Loman Manor

Loman Manor is aimed at 1 to 50, but I can't see why an Adept would hang around here for too long. There aren't that many Adept mobs to worry about. Most of the mobs you'll meet are around 10k but Chumps and Medium level charaters need to be careful who they attack because there are some exceptions.

I've been told that the zone has been significantly changed from its original release. The Manor itself is now inaccessible and whilst there are a large number of shops (almost all of which are peaceful zones with signs in their descriptions) the signs aren't really there and you can't list or buy aything from them. The one working shop is the Common Room (Cr) and its a working Inn where you can rent out, but it is expensive. We can only hope the zone is restored to its working, original condition one day.

The closest place to the entrance to the zone is actually the house of Archamedies (sic). 'open shrub' in the Forest Road (Fr) opens a way south to the Hidden Path (Hp). 'open bush' in the Hidden Path to open the way south to the Herb Garden (He) outside the house. All of the doors are locked, apart from the door south of the Herb Garden but you'll still need to either doorbash or knock the doors to get into the house proper. Inside you'll meet Archamedies, he is a tough, Adept level mob and has some good kit adn a large brass key that unlocks the doors to the house.

North from the Manor Road (Mr) you find your way towards the Manor but there is a locked gate and no way north. Hecate guards the way at the Entrance to the Mages guild (Em). She is a caster and has sanc and fireshield. With my 50/50/50 tri-class, some resistances I took her out easily after dispelling her, but be very careful to keep her bashed.

Again on the Manor Road (Mr) Pockets in the Humble Dwelling (Hd) will steal cash from you. In Beautiful Baubles Kendrick holds a bejeweled key that I guess opens the locked, un-knockable, un-doorbashable door to the east. The room is a peaceful zone and there seems no way to get the key from him! Two tough pink bunny golems at the gates to the castle on Lomon Lane (Ll) are both HUGE and around 20k each.

There are hidden thieves on the South Road (Unseen Apprentice) and the Western Warehouse is full of theives, some of them hidden. I killed four in all before killing the unseen thief (about 80k) who didn't seem to want to attack me, even after I chain lightning the lot of them!

Lura Gren and Normand are arguing in the Church (Ch). Lura has the key to the graveyard that unlocks the door to the north. In the western Graveyard (Gr) SIX ghouls await the unwary adventurer. It's a silence zone so you can't use area-effect spells to make your life easier, but the ghouls are only 350xp each, so they're not that tough.

Upstairs from the Haunted House (Hh) is a second floor with a locked trapdoor. The trapdoor can be knocked or doorbashed and in the room above Nine-Finger John hides, pretending to be a ghost. He has the key for the trapdoor.

If you wish to travel to Assassin's Mountain you must kill the sanced, fireshielded gatekeeper. His key will unlock the gates to the north. Be wary, as you step through the gates they are locked behind you and you can't doorbash or knock the gates open again. You can recall or astral out.

Lastly if you travel too far north or south along the river you'll find yourself on the River Delimbiyr in the Sea of Swords. You can't travel back to Lomon Manor afrom there and will have to travel back to the Marshes and enter Lomon Manor from there.

