Myth Drannor

Myth Drannor is an older zone and, although aimed at Experts and Adepts, is less dangerous for the well prepared than many of the newer Adept zones. Even so, a number of very tough mobs await you here including the undead dragon Rauglothgor.

Before you enter the city itself you must cross the Elven court. Keep an eye out for the Poison Giant in the Elven Court (Ec) to the north of the Clearing (Cl). He's one of the toughest mobs in the game and will follow you anywhere you go if you run from him after a fight. To enter the city you'll need the North Gate Key from Doust at the Outpost (Km), he's tough but I managed to take him down with sanc, blade barrier and haste to get the key. There are also two demons in the Dark Clearing, one of whom has the Knight's Key which unlocks the door to the Supply Building (Sb).

Once in the city you'll find it overrun with demons. They range from 12k up to 60k kills, some are sanced and fireshielded and almost all of the bigger ones cast spells. You should also beware of the Death Trap (marked DT on the map) to the east of Gold Avenue (Ga). There's a hidden room to the east of the Ruined House (Rh). Use 'lift fireplace' to open the way east.

To make your way down to the Catacombs (Cm) you'll need two more keys: the Marble key from Librarian unlocks the gates to the temple of Celestian and a Very bright key from a one of the Goth demons, unlocks the altar in the Altar of Celestian (Ac) to open a way down to the Catacombs.

I've marked three rooms C1, C2 and C3. An exit marked with 1, 2 or 3 will take you to the corresponding 'C' room. There are two mobs of note in the Catacombs. The undead Dragon Rauglothgor lies in his Lair (Lr) and the undead king of Myth Drannor awaits you in his Tomb (Ts).

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 15enenene2n3en3enene3n3enenen2es11e5senes2e.

  Map of Myth Drannor

                      |        |     |        
                      |        |     |    
                            +     |     
                            Sb    Nc      
          To                      Ar                Tn
            \                     |                /
             Ct                   On             Ct
               \                  +             /
                Cs                In Sd       Rs
                  \               |  |       /
                      |           |     | 
                      Cd-Os    Bm-Ga Bg-Gl
                      |           |     |
                   Ta-Cd          Ga-Ch Gl-Ru
                      |           |     |
                      Cd-Rh-Sc DT-Ga Li-Gl
                      |           |     |
                            |     |        |
                            Ms Rp-Ba-Rp    Sh
                                  Ac                Lr
                                    +               |
                                     Se          Cm-Cw
                                       \         |
                                        Bs C2----Cm
                                        |  |     |
                              Cm-Cm     En |  Cm-Cm
                              |         |  |      
                           Cm-Cm-Cm-----C3-Cm-2  Cm-Cm
                           |     |      |  |        |
                           |  Cm-Cm     |  Cm-------Cm
                           |         *  |
                           |        *Cm-Cm-Cm
                           |         *  |  |
                           |            3  |
                           C1-Cm Ts      1-Cm*  
                              |  |         *

  Key to the Map of Myth Drannor

Aa- Acolyte's alcove Ab- Ancient Battle in the Elven Court
Ac- The Altar of Celestian Ba- Base of North West Tower
Bg- Blasted Grocer Bm- Bank of Myth Drannor
Bn- Base of North East Tower Bs- Bottom of the Stairs
Ca- Celestial Avenue Cd- Crystal Drive
Ce- Center of the Aisle Ch- City Hall
Cl- Clearing Cm- The Catacombs
Cs- Crumbling Stairs Ct- Closer to the Top
Cw- Crack in the Wall Dc- Dark Clearing
DT- Death Trap Ec- Elven Court
Ee- Entrance to the Elven Court En- Entrance to the Catacombs
Ew- East Wing Ga- Gold Avenue
Ge- Grand Entrance Gl- Greenleaf Road
Ha- Hallway In- Inside North Gate of Myth Drannor
Km- Knights of Myth Drannor Outpost Li- Library
Lr- Lair of Rauglothgor Ma- Monk's alcove
Ms- Monk's Shrine Nc- Nearing the city of Myth Drannor
Ns- Northern Square of Myth Drannor On- Outside North Gate of Myth Drannor
Os- Old Shop Rp- Rows of Pews
Rs- Ruined Stairs Ru- Ruined Stables
Sb- Supply Building Sc- Secret Chamber
Sd- Inn of the Silver Dragon Se- Secret Stairway under the Altar
Sh- Shrine of the Star Ss- Silver Street
Ta- Crumbling Tavern Te- Thickening Elven Court
Tn- Top of the North East Tower To- Top of the North West Tower
Tr- Trail in the Elven Court Ts- Tomb of Shalafareen

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