The Clock Tower - Second Floor

This map was sent to me by Horath. Cheers Horath.
Horath says that this floor has "two hard mobs on it" the captain and the engineer. The caption hits "like a truck" and the engineer causes a lot of damage too. Although he's seen characters lower than Adepts kills these two he recommends that if you're going to give them a try be careful.

  Map of the Clock Tower - Second Floor

                        |             v	
                     Wq-Wl-Np-Tc   Pa-Pa-Pa	
                        |     |		
                     Cr-Wl-Er Sc		
                        |     |		
Down to the first floor-Ss Sh Cc		
                       /   |  |		
  Up to the third floor Os-Rc-Nc		

  Key to the map of the Clock Tower

Cc- Crowded Crawlspace Be- Into bowls of earth
Cr- Captain's Room Dh- Deeper into hole
Er- Engineer's Room Es- The Escapement
Fp- The Fulcrum Point Nc- Narrow Crawlspace
Ne- Neering the end Np- Narrow Passage
Ol- On a Wooden Ladder Os- Over the Shaft
Pa- The Pendulum Arc Rc- Cramped Crawlspace
Sc- Small Crawlspace Sd- Starting the decent
Sh- Small Cubbyhole Ss- Spiral Staircase
Tc- Tiny Crawlspace Tp- Traped in hole
Wl- Well Lit Passage Wq- Worker's Quarters

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