Doom Island

Doom Island is aimed squarely at Newbies level characters, which makes me wander why it's so far away from where everyone starts out! The easiest way to get to Doom Island is through the Brilliant Orange Pool in the Astral Plane and then a short walk through the Sunset Mountains. If you can't use the Astral Plane (and I don't know why anyone who can would go to Doom Island) you need to go on a long walk. I'd suggest that the quickest route from Shadowdale is through Spiderhaunt, Port Miramor, the Anauroch Desert and finally through Orofin to the Sunset Mountains.

I could find no death traps in the zone and only a few spell casters so I'd suggest that the zone is quite safe for most Newbies. At the start of the zone you come across the Crimson Waters. Some of these are marked on the map as 'Cw', others are marked purely as numbers. All the rooms have four exits, when an exit leads to another Crimson Waters room represented by a number on the map you'll see the number on it's own. e.g. goin north from the Creepy Shoreline (Cw) takes you to room '01' going west will take you to room '05' which is actually found four spaces east of '01'.

Once across the waters you'll find yourself in the Villian castle. Villian Guards and Citizens wander throughout the zone and are very little xp. The next step up are the Villian Warriors, Mages, Druids, etc. at around 1k xp each.

The toughest mobs in the zone are the King and Queen in the Villian King's Throne Room. The Queen is around 2.5k xp and the King just over 3k xp. There is little money or good equipment in this zone but I'd recommend it for the first few levels if you have an easy way to get here.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 9sws3ws2w2s2w3sws5w2sws2w3s6wswn3ws4wnwsw2n3w3nw5n2w n7w2nwsws3wndn2e4n3w2nwne3n.

  Map of Doom Island

         Vs Vp Gh-Mh Vw         
         |  |  |     |          
      |     |  |     |          
      Pr    Vb Fe    Vr           
         2  5  Rp               
         |  |  |               
         |  |  |   6  3  4  2   
         14 17 |   |  |  |  |     
               |   |  |  |  |     
               |   |  |  |  |       
               |   |  |  |  *       
               Cs  6  15 16
       Sunset Mountains                  

  Key to the Map of the Spine of Mon Crewyll

Bh- Braided Hallway Ci- Citizen's meeting Square
Cl- Villian Creature's Lair Cs- The Creepy Shoreline
Cw- Crimson Waters Dp- A Dark Path
Fe- Fortress Entrance Gh- Grande Hall
Ha- Hall If- Inside the Fortress
Lh- Large Hallway Mh- Villian Meeting Hall
Nh- Narrow Hallway Pc- Villian Prince's Chamber
Pr- Villian Paladin's Room Rp- Rocky Path
Sc- Villian Scholar's Chamber Sh- A Shallow Path
Sr- Storage Room Vb- Villian Barbarian Quarters
Vd- Villian Druid Shrine Vk- Villian King's throne Room
Vm- Villian Mages Quarters Vp- Villian Priest Chambers
Vr- Villian Rogue's Hideout Vs- Villian Sorcerer Chamber
Vw- Villian Warriors Chamber

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