Shangri La

This map was originally sent to me by Delain the Psionist and the Rice fields, Golden mountain and Emporer's tower were sent to me by Vanashtha. Thanks to both of you.

Shangri-la is a chump level area, you can't even get in if you're not a chump - the ancient gold wyrm guarding the gate won't let you. There is also a quest here. To find out what it is look at the dragon and you'll find out about the troubles of Shangri-la.

To get to Shangri La you must wait in the Strange Mist (Sm). After a short while the room will change and you'll be by the Gates of Shangri La (Gs). To go back to the Perfect Road in daggerdale go back in the mist and wait.

The fields in the east of Shangri-La are a little odd. The rooms marked with [] have lots of exits but only one way out. If you take any exit that the one you entered through... you'll end up in the same room! The four rooms marked Tf are connected to the ones north and south of each other. If you go north in the northern one, you end up in the southern one (and visa versa). There is a trap-door in the Temple of Shangri-La (Te) leading down to the catacombs. The Dead End (De*) that's marked contains an entrance to the Treasure of Shangri-La. I'll leave that for you to explore.

One important warning: look before you leap, as the Fiends of evil that can be found around are agressive and use powerful magic.

If you'd like to make a quick run to this zone, we recommend the following directions, starting at The Common in Shadowdale: 4s2wn4w4nw3nw.

  Map of Shangri La

                 Tt             Ts-Sg-Bc
                 ^              |     |
                 Sl             Ho Pg Fg
                 ^              |  |  |  
                 Bt    Sh Lh Ah Th-Ho Cs  
                 |     |  |  |        |
                 Lt-Ar-Ir-Ar-Bs Fg-Fg-Fg [] Tf Tf
                       |     |  |        |  |  |
                       Ew    Ar-Ai-Sp-Ef-Fi-Fi-Fi-[]
                       |     |  |  |     |  |  |
                 Bl-Pw-Iw-Pw-Nw-Ns-Nt    [] Tf Tf
                    |  |     |  |  |                     
                 Gl-Cl-Ew Te Wc-Tc-Et-Sw
                 |     |  |v |  |  |
                 Gl    Ew-Ss-St-So-Se-Af
                       |  |        |                  
                 Er-Sr-Ew Rs       Sb-Es-Ad                  
                 |  |  |  |                                
                 Sh Dh Sh Br-Or-Gs-Sm-Daggerdale
Catacombs of Shangri-La

                 De       De    Ic-Lc-De

                 |        |     |
                 Ii-Wh    Lc    Ic
                 |  |  ^  |     |
                 Lc-Wh-Ec Lc    Ii-De
                 |     |  |     |
                 De*   Wh-Ii-Nc-Ii

  Key to the map of the Village of Shadowdale

Ad- The Aikido Dojo Af- Akane's Fine Fish
Ah- Abandoned House Ai- An Intersection
Ar- A Side Road Bc- A bend in the cliff side path
Bl- Bank of Diamond Lake Br- Bend in the Road
Bs- A Bend in the Side Road Bt- Bottom of the tower
Cl- Courtyard of the Great Library Cs- Cliff side path up the golden mountain
De- Dead End in the Catacombs Dh- A Destroyed house
Ec- Entrace to the Catacombs Ef- Entering the Fields
Er- End of the Small Side Road Es- End of Stone Pathway
Et- East Side of the Town Centre Ew- Emerald Way
Fg- The foothills of the golden mountain Fi- The fields
Gl- The Great Library Gs- Gates of Shangri-La
Ho- High on the Mountain Path Ic- In the Catacombs
Ii- Interestion in the Catacombs Ir- Intersection of Emerald Way and a Side Road
Iw- Intersection of Emerald Way and Paradise Walk Lc- Long Corridor in the Catacombs
Lh- Large House Lt- In Front of a Large Tower
Nc- Narrow Corridor in the Catacombs Ns- North Side of the Town Centre
Nt- Northeast Side of the Town Centre Nw- NorthWest Side of the Town Centre
Or- On a Road Pg- Peak of the Golden Mountain
Pw- Paradise Walk Rs- On the Road to Shangri-la
Sb- Stone Pathway Bend Se- Southeast side of town center
Sg- Steep path up the golden mountain Sh- A Small House
Sl- Spiral Staircase in the tower Sm- Strange Mist
So- South side of the Town Centre Sp- A Small Path
Sr- A Small Side Road Ss- Small Square
St- SouthWest Side of the Town Centre Sw- Seiji's Weaponry
Te- Temple of Shangri-La Tf- The fields
Th- A Turn in the high mountain path Tc- The Town Centre
Tl- The Temple of Shangri-La Ts- Turn in the steep mountain path
Tt- Top of the Emperor's Tower Wc- West Side of the Town Centre
Wh- Winding Hall in the Catacombs

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