  Map of Loman Manor

   Assassin's Mountain     Ll                                  Ak-Ha-Bt       
            +              |                                   |       
            Me    Gr-Gr-Gr Ll                                  Fn       
            |        +     |                                   |       
            Ns       Ch-Ch-Ll             Em                   Fn Gc      
            |              |              |                    |  |   
            Nr-Nr    Kb    |              Pw-Pw                Oa-Sp       
               |     |     |                 |                 |       
Ks    Cl Wo    Nr-Nr Bb+?? Ll Zo    Bw Hd    Pw             Bc-Cp Rg-Ml-The Marshes
|     |  |        |  |     |  |     |  |     |              |     |    
^  |     |   ^    |   ^             |                 | \                  
Hu+Sc-Mw Sc-Hc Ts-Nr-Mi-Cr          Fb                |  To the River
   |     |        |                 |                 Hp
Ma-Sc Mo-Sc-Bp    Nr-Lv-Sb          Mu                |
   |     |        |                 | \               |                    
   Sc-Ah Sc       Wb  To the River  | To the River Hp-Hp                    
   |     |      ^ |     |     |     |              |                   
No-Sc-Sc-Sc-Sc-Hh Sr Ww-Md-Ob-Md-Ew |              |                    
   |  |  |        |        |  |  |  |              |                       
Lh-Co Lh-Sc    Ra-Sr-Sr    Aw-Nd-Ss-Mb    Ef-Ne-We-He-Oe-Pr               
   |     |   ^  v    |     |              |  +     |  +                    
   |     Co+Dm       Ah-Sr-Es-Es             Vg Ki-Ki+He Be                 
   |          \      |  |                 |  |  |  |  |                   
   Co-Gb-Hk    Pl    Sr Bu       Hi       Vg+Ki-Ki He Lo                       
           \         |           |        |  +  +  |  |                   
            Kd       Sr-Op-Op-Op-Op-Op    Vg St Li-Rh-Rh                      
                                    |     |        +                       
The Manor Inn
                   Pr Pr / Sq                                    
                   |  | /                                    
                  /|  |                                     
   Down to the Inn Pr Pr             
The River Delimbiyr
                                            Sea of Swords           
                         Up to Forest Road Rd-Rd                 
                  Up to the Muddy Slope    Rd                 
                           \               |                  
       |        |     |                                      
    Rd-Rd   To the Manor Docks                                                 
Sea of Swords

  Key to the Map of Loman Manor

Ah- Abandoned House Ak- Auntie's Kitchen
Aw- At the Warf Bb- Beautiful Baubles
Bc- The Beginnings of a Cluttered Pathway Be- Bedroom
Bo- Bridge Over the River Delimbiyr Bp- Books and Paper
Bt- The Bedroom of Topaz and Willy Bu- Burned Out Dwelling
Bw- Boatwright Ch- Church
Cl- Cloth and Leather Shop Co- Cobbled Pathway
Cp- Cluttered Pathway Cr- Common Room
Dm- Home of Dar Malson Ef- Empty Field
Ei- Entry Into the Forest Es- Empty Street
Ew- Eastern Warehouse Fb- Farmer's Bridge
Fn- Front Room Fr- Forest Road
Gb- Garden Between the House and the Road Gc- The Garden of Curiosity
Gr- Graveyard Ha- Hallway
Hc- Herb and Component Shop Hd- Humble Dwelling
He- Herb Garden Hh- Haunted House
Hi- Hidden Campground Hk- Home of Kitta Doroff
Hp- Hidden Path Hu- House of Han Malson
In- Intersection Kb- Kendrick's Bedroom
Ki- Kitchen Ks- Klandar's Smithy
Lh- Lavish Home Li- Library
Ll- Lomon Lane Lv- Livery
Lo- Lounge Ma- Mayor Oswald's House
Mb- Muddy Bend Md- The Manor Docks
Me- At the Mountain Entrance Mi- Manor Inn
Ml- The Mountains Lessen Mo- Modest Home
Mr- Manor Road Mu- Muddy Slope
Mw- Modest Dwelling Nd- Nearing the Docks
Ne- Norther Entrance No- Not-So-Modest Dwelling
Nr- North Road Ns- The North Road Steepens
Oa- Outside Auntie Topaz's Cottage Ob- On the Boardwalk
Oe- Outside the East Wing Op- Old Path
Pl- Private Living Quaters Pr- Privy
Pv- Private Room Pw- Paved Walkway
Ra- Ransacked House Rg- Road to Greypeak Mountains
Rh- Reception Hall Sb- Stables
Sc- Sorcerer's Circle Sp- Small Path
Sq- Servant's Quarters Sr- South Road
Ss- Silent Street St- Storage
Ts- Thad and Sons SUpply Vg- Vegetable Garden
Wb- Western Bridge We- Well
Wo- Woodcarver Ww- Western Warehouse
Zo- Zoo Zp- Zircon's Private Chambers

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