Dense Woodland Area
Em- Entrance to Myhem Hill En- Entryway to Moonshae's Abode
Er- Entrance to Rangers Grove Fc- Forest Clearing
Ff- Field of Flowers Fg- Flowing Grassland
Fi- Forest Intersection Fo- Forest Glen
Fp- Forest Path Fs- Field of Sweet Grass
Fw- Field of Wild Flowers Gl- Large Open Grassland
Go- Grove of Old Oak Trees Gr- The Great Oak Tree
Gs- General Store Gt- Grove of Trees
Gw- Glen of Wild Flowers Hf- Hidden Forest Glen
Hi- Hidden Pool Hp- Hilly Path From The Mountain
Ht- Large Honey Tree Ig- Inside the Great Old Oak Tree
Il- Inside Log Cabin In- The Inside garden
It- Inside Town of Myhem Hill La- Lightly Wooded Area
Lb- Luga's Boarding House Ld- Light Woodlands
Lf- Light Forest Trail Lg- Lightly Wooded Path
Li- Large Iron Gate Ln- Light Woodland Area
Lo- Large Old Oak Tree Lr- Large Valley Field
Lt- Light Forest Lv- A Field of Lovely Flowers
Lw- Large Wooden Barracks Ly- Lots of Berry Bushes
Mb- More Berry Bushes Mc- mountain Crossroad
Mf- More Forest Path Mm- More Mountain Path
Mo- More Mountain Pass Mp- Mountain Path
Ms- Mountain Pass Mu- Mountain Path to Unicorn Valley
Ns- Near The Stream Od- The Old Dead Log
Og- Open Grassy Field Ok- Large Oak Tree
Ou- Outside Small Log Cabin Pd- Path in the Dense Forest
Pg- peaceful Glen Pt- Path Through the Forest
Qf- Quiet Field of Flowers Rp- Refreshing Pool of Water
Rw- Rundown Wooden Huts Sc- Semi-Paved City Street
Se- Secluded Grove Sf- Stone Fountain
Sr- Sparsely Wooded Area Sp- Semi-Paved Street
Sw- Small Woodland Grove Tb- Thick Berry Bushes
Tg- Training Glen Th- Thick Underbrush
Tl- Thick and Lean Bushes To- Thick Overgrown Bushes
Tu- Thick Underbrush Ue- Unicorn Valley Entrance
Vf- A Valley Field Vm- Vile Magee Bar and Swill
Vp- Valley Path Wa- Light Wooded Area
Wc- Woodland Clearing Wd- A Wooded Glen
Wg- Woodland Glen Wh- Myhem Hill's Worship Hall
Wi- The Willow Tree Wk- Well Kept Building
Wo- Woodland Path Wp- Wooded Path
Wr- Woodland Grove Wt- Watch Tower
Ww- Whispering Willow Tree

